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- Vacation Farewell -

Sunlit Tides Balneary, Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala - 4:00 p.m.

The departure day had finally arrived; the Knights went to the main gate of the balneary with their luggage and their own stories to tell... Mr. Zelaya was waiting for them with Altagracia, who was already asleep on the back seat.

[Mr. Zela]: Then, tell me, folks... How was the vacation?

[Anael]: A lot more exciting than expected... I witnessed a friend of mine being chatted in an unexpected way...(Looks mischievously at Thalas)

[Thalas]: ...I've been stalked!

[Kimi]: ...I froze one guy!

Everyone stared at Kimi with fear.

[Kimi]: (Nervous) Relax, folks! I haven´t killed the guy, I unfroze him right afterwards!

[Kaiser]: I saw someone... Quite close to what an angel looks like... (Sighs romantically) Oh... Just like a prince to me...

[Maya]: You guys are looking to the Pro Windsurfing and Surfing Circuit! (Everyone applaudes Maya and hugs her)

[Melchior]: (Mischievous) And I...I've been kissed by the hottest girl EVER! (Celebrates. The other laugh with him)

[Mr. Zelaya]: (Discrete smile) Well, I can see you guys had a blast! Ready to go home?

[All]: YES!

[Mr. Zelaya]: (Opens car's doors) Then let's get going! We may arrive there on the early mourning if we hit the gas now. (Screams) Madam Thunder! Come on!

[Madam Thunder]: (Big smile) I'm coming! Sorry about that! (Jumps on the seat near the driver's) Hit that gas, Alexander! Let's get outta here!

The History teacher obeyed the Capoeira master and turned the engine on, gaining speed as he crossed the enormous gates of the Summer temple known as Sunlit Tides Balneary. All the Knights rapidly fell asleep, fro they were tired of that week of hard work. The adults also couldn't wait to get home in order to rest and proceed to their normal routines.

Well, the Summer vacations were over... Now, their normal routine would finally start... Was it going to be so normal after all?

End of Summer Summit 2013


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