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Opening February!

Hello Everyone!

This is me, Sakura Hayes, speaking from United States just to tell you what's coming next on the Blog:

1. A New Round of Journals! --- Yes! Between Seasons, the Knights are going to make some confessions on their own journals for you to see. It is always great to find a bit more about them, huh?

2. The Manga Versions! --- As I said on December, I've been working on this project's Manga; my goal is to finish all Four Seasons and translate them into the same languages available on the Written Version.

3. Seasons in Other Languages --- My translation work is still in progress. I hope I can bring the Knights' stories in Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and French -- If you wish any other language, just leave me a comment here or in Facebook's Official page and I'll happily work on it!

4. More Seasons! --- Yes! The Blue Moon Knights' stories still has long ways to go; more adventures are coming, more questions are coming up and so are some of their answers. What's coming next for Anael and his fellows? Read and share!

5. More Features! --- I am planning to develop a page related to the Places in which the Knights are acting/ have already acted and some other stuff...

As always, stay tuned for more news and stuff! I'll be back to my homeland, Brazil, in February 5th!

Sakura Hayes


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