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For Those Who Read,

Another year has begun... It already started diferently, for I went to Marseille to celebrate the New Year Eve... My uncle usually celebrates either in Paris (without me) or in Algeria, which is my aunt's homeland.

My cousin Felicia met us there and she talked about her college classes and how great is her life in France. My aunt and uncle seemed happy about that and I swear I could see a smile in that old man's face. How unusual.

When a year starts, I usually don't expect much of it, for my life was pretty much the same through the years, execept for this year - wow, so many things happened in 366 days!

Becoming a hero, meeting Melchior, Kimi, Kaiser... and Maya. Sometimes I cannot believe it has been a year since I became Electro Archer... It seems like yesterday that I played Mayan football with Maya and her allies, that I met the most annoying, yet most loyal friend ever (which is Melchior; I can't believe in writing it down. I hope he doesn't get my journal...), that I met two awesome elves and a courageous side of mine that I've never thought I'd ever had...

Well, for this year... I ask for creativity, patience, humor and... forgiveness.

Thalas-Juán Dharalión


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