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- Wave Tamer -

Sunlit Tides Balneary, Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala - 10 a.m.

An enormous number of tourist gather all the way to the beach, for the most special, thrilling and ever awaited event was about to start: the ProWindsurfing competition, which had about 20 contestants, including Maya Altahuela, our well-known Black Witch.

The Honduran girl prepared to catch the breeze, sitting on her board and calibrating her sail, which had the patterns of butterfly wings featuring the colors purple, blue and pink.

[Anael]: (screaming) GO MAYA!!! BEAT THOSE AMATEURS!

[Melchior]: (Screams) BRING THEM DOWN, MAYACITA!


Black Witch smiled and waved at them, ready to sail. The wind started blowing stronger as the tides grew bigger. She stood on her board, held the sail upright and prepared to catch the waves as it came by. She had what it really takes to win the competition: she owned the place, flipping and manueving as the waves made her go up and down. She was not fighting against the sea, but using its own strength on her behalf.

She won the hearts and respect of all those who were watching. Dozens became her fans that day, photographing her moves constantly as she performed perfectly. The jugdes gave her grades which qualified her in the top five contestants, causing the Knights to cheer her companion louder than before.

At a certain point, half of the original competitors were still on the game, and ready for the next step, which was the surfing competiton. They were given some minutes to rest before facing the sea once more, and Maya used the time to talk to her fellows.

[Maya]: (Breathing rapidly) Oh DiĆ³s mio! Have you guys seen?! (Amazed) It was... Awesome!

[Anael]: (Thrilled) Amazing indeed! You did an outstanding job out there, Mayacita!

[Thalas]: (Hugs Maya) Anael couldn't be more righteous! (Kisses her cheek) So, ready for the next stage? (Lets her go)

[Maya]: (Thrilled) I hope so!(Sighs) Well, time for me to go! (Smiles and hug all her friends) Wish me the greatest luck one can have! (Runs to the sea with her board)

The Honduran teenager mounts on her board, waiting for the tides to start once more. When she spot the one she wanted, she swan to get it. The wave was big enough for her to catch it, and so she did. Her light pink board glided majesticly in the wave while it formed a large toob before disappearing. Her timing was perfect, and she left the wave right after it was dismantled. Thousands of applauses echoed through the balneary as the Honduran went back to the shore...

To Be Continued...


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