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For Those Who Read,

I'm deeply sorry for not explaining to you guys what Savate is! In fact, I had just finished my daily training and I have plenty of time to explain what's Savate all about.

Savate is a French martial art commonly known as French Boxing or French Kickboxing (the moves are slightly similar and so is the fighter's posture), and it was developed by French sailors during their trips over the seas; the idea was to be able to defend themselves in case they had no weapons to withstand a pirate raid or something of the same kind. Male practioners are called Savateurs and female practioners are called Savateuses .

Basically, it mixes boxing tecquinques with booting (you can only boot your foe; kicks and knees are not allowed). Savateurs and Savateuses wear special gloves and shoes when fighting, and our ranking can be seen through a coloured glove emblem put on the left side of the integral. The colours are blue, green, red, white, yellow and silver. There is also the golden emblem, but it is attributed as an honour title.

Well, I don't think there are any Savate teachers here in Guatemala...Except my uncle, who refuses to open a dojo or something. My grandfather, who rests in peace, taught my uncle and my mother in Savate. He was a sailor who fought in World War II and taught his children in what he called "the best weapon Frenchman could have ever developed". My uncle said he died two weeks after I was born - he went to Guatemala City to see me, but he got malaria and he was too old to fight the disease back. He seemed to be someone strong, stubborn and well-mannered. Wish I met him...

Thalas-Juán Dharalión


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