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Traveller's Notes, for Those Who Follow Me,


Well, my brother didn't kill me; in fact, he seemed completely relieved when talking to me. I know he will give me plenty of lecture when I arrive home, but I am prepared to hear it. I think I deserve this after making my brother so worried.

Now I am sitting at a table outside a cafe in the center of Mexico City, watching the colorful parade; I started thinking: since I obtained my life back, I've never seen either my father or my mother...Just Kimi. I am not complaining about him, for he is a heck of an awesome brother, but I kind of miss my parents...

I don't have much memories of them, and Kimi does not seem so comfortable talking about them. However, I'd like to know about them. Even though my brother does his best to give me a nice life and show me what family truly means, I still feel as if I was incomplete...

I will be back to Guatemala in 3 days; I am certainly going to miss Belmopan and Mexico City. This trip really worth it!

Kaiser Das Vaali


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