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For Those Who Read,


Let me tell you from the very beginning....

Maya is still upset about what I did regarding her kiss with Lorcan. You all can bet I got angry at it! That weird dude had no right to embarrass her that way, and I only did what I did in order to defend her...

Since she is a good friend of mine and I do have feelings for her, I decided to give her a call and see if we could talk and work this out. So, I gave her a call and arranged somewhere for us to meet.

Well, the place was the newest mall in Guatemala City. I thought that an open place with lots of people would be nice for us to talk without people looking at us. Alas, they had a kicking ass music store, in which I'd certainly buy either a Metallica or a Rammstein disco (Maya's favourite bands) in case the talking went wrong.

Four o'clock was the time, and she arrived with a serious countenance, looking at me with that "you-are-freaking-killed-what-the-hell-do-you-want" look. My heart was on my sleeve. When we sat down to talk, guess WHO suddenly appeared to screw EVERYTHING up?! MELCHIOR!!!

He was alone and seemed to be in his pranking mood. Oh, great, just what I needed on that moment! I was talking to Maya and trying to apologize, begging for her pardon, when he suddenly disappeared few meters from where Maya and I were standing. Suddenly, then, I felt something pushing me towards Maya, who looked at me with a scared countenance and evaded me! I almost kissed her! She then ran away calling me lots of bad names, angry as hell. I just stood there with no reaction. Then, I hear a laugh few meters behind me, and it sounded really, really familiar. It was Melchior! Geez, I swear that if there weren't people there, I could have killed the magician right away!

Thalas-Juán Dharalión


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