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For Those Who Read,

I'm on Guatemala now... I will miss Marseille... My mom was born in this city and I never had the opportunity to meet her. She died when I was too little to remember and I couldn't live with my father, for my uncle never got along with him and he disappeared right after my mother died - well, at least this is my uncle's version.

While we were in Marseille, I went to the graveyard in which my mom was buried. Her funeral was also something my uncle and dad fought about: my father wanted her to be buried in Guatemala with a traditional Catholic ceremony and my uncle, on the other hand, wanted her to be buried in our family's mausoleum in Marseille under a Protestant ceremony. Guess who won?

It is funny - all my life, my uncle hadn't treated me well because of my father, for I was born half-breeded. His daughter, however, is as half-breeded than I! I guess he feels angry at me for my mom was about to leave everything she had in France only to live with the man she really loved. My aunt usually says that they used to be very good and intimate friends until she met my father...

I don't think I want to keep talking about this issue - I can hear the footsteps of my uncle; he is about to give me my daily training of Savate...

Thalas-Juán Dharalión


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