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- Caribbean Blue -

Sunlit Tides Balneary, Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala - 10 a. m.

[Anael]: (To Capoeira Students) Okay, do the half-moon one more time! Come on! (Shows the move to the crowd, who tries to repeat)

[Madam Thunder]: Don't take this too easily, pupil! Let's show them how to play Capoeira properly! (starts swinging near Anael, who responds by starting the game)

The crowd got thrilled and excited as the two Capoeira veterans made their game. Swift kicks and fast bounds were seen by dozens of amazed people, who threw white roses at master and pupil, who continued to give their classes.


Meanwhile, Thalas was o the east part of the beach, serving drinks...

[Thalas]: Here you are, sir (gives the drink to a man). Next one, please!

A girl approaches Thalas - she is medium height, white-skinned, red-haired and blue-eyes. Her hair was long and wavy, and she was wearing a light pink bikini with some jewelled details. Thalas felt his face in flames as the girl came closer. Though his thoughts had been stunned by her beauty, Electro Archer was having doubts regarding the girl's age. Nevertheless, she was a customer, and he had to serve her.

[Thalas]: Buenos dias, how can I help?

[Girl]: How old are you?

[Thalas]: (Surprised) I beg your pardon?!

[Girl]: Well, you asked ow could you help me, right? (Comes closer) It'd be very helpful if I were aware of your age... How old? 17? 16? Maybe... 18?

Thalas smiled at her as if he was about to laugh. 18-year-old? Did he look that old? Though he wanted to laugh, he tried to keep his countenance as serious and professional as possible, for the girl seemed quite serious about her inquiry.

[Thalas]: (Trying not to laugh) Me, 18? No, no no... I am almost 14 years old!

[Girl]: (Shocked) Are you that young?! You're kidding, right?

[Thalas]: Not really. Why? (Feels threatened)

[Girl]: You look older... (blinks) When does your shift ends?

[Thalas]: (Embarrassed) Look, miss, I don't want any trouble... Please... Stay back... (The girl approaches and tries to hug Thalas, who starts running) STAY THE HELL AWAY!!!

Electro Archer jumped from the balcon and ran through the beach, trying to get rid of the annoying lady, who kept asking him questions.


He ran about half a kilomenter before reachng Anael's area, which was swarned of people practicing Capoeira.

[Thalas,scared]: Damn, damn, damn! Why do these thing always happen to me?! (bomps into someone. Falls on the ground) Ooops! Sorry!

The person was Maya, and she didn't look happy about the meeting. In fact, she was looking at Thalas as if she was about to kill him.

[Maya,angry]: (Points at the stalker girl) Who's she?!

[Thalas]: Before you kill me, I can explain...

To Be Continued...


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