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-A for Atonement-

A dense fog came to Guatemala City that night; Thalas and Kaiser were alone in the empty street, searching for any pieces of evidence that would lead to Melchior. Without knowing Maya's whereabouts, it would be even more difficult for them to rescue Melchior on time.

"Not this again..." Kaiser sadly whispered "First Anael, now Melchior... She is definitely hunting us down!"
Thalas remained silent; he kept looking around with sadness.

"Thalas, are you listening to me?!" Kaiser inquired.

The French Guatemalan looked at Kaiser with fright.

"This is all my fault..." He mourned "I shouldn't have saved her back on Tenochtitlan... "

"That is not true, Thalas!" Kaiser grabbed Thalas' shoulders strongly "This is not your fault. It is our fault as a group!" There were tears in Kaiser's eyes.

"Kai..." Thalas looked at him very surprised.

"Maya is a very powerful ally, Thalas, and a gentle girl as well!" DarkStalker tried not to cry while talking 
"We failed her, man. We failed her, but now it is time for us not to let her down again! I don't know what happened to her while fighting with them Templars, but I bet their master is behind all of this!"

"You mean...Mictlantecuhtli?" Thalas replied with shyness.

"I believe it's his name." Kaiser answered affirmatively "Anyway, I think we should get back to Kimi... Him and Mr. Zelaya may have a clue about this..."


"What?! Kidnapped?! How?!"

Anael couldn't believe in what Thalas and Kaiser told him. Melchior was not only defeated, but taken as a prize for Maya to brag about. Elite Dragon stared at the surviving team with shock, sadness and anger at the same time.

"How could you let things go the way they did?!" Kimi was arguing with his brother "You were the only one there with teleport powers!"

"I didn't think that she would be so strong!" Kaiser tried to defend himself against Kimi's accusation. "Look, I know I screwed up, but..."

"There's no excuse for that!" Kimi aggressively interrupted "You should have gotten out of there when you realized there was o way to beat her!"

"Enough of this!" Anael raised his voice, making the others look at him "This whole discussion leads nowhere. Right now we have to think about how we are going to save Melchior's life. Any ideas?"

Silence took place, and Anael sighed disappointed.

"Well, as far as I recall..." Kimi started  "...Maya talked about some kid of a God...'Mic-I-do-not-know'..."

"Mictlantecuhtli" Anael answered "He is known as the God of Death."

"Tristan said his name once" Kaiser recalled "I believe he was the Templars' master..."

"So do I" Replied Kimi "If that is the case..."

"...Then Maya is the least of our problems." Thalas completed "She is being used, of course!"

"However, how are we going to save her from this curse?" Kimi asked "I mean, we are not aware of the whole extension of her powers!"

"I may have the solution for this." Thalas said.

The other Knights looked at him.

"Which is...?" Kaiser asked.

"Let me go after her." Thalas suggested "She is named after the Goddess of Passing Waters, Chalchiuhtlicue. By 'Passing Waters', we may think about..."

"...Memories." Completed Anael, surprised with Thalas' thoughts "She is using ours and her memories against us! The rain is only a metaphor!"

"Impressive!" Applauded Kaiser "But how are going to stop her?"

"As I said, let me go after her." Thalas said with decision in his voice.

"No way" Anael replied "Isn't it enough that Melchior, Gracia and I got knocked out? She is too powerful for you to deal alone, Thalas!"

"Not really." The French Guatemalan replied "See, you guys never fought her. I did. I know how to tease and to trick her. I know her weaker spots an how to make her do unforced errors."

"But you may end up killed!" Kimi protested "You are an Archer, Thalas! Her creatures may..."

"...Outrun me, I know." Thalas completed "However, if I fight her in her lair - by using myself as a bait - she will be so comfortable that she won't even consider using her summons."

Again, silence took place. They were too worried to let Thalas go.

"Please, let me do this..." He said in a slightly begging tone "I am more than aware that I am the reason she became wicked."

"What?" Anael, Kimi and Kaiser asked shocked.

"I had an argument with her prior to our last fight against Pythius Dragon" He confessed "I didn't believe in what she said regarding her relationship with Lorcan, and I got captured down in Xibalba. If I hadn't been so stubborn, she may had never embraced her devil within..."

"Thalas..." Anael started with sadness in his voice.

"Please, guys, let me go!" The French Guatemalan begged "Let me do this... Let me save Maya."

Anael bit his lip reluctantly; if he let Thalas go, he might end up the same way as Melchior, who was dying as minutes went by. Nevertheless, that could be their only chance to know where Maya was hiding and what she was planning to do with Melchior. It was a really difficult choice to make, and Elite Dragon was unsure whether he wanted to risk it or not.


"Hell ain't a bad place... Hell is from here to eternity..."

Melchior's head was spinning and aching. Once more, the Salvadorian found himself in chains; he stood on his knees, trying to recognize the place in which he had been trapped. It was a dark place with a hard floor and stone walls. He touched his chest and realized there were bandages in it, which went down through his torso.

"Hell ain't a bad place...Hell is from here to eternity..."

Someone was singing. Considering the voice, for Melchior there was no doubt in his mind it was Maya.  The Salvadorian mage tried to find her, but the darkness of the room prevented it.

"Maya?! Where are you?!"

"Ha, ha, ha!" She laughed madly "I am everywhere, Melchior! Welcome to my lair!"

To be Continued...

-From a Magician to Another-

"Thalas... Oh, Thalas..."

Maya's voice was echoing in Thalas' mind during his night of sleep. The rain was still falling, though it wasn't as strong as it was before. Deep into his dreams, the French Guatemalan found himself running in the depths of Xibalba, finding huge bats and dark jaguars, which growls could be heard from afar.

"Why are you running, Thalas?"

The Honduran seemed to be everywhere; the wind seemed to be whispering her voice, calling for Thalas. He put his hands in his ears in order not to hear her voice, not to hear her speeches or mantras.

"Come with me, Thalas... Why do we need them?"

He felt dizzy, unable to walk on a line. His legs seemed not to be obeying his commands, and often he stepped into his own feet and fell on the floor. One of those times, he was at the edge of an abyss. His body seemed heavy as lead, and he fell into the darkness.

He felt something sticking to his body, preventing his moves. When he looked around, there were some lilac webs - Nightmare Webs - on the abyss' walls. He felt the web moving, and his heart bet faster and faster.

"Are you trapped, Thalas? Maybe I can help..."

He felt a shadow covering the few light on the scenario. His eyes widened as he realized a giant black widow coming for him. It was black with a violet glow and tiny, purple eyes. Its legs were long and it was coming fast.

Electro Archer tried to get rid of the webs, but every single effort he took seemed useless.

"Come with me, Thalas... Come..."


He woke up; he was alive and safe, indeed. He touched his chest, neck, face and hair anxiously to verify if he hadn't been wounded during the night. Someone knocked on his door and opened it. It was Felicia.

"What happened?!" She asked "Are you okay, Thalas?"

"Oui..." He replied sleepy "Kind of, I think. You can go back to sleep..."

"Are you sure?" She asked, sitting near him "If there is anything I can do..."

"Just get back to your bed, Lici... " He gently answered with a sweet smile " I'll be fine. By the way, Merci for you concern."

"No problem..." She replied, kissing her cousin's forehead "If you need me, scream. I'll be on my room."

He nodded affirmatively, and Felicia slowly closed the door. The French Guatemalan then let his head fall on 
the pillow and tried to sleep. He slowly closed his eyes and tried to breathe normally.

"Thalas... Oh, Thalas... Where are you?"


On the next morning, the rain ceased to fall. Because of that, the schools and other places returned to their normal activities - which meant that the Knights were heading back to school once more. It was the final exams' week for the Elementary school, meaning that Anael, Thalas, Melchior and Altagracia were going to vacation earlier.

For Anael's health state was declared critical by Kimi, meaning that he would need to rest, and Altagracia also seemed too weak to face a day of studies, Melchior, Thalas, Kimi and Kaiser were the only ones that were able to go. Kimi decided, though, to stay at the Moon' Seeker's place in order to take care of the siblings.

The trio was not excited about going there. In fact, the environment was quite sad and full of worries, for they now knew Maya was their foe. Thalas was walking sadly and slowly due to his bad night of sleep. Melchior was slightly angry at Maya, for he wasn't someone who accepted treason so naturally.

Kaiser, on the hand, seemed to be serene and quite happy; he was walking happily through the street and seemed to be singing.

"May I ask you why you are so happy?" Melchior seriously inquired.

"Oh, I met someone really, really nice yesterday..." Kaiser replied "He studies at our school... You guys got to see him!"

Seeing that none was paying attention to his happiness, Kaiser then stopped speaking; he shook his shoulders and kept walking. Not a work had been spoken by any o the trio all the way to Escuela San Marino...

When they reached the main courtyard, it was time for them to split to their correspondent classes.

"So, where are we going to meet?" Melchior asked.

"I believe here is a suitable place." Kaiser replied, pointing at a mahogany tree about five meters southwest of their position.

"Agreed" Melchior answered. "Thalas, do you agree? Thalas?"

Electro Archer was pointing at the crowd with his eyes wide open. The other two then looked at the direction given, and they saw a girl which looked like Maya. In fact, her hair, height, skin color and weight was very similar to those of Maya. Thalas unconsciously started walking towards the unknown girl, ignoring his friends' advice not to go there.

"Thalas, come back!" Melchior screamed "Thalas!"

The French Guatemalan stopped few meters away from the girl. She had medium, straight Judas-colored hair, medium-height, copper skin and golden eyes. It was Maya indeed!

"Maya..." He whispered with a smile in his face. "Maya! Thanks Lord you are..."

"Hold on a second."

Her voice was older and rougher, as if she were at her 20s. Her eyes had a black globe and a sinister glow. 
Her countenance showed despise and  indifference, which caused Thalas' smile to rapidly disappear as she gazed in the bottom of his eyes.

"I will say this only once" She approached Thalas with a threatening look "Get out of my sight. If you don't, then consider yourself and your beloved cousin dead."

She left the corridor without saying anything else.  Thalas followed the Honduran's steps with his eyesight. His countenance became gloomier as she went by. Melchior put his left hand in Thalas' right shoulder.

"Come." He said "We have things to do."

"I will save her, I swear to God." Thalas replied. "I have to save her."

"I don't know if you can face her, my friend..." Melchior began.

"What do you mean with that?" Thalas asked suddenly enraged "Do you think I'm not strong enough?"

"I didn't mean that." Melchior replied "I just think that it is not wise for you to get into a fight with her. Since you are an Archer, the biggest threat you face is if her summons outrun you."

Thalas tried to reply, but Melchior interrupted him.

"I saw you down there." Elemental Alchemist continued "Believe me, you were lucky; if she wanted, she could have gotten you killed by simply conjuring more skeletons. You were almost facing the walls!"

"But..." Thalas tried to say something, but he kept himself in silence.

"I think it will be better if Melchior goes for the fight." Kaiser suggested "This is a matter that should be addressed from a Magician to another..."

Thalas reluctantly agreed. The trio split up and went to their classes. During all of them, Thalas tried to get 
Maya looking at him. Nothing worked. She was completely ignoring Electro Archer.


The night came; the moon was full and red up in the cloudless sky. There were no stars shining as well. Anael was recovering from the recent life drain he suffered. Thanks to Heart of Guatemala, his soul was currently out of danger.

Melchior, Thalas an Kaiser were up on the rooftop of the Moon' Seeker's; they could hear the sound of the bells of the nearest cathedral sounding; it was as if God was calling their followers to their homes in order to escape from the hell gates that were about to be opened.

"Can you guys hear?" Melchior asked.

"What?" Thalas inquired.

"The sound of the dead... Waking up from their eternal sleeps..." Elemental Alchemist replied.

From the town center, they could hear the sound of the asphalt split, breaking and cracking as the undead burst out from the depths of the ground. Fire and lava came with them as they dragged their bones and rotten flesh through the destroyed and empty roads. Those who crossed their path were killed and devoured in a bloody ritual to their commander, Chalchiuhtlicue.

"The blood, the fury, the fire, the doom..." Melchior stood up as he hear the cries of the innocent for help - for the Blue Moon Knights.

Then, the laughter of Maya came; the Voodoo Mistress called more and more undead to join her on her personal Crusade against the Knights and their  campaign for peace, love and friendship.

"From a Magician to Another..." Melchior looked at the red moon upon them. Then, he gave a look to Thalas and Kaiser. "Wish me luck, folks. You'll fight the army and I'll come for Maya. Try not to get outrun by them, or things are not going to be pretty."

The other two Knights nodded affirmatively, and Elemental Alchemist conjured a vortex in which they all entered. The spell led them to face the undead directly, for they landed few meters away from them.

"Thalas, run!" Kaiser ordered "Try to make some distance!"

Electro Archer agreed, climbing one of the building's fire stairs. Once up there, he aimed on the surrounding skeletons, which perished as he hit their skulls with his best bolts. Downstairs, Kaiser fought the undead bravely, destroying the zombies, skeletons and ghouls as if they were training dummies.

"Maya!" He shouted, covered in blood and rotten remains "Is that everything you have gotten?!"

He continued to slay the creatures as they appeared from the ground fences. Meanwhile, Melchior conjured vortexes and minor black holes which sucked the creatures to other dimensions. Elemental Alchemist seemed to be really serene, mocking at the enemy as he usually mocked at pretty much everything in his life.

"Maya! Come and fight!" He challenged the Voodoo Mistress "Don't you want to face a real challenge?!"

He heard a thunder-like noise; then, the earth below his feet started shaking, cracking and breaking. The hole released lava and fire, from which Elemental Alchemist evaded. Right afterwards, Maya came out of it with a triumphant, evil smile.

"Very well..." She replied "Show me what you've got!"

She threw purple and black beams against Elemental Alchemist, who neutralized them with his force field;  the Honduran seemed to be gaining field as she attacked repeatedly and aggressively. 

"I've got to do something..." The Salvadorian thought to himself with frustration and anger. "Otherwise..."

He then decided to change the force field's mechanics by transforming it into a mirror, using Maya's power against her. Elemental Alchemist then starting to gain terrain, pushing Maya back and back.

"You haven't seen the last of me, Mayacita!" Melchior teased Chalchiuhtlicue with a mischievous smile "Time for Elemental Alchemist to win this game!"

The Salvadorian magician removed his force field and threw red and golden beams against the Mistress, who started conjuring ghosts and ghouls against Melchior, who decided to burn them with his fire spell.

"Damn!" Maya whispered with anger, conjuring a purple beam against Melchior, who was hit by it.

Elemental Alchemist fell hard on the floor, spitting a lot of blood. As Maya slowly approached him, he found it very hard to breathe, for one of his ribs were broken.

"You haven't seen the last of me, Melchior!" She said mischievously as she laughed at Elemental Alchemist's pain "I believe you owe me an apology..."

"For what?!" He aggressively inquired while trying to get up.

"For underestimating me..." She hissed, placing her finger on Melchior's neck.

"Not this again!" Melchior reacted, throwing an energy beam at Maya, avoiding her life draining ability to be activated.

The Honduran's face got a huge scar from her left temporal to her chin. This caused the girl to roar to Melchior and use brutal force instead of magic. She jumped over Melchior, who was still on the floor, and tried to hit his face. However, every punch she gave ended on the asphalt, for Melchior evaded every single one of them; Maya's knuckles were already bleeding, but she didn't give up.

"Why... Don't...You...Stop...Evading?!" She screamed at every punch, frustrated.

Melchior then held Maya's left fist in the air, looking on the bottom of her eyes.

"Well, I see you are clearly out of you comfort zone..." He smiled at her "...So, let's solve it, shall we?"

He teleported himself behind Maya, using his right arm to smother her.

"!" She growled breathless.

"No!" He replied "I won't; we want our Maya back, and we are not going to stop fighting for her!"
Maya then place her hands over Melchior's right arm.

"You leave me no choice."

She started to drain Melchior's life-force; the Salvadorian mage became paler and weaker; also, he started to breathe and blink with difficulty. He let Maya go and fell on the floor. His eyes were losing the brightness, and Maya stared at him very pleased.

"I told you so... You hadn't seen the last of me..." She walked away from him, leaving Melchior to death.

Maya's skeletal minions got Melchior and carried him through the abyss. Kaiser noticed the troops diminished, and decided to investigate the event. When he saw what was happening, it was too late: Melchior had already been kidnapped!

To Be Continued...

-Queen of the Dead-

The rain finally stopped, but the sky continued as dark as night could be. Anael, wearing his Elite Dragon outfit, soared once more through Guatemala City, searching for Maya.

"Any sign of her, guys?" He asked through his communication device.

"None" Kimi replied through his' "She seems to be nowhere to be found... And this lack of light is not helping at all."

"This is weird..." Melchior commented from a rooftop southwest from Anael. "That kind of clouds are not normal... This darkness isn't as well..."

"Something is more than wrong here..." Anael said while looking to the clouds. "Something is very wrong indeed..."

Then, the thunderstorm started violently. Red lightning came from the sky, hitting the floor and buildings near the Knights, as if the skies were to send a message.

"Brace yourselves, boys!"  Anael shouted from his communicator "There's going to be a hell of a fight today!"

Kimi conjured a huge force field in order to protect the civilians. Thalas then advised the police to escort people out of the risk area. Anael conjured his Quetzal Spirit Sword and prepared himself to fight against the newest threat.

The lightning continued, and some of the rays hit the ground, creating deep abysses from which unholy creatures came out; Kaiser witnessed with terror in his eyes a group of skeletal Mayan warriors coming out of the fences carrying  obsidian macanas, lances and daggers.

"God damn it..." Whispered Thalas as he saw the army of undead running on the streets, seeking for bloodshed.

The French Guatemalan conjured his crossbow and aimed on the skeletons' skulls, shattering their foreheads and ripping their souls with the power provided by Heart of Guatemala. Kaiser ran towards the crowd, slaying as many undead as he could with his sword. In order to make things easier, he often conjured a vortex to take the unholy creatures to another dimension.

Up on the sky, Anael and Melchior were awaiting for the enemy to show itself. The storm became more violent and rain started falling from the black clouds. Elemental Alchemist activated the Golden Communicator in order to stay in touch with his leader.

"I do not like the looks of this..." He whispered through the device.

The lightning became thicker and concentrated between the largest clouds, as if the electricity was going to make some sort of human form. Anael's eyes changed to their reptilian form, and he held the sword stronger.

"Neither do I..." Elite Dragon replied.

"Ha, ha, ha!" Laughed the lightning elemental, whose voice was female and awkwardly familiar to them.

Then, the red rays became united and ­Chalchiuhtlicue appeared on the sky. All the Knights  stopped to look at their new foe, surprised and shocked with her appearance - she looked so much like...

"Maya?" Thalas whispered with a tear in his eyes.

Up on the sky, Melchior and Anael were too shocked to react. Elite Dragon put his sword near the Heart of Guatemala, which absorbed it.

"Maya?" He asked completely surprised "Is that you?!"

"Maya lives no more!" Chalchiuhtlicue announce "By the grace of Mictlantecuhtli, the mighty God of the Dead, her soul was sent to her eternal rest in order to serve a bigger purpose. From now on, she the one you called 'Maya' is now Chalchiuhtlicue, the Voodoo Mistress!"

The dark magician started laughing madly as Elite Dragon looked with shock and anger.

"I don't believe you!" He confronted her with tears and conjuring his sword once more "Maya cannot be dead! Maya! If you are listening to us, mark my words: we will save you from this wicked figure!"

"Enough!" The Voodoo Mistress  shouted.

The magician conjured purple energy beams, shooting them against the two Knights; Melchior evaded them and responded with red explosive beams, which hit some buildings due to Chalchiuhtlicue's evading moves.

She started soaring near them, throwing lightning. This caused Elite Dragon's anger, and the Guatemalan decided to respond by conjuring his own lightning strikes with his sword. He then hit the Mistress, who started falling. The leader of the Knights then pursuit her, trying to inflict her more wounds and save Maya from this wicked curse.

"Leave Maya's body at once, Chalchiuhtlicue!" Ordered Anael.

Surprisingly, she managed to fly away from Elite Dragon, grabbing his neck and staring at the bottom of his eyes, as if she could see deep into Anael's soul.

"Do you think you can stop me?" She hissed "Then, let me tell you a secret..." She approached Anael's ears, whispering with malice and disdain "I am Maya..."

Black fog came out her hand, spreading through Anael's neck, whitening his skin and weakening his body.

"...I am alive..." Maya continued her mantra, weakening  Anael even more "...I despise your life and all others... And..."

She looked to Anael's eyes once more, giving him a despising smile. She then came closer to Anael's  face, letting her lips to be only one inch apart from Anael's.

"...You all shall die..."

She kissed Anael, causing him to pass out. She then threw unconscious Elite Dragon against Kimi's force 
field She laughed as she witnessed the Knights' Leader's fall. He hit the barrier with his back and fell on the asphalt with his face right afterwards.

"Anael!" Kimi screamed, removing the force field and coming to his friend's aid.

 The blonde elf held the Guatemalan boy in his arms, shocked with how pale and weak he was. His eyes widened in shock and surprise as he figured out what had affected Anael.

"Life Drain!" He shouted through his communicator "She has the ability of draining life-force! Don't let her touch you, folks!"

"Got it." Melchior replied with seriousness as he looked to Maya. He was certainly going to be the next one to fight against her.

"Well, well, well..." Said Chalchiuhtlicue "I think I'll get my payback... Do you remember our fights, fellow Elemental Alchemist?"

"How could I forget?" The Salvadorian replied "The Tikal Temple of Guatemala... And the Sun Temple of Tenochtitlan, in Mexico... Those were hell of fights, I must say."

"As much as I want to fight, now isn't the right time..." She smiled at Melchior with evil in her eyes "After all, I came here... With two purposes. First!"

She held her hands and concentrated an amount of power in form of black energy, which she aimed against Altagracia.

"I came for my Scepter!" She shouted to Lotus flower downstairs "Give me my Unholy Pieces!"

She threw the black magic against the young Knights, who tried to defend herself. Instead of hitting her body, the curse hit the asphalt, conjuring three skeletons which held Altagracia, who started screaming for help. Other skeleton grabbed Altagracia's Shaman-Stone and pointed it into the sky behind Maya, conjuring a vortex which brought the Outcast Scythe, the Haunted Blade and the Blazebringer Gloves.

"Altagracia!" Melchior screamed as he witnessed the whole event. He then gave Maya a furious gaze, which she replied with laughter and a despising look.

"These are mine to be taken" She said "You were too fool to think none was going to get them... Let me show you how to properly use those beauties..."

She snapped her right hand fingers and the Unholy Pieces were involved in a purple glow, which caused them to merge into a new weapon. It was a scepter with a large dark-pink ring with a skull on top of it, which had a green-feathered headdress, and four feathers  -  gray, red, dark-blue and green- on its bottom. Two minor rings connected the large one with the grip, which was primary two human bones with a pinkish glow and a pink blade in its ending.

"This is the Fallen Mayan Master's Scepter" She explained "and it's rightfully mine... Now, second!"

Melchior decided to threw magical beams against her, but they were neutralized by the Scepter, which absorbed them and used Elemental Alchemist's power against him, causing the Salvadorian to hit rooftop really hard, breaking it. He fell downstairs, and all Maya did was to laugh at it.

"Oh, such a funny scenario!" She commented.

Then, the Voodoo Mistress noticed Thalas looking at her with a shocked countenance. She smiled indifferently at him, staring at the bottom of his blue eyes.

"Let me give you a friendly advice, Electro Archer" She said "Stay the hell out of my way if you don't want to end up like them. "

The Honduran girl grabbed her Scepter and used the blade in its ending to cut the air and conjure a vortex which led her elsewhere. The sky remained dark, and the thunder announced more rain yet to come.

The skeletal army became a bloody red fog and went back to their abyss, which seemed to be temporally sealed. DarkStalker ran towards Lotus Flower, who was knocked unconscious due to the intense use of her Shaman-Stone. He held her in his arms and came to find the other unharmed Knights.

Ice Guardian was carrying Elite Dragon, who was really pale, weak and barely breathing. The Finn was also hurt - due to the lightning strikes, he was forced to use more power, and the black magic cut his skin, creating long scars in his arms and tights, which were bleeding as he walked.

Elemental Alchemist floated downstairs, arriving on the broken asphalt near Ice Guardian. Electro Archer was staring at the wounded group really, really shocked.

"Who would ever imagine?" Kimi whispered sadly "Maya, our enemy?"

"Why?" Kaiser sadly inquired.

"Thalas..." Melchior looked at Electro Archer, who was devastated.

The French Guatemalan fell in his knees with his eyes wide open and a tear rolling over his face. He looked at the group completely shocked.

"It is all my fault..." He whispered "Maya is forever gone... And it is all my fault."

"Regardless of whose fault is it..." Melchior whispered as he turned his eyes to the dark clouds once more "...We have a new enemy to deal; a new threat to Central America who we shall fight against."

The rain began smoothly, washing the asphalt and crumbles on the ground. Elemental Alchemist and the other Knights looked at the sky, which started to give them a raging rain.

"Let's go" Elemental Alchemist continued "We have to deal with their injuries. It is going to be a hell of a fight, and the raging rain is definitely a sign of it..."

To Be Continued...

-Death to the World-

The eternal silence... Cries over Justice... Forgiveness is not for sale nor is... The will to forget. The pen is mightier than the sword, and it seems that most people have forgotten it...

"I hate them. All of them. Anael finds himself a great leader... Guess he knows nothing about the reality..."

The storm was raging over Guatemala City. It had passed two weeks since the defeat of the Templar Dragons, and life had become quite normal to the Knights, which came back to their civilian routine, diving their time between civilian and heroic responsibilities in Guatemalan soil.

Nevertheless, their relations were quite shaken, for Kaiser seemed more distant, Thalas and Melchior began arguing more aggressively and Maya... was missing. Anael, Kimi and Altagracia seemed to be the only ones safe from the sudden disunion environment, but  not from the shadowy days yet to come.

The dark-gray clouds, the dark sky, the flashes and roars due to the lightning strikes... And the rain. The restless, endless raging rain, which started on the following day after Tristan's death and Consuelo's departure. A departure Anael would never forget.

In fact, that was what the Guatemalan boy was thinking on that day. For another round of rain was starting once more, there was nothing that he could do to avoid boredom. Since his mother didn't allow him to practice Capoeira and the school had been closed due to the weather, it was hard to occupy his mind.

He was sadly looking through the window of the living room, wishing the rain would finish and so would the crisis faced by the group. He closed his eyes and images started to be displayed in his mind. Memories regarding the last events - Consuelo, Lancelot and even Tristan were there, together with fun and happy images of the Knights, from days in which they were all unite.

And God knows how desperate Elite Dragon was to get back to those days...

"One of us suffer daily, and all of us ignored it... Not all of us, to be sincere... Melchior, I understand and feel your pain..."

Melchior was grounded once more; this time, however, he was not trapped at his room - his mother, Lucia, locked him on their basement with chains. His arms and legs were chained to the brick walls, and the cuffs were cutting his skin, which was bleeding.

He cursed as many words as he knew in Spanish and Finnish; for every word he screamed, he tried either moving his feet or arms, causing the cuffs to cut deeper and deeper.

"Curse you, Lucia!" He shouted several times "Cursed be the day you were brought to this world! Mark my words, bitch: I will have my revenge!"

The pain was intense, and the scent of blood made the air heavy to breathe; Elemental Alchemist was on his knees, bending on the ground, with his bleeding arms on the floor. The Magician Blue Moon Knight was crying in despair. His mind was taking him back in time, showing images prior to his joint to Anael's Knighthood: the circus time, the presentations... The abuse. There had always been abuse.

The thunder covered Melchior's painful cries and pleas for help. On the upper part of the house, sitting on the rooftop, lied Lucia with a sadistic smile. She wasn't covering her body to protect herself from getting a cold - in fact, she was dressing regular clothes, which were already soaked, enjoying the moment.

"Mother knows what's best for you, my child." She said to the raining sky "Specially if there's a naughty child calling for more than he really deserves..."

Freedom. Love. Compassion. Acceptance. Melchior knew nothing about those words and never heard of them in his home. Anael was the only one who introduced him formally to them, but he'd never be completely accepted if Thalas continued to reject him, arguing for no reason.

Hate. Despise. Indifference. Those word the Salvadorian knew well...


"Kimi strongly believes in his mind. ­Guess he finds himself perfect, like an elven God..."

"Nothing improved, Gracia? Well... Guess I'll have to think of something else. I'll contact you later. Bye."

Ice Guardian looked at his book, Sankari, with sadness. Was he running out of knowledge? Since he started to work at Mr. Zelaya's library, he felt less... Smart. The second mastermind of the Knights felt more darkened and obfuscated as the days went by.

Altagracia seemed to not be getting stronger and more powerful as he thought his trainings would make her. Altagracia's powers, which Kimi previously thought to be limitless, were reaching its zenith, and he was not willing to tell the young Lotus Flower of it. Then, he fell on his divan with a sad and unpleased countenance, for other thing came across his mind - Kaiser and the way he started dealing with his sexuality.

At first, he only hang out in parties sponsored by gay communities. Then, he started to be less discrete, bringing men to their house; though he never mentioned any sexual relations, Kimi knew that there was the possibility of those have really occurred. Truth to be said, Ice Guardian couldn't care less about his brother's sex life, but what really bothered him was the lack of trust and truth, for he was never informed of Kaiser's dates.

He heard some laughter coming from the second floor; there was Kaiser and another teenager going downstairs. That kind of situation was really angering Kimi, who was almost bursting down. He waited until his brother guided the current lover to the door. The rain was getting stronger, and so was Kimi's lack of satisfaction.

"Who was this one?" He asked with apparent indifference.

"Oh, he was Sigrid!" Kaiser answered happily "He is so amazing, Kimi! You've got to hear the amazing things he was talking about! See..."

"Could you do me a favor?" Kimi interrupted, causing Kaiser to look at him with both anger and curiosity 
"Could you please tell me when and who are you going to receive here? I don't like the way you deal with things, Kai..."

"It is called dating, and I personally believe you should try it sometimes" Kaiser replied with an angry tone of voice "And why should I tell you?"

"Because this is my house, too!" Ice Guardian shouted, stepping on the floor and freezing part of it, clearly angry "I hate to be the last one to be aware of things, considering that I always give you information regarding my routine!"

A lightning appeared on the sky, and the thunder sounded as louder and roaring as it could ever be.

"Enough of this." Kaiser said "I am going upstairs. Well, my life is mine to be lived, and I won't allow you to control it. Enough said. Have a good night of sleep, Kimi."

Kimi stared at Kaiser as he went upstairs and closed his room's door with fury. Ice Guardian felt anger taking control of him, and his eyes changed from blue to turquoise icy blue.

"Respect..." He hissed angrily "Too much lack of respect over here... He thinks he's in charge... He is not. Definitely not."


"...And Thalas. Sweet, innocent proud Thalas. He thinks he's always right... 'Mr. Right'... So pathetic"

The French Guatemalan was sitting on his bathtub, with his back exposed. It had some deep scars from shoulders to his waist, which were bleeding. All of them were made by leather whip. Who whipped Thalas? His uncle, Jean-Claude.

Electro Archer was silently crying, for cleansing the  wounds was a painful process; showering the blood and trying to clean the cuts was a difficult task for Thalas, who was feeling very weak after all this punishment. He was almost crying again when he heard someone knocking on the door.

"Who's that?" He asked shy.

"Felicia" His cousin answered "May I come in, Thalas?"

Felicia was Thalas' cousin, who lived with him as far as he could remember. They were so close that they 
were almost like brother and sister.

"Father does not treat you well" She stated, carrying some clean towels and bandages with her. "He shouldn't punish you so hard..."

"He hates me." Thalas replied with his eyes closed and tears in his face, though his voice was awkwardly serene "He always hated, and always will."

"That isn't true, Thalas." Felicia replied, cleaning Thalas' wounds "I know my father is difficult to comprehend, but believe me - he likes you, he really does. The only problem is that he's too picky and easily angered."

She helped Electro Archer to get out of the bathtub, covering his body with the towel. Then, he sat on a bench with his back facing Felicia, who started wrapping the injuries.

"Sometimes, he reminds me you, Thalas..." She whispered "He is a stubborn figure, who defends his point of view strongly, just like you..."

A lightning followed by a roaring thunder interrupted Felicia, who looked at his cousin's back with sadness.

"Oh, is this rain never going to stop?"


"Actually, it won't, Felicia..."

The Knights were being watched by someone. It was a dark place with violet fog. The sound of bat wings and shaking bones could be heard. The floor was stony, grayish and lifeless. There were dead trees nearby with spikes in its trunk.

There was someone standing in the middle of that sorrowful wasteland. A female form, which was about 15 years old with medium, straight Judas-colored hair and golden eyes surrounded by a devilish black globe.
She was wearing a long, black tunic with two large crevices, showing her tights and the tiny, dark-gray shorts with a violet stripe which partially covered them. Her Judas-colored top had three triangular crevices and a modified Honduras flag in its ending, exactly on the top of her heart. She also had a wine-colored fabric over her shoulders, a long, purple glove with lilac details on her right arm, a dark-pink, bat-wing-like ribbon with three stars in the ending of each lace, black ink on her finger nails and lips, a pair of scarlet boots and a black star in the center of  her forehead. Her name was Chalchiuhtlicue, the Fallen Mayan Voodoo Mistress, named after the goddess of Passing Waters.

She was the one commanding the rain and setting the unpleasant environment for the Knights to lose their union. She had no smile in her face; in fact, her countenance was filled with anger. Her golden eyes had a sinister glow as she kept doing her mantra.

"The Knights... I hate them all..." She hissed. "I hate how they address their matters... They seem not to care about me... They don't miss me... They... Never cared... About Maya Altahuela..."

The Voodoo Mistress then conjured purple shards of lightning through the magical vortex from which she obtained images of the Knights. She made the rain harder and scarier than before. Through the vortex, she could see Altagracia screaming in fear while Anael held her in his arms, slightly frightened. She also saw Melchior crying harder as he tried to get rid of the chains, and saw Kimi getting angrier and angrier while Kaiser looked at the skies with fear and distrust. Also, she saw a wounded Thalas lying in his bed, crying in silence as the rain came by.

Chalchiuhtlicue snapped her right hand fingers and made the vortex disappear. Then, she conjured another vortex which had other targets : the Three Unholy Pieces.

"You, folks, are mine to be taken..." She hissed "...And none will stop me from taking what's rightfully mine..."

To Be Continued...

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