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- Sunlit Tides -

Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala - 7:00 a. m.

The sun shone bright on Sunlit Tides Balneary at Puerto Quetzal. The 5-star resort was ready to receive more tourists than the year before; they updated their facilities, cleaned up some stations, recruited new staff, trained the hosting crew to improve even more and made more advertinsing in order to attract locals to join the summer party, which was going to occur six days from the current day.

The catchy and happy sound of Gucalitos, Tuns*, Ocarinas, Huehuetls** and Marimbas*** could be heard anywhere you went on the balneary. The workers were already awaken, preparing everything for the tourists' arrival. The balneary was open only once a year, and that's why they received a massive amount of foreingners and natives.

A conversive golden car arrived at the balneary with eight people in it. One had straight, star-shaped orange hair, emerald eyes, medium-height and copper-skin. Another one was white-skinned with long, straight black hair and blue eyes. One of them was red-haired, copper-skinned and black-eyed. Two of them were white, blonde with blue eyes. There were two girls in the group: a pre-teen with medium, straight, Judas-coloured hair, golden eyes and copper skin. The other one was a girl with long, wavy dark-brown hair and emerald eyes. She was slightly chubby and copper-skinned as her brother, the orange-haired. They were in the company of a dark-blue eyed mulatto who was wearing a long beige overcoat and a beige hat.

The first seven were none but the Blue Moon Knights in their civilian outfits - Anael, Thalas, Melchior, Kimi, Kaiser, Maya and Altagracia - and Mr. Zelaya, the History teacher and fortune-teller of Escuela San Marino, who became the Knights' mentor and ally.

[Anael]: (Drops baggage in the floor) Finally! Never in a million of years would I have thought that a trip could be so long!

[Thalas]: (Smiles) Oh, my friend... You haven't gone to Marseille by plane yet... That's a heck of a trip, if you allow me to say. (Laughter)

[Altagracia]: (Pulls Anael's shirt) Hermano mayor, what are we going to do?

[Melchior]: Well, Gracia, we came here looking for some jobs... See, since Kimi and Kaiser are raising founds to buy their home here in Guatemala, we decided to give them a helping hand...

[Anael]: A bunch of them.

[Melchior]: (Points at Anael with a mischievous smile) Exactly! So, all of us applied to especific jobs according to our abilities: Anael is going to teach Capoeira with Madam Thunder, who's already here; Thalas is going to be pouring drinks at the beach, I'll be the main lifeguard of the balneary; Kim is going to take care of the laundry here; Kaiser will be dealing with the party songs and Maya will be giving surf classes. This means, my little friend, (puts his hands on Altagracia's shoulders) that you will be free to do anything you want!

[Kimi]: (Looks at his watch) Well, it's almost time to open the gates for the tourists. Let's assume our places, please. No pain, no gain.

The Knights agreed and rushed to their positions. Anael went to the beach looking for Madam Thunder. Thalas went to the beach bar and received instructions regarding the way to prepare and serve drinks. Melchior went to the lifeguard station. Kimi and Kaiser went to the hotel lobby and Maya followed Anael to the beach.

[Altagracia]: (Sighs) What I am going to do?

The youngest Knight then followed Mr. Zelaya to an Ice Cream store.

[Mr. Zelaya]: (gives her a chocolate ice cream) Do you like this one?

[Altagracia]: (Happily) Of course! (pause; looks at Mr. Zelaya) And you, sir? What are your plans for the day?

[Mr. Zelaya]: Well... I don't know... (Sloppy) I think I'll stay with you today. (smiles) It is my vacation time, after all. Well, if you want to discuss anything... Feel free to do so.

Altagracia and Mr. Zelaya decided then to go to the pool and swin for a while. Since the Knights would be working there for a week, they'd have plenty of time to enjoy themselves...




Tun -> A percussion instrument made out of a turtle shell.

Huehuetls -> Upright wooden drum made out of a wooden tubular body with skin stretched in its top, opened at the bottom standing on three legs cut from its base; it can be played with bare hands or wooden mallet. It was used by the Aztecs and other cultures throughout Mexico and Mesoamerica.

Marimba -> A musical instrument of the percussion family. Consists in a set of wooden bars with resonators (similar to a xylophone), which are played with a mallet. It owns a broader and lower tonal range and resonators than a xylophone. It was developed in Mexico, in the current state of Chiapas.


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