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- Marine Savior -

Sunlit Tides Balneary, Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala - 1:00 p.m.

[Melchior]: (Mischievous) Dude, I swear to God...(Looks through binocles) I have the best job EVER!

Our well-known Elemental Alchemist was in charge of the security of the bathers of the balneary. Most of the time, there was nothing for him to worry about. He kept his binocles all the time... Just to watch the beauties passing by.

[Melchior]: (Exams through binocles) Hm, that one I'd catch... This other one, I wouldn't... WOW! (Amazed) That one... IS A GODDESS! HOLY COW!

The 'Goddess' which Melchior referred was a sculptural, tanned brunette around her 20s. The Salvadorian looked at her as if she was not real, for he could't believe such beauty could be there, passing right in front of his eyes.

[Melchior]: Why am I working?! (Thinks) I've got to take her... Or die trying!

The Salvadorian bodyguard watched her entering on the sea... At first, the sea was calm, with medium tides, which wouldn't cause any problems to any bather near the shore. However, when the beauty entered, it started to be shaken and raging; Melchior realized it would be a very dangerous scene when she started being engulfed by the waves. At the time he saw it, he jumped off his chair and ran towards the turquoise see in order to rescue his Goddess in Earth.

People started to get nervous as the sea became even more enraged. To prevent anyone else from drowning, he decided to cast a teleportation spell to save their lives. At the same time he did this trick, he also put them to sleep so that they wouldn't jeopardize his identity.

He swan as fast as he could, but he was too late, for she disappeared.

[Melchior]: (Frightened) Oh holy shit... What have I done?!

Then, his right arm is strongly pulled and he forcely dived into the sea. His eyes were wide open, and he could see the beauty, who he thought to be dead. She then gave him a kiss and brought him back to the shore. He sat on the white sand and watched her going away. He saw a pinkish tail instead of a pair of legs, and then he made his conclusions.

[Melchior]: (Surprised) A Goddess... A Mermaid... A divine sea creature. (Mischievous) I was right after all...(Smiles. Stands up. Unfreezes crowd. Erases their memory. Gets back to his chair)

To Be Continue...


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