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Hello, Everyone!

Wow, it's March already! The Season Four is over and so the latets Journal round! As all of you know, when a Journal round ends, this means a new Season coming by! Yet this is still true (the Fifth Season is coming), it's not going to debut this week, for  new special will take place.

The Blue Moon Knights Presents:

- Summer Summits! - 

This will be a special series which will be posted once per year (which means that each March there will be a Summer Summit) and this will be the plot:

Anael and his friends got a part-time job in a balneary in Guatemala's coastal city of Puerto Quetzal (there will always be a map drawn in the first chapters of each Summit). In each chapter, which will be exactly seven, stories will be told; funny, sad, thrilling and even romantic situations will take place in the most exciting Season of the year -- Summer (in South Hemisphere, which is where I live).

One new marking and one new marking menu will be created for you to locate these special posts!

Tomorrow the first Chapter of 2013's Summer Summit will be posted! Stay tuned and check it out!

Sakura Hayes


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