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Sports Journal of the Day,

Man, I think now I've screwed up. Badly.

Well, it's been some time since Thalas and Maya are not getting along with each other as they used to. Sometimes I mock with them about them making a perfect couple, etc., etc.; in fact, I really thing they are a perfect match!

Nevermind. Though I am not sure what grounds their relationship is, I thought I could give Thalas a 'helping hand', since the guy is a heck of a shy person! No wonder he never got a girl before... I think that he is not sure of what to say or how he's supposed to react...

Well, by using my Golden Communicator, I kinda hacked his phone call and I figured out where he was going to meet Maya. A little 'love prank' wouldn't hurt, I thought. What a miserable thought...

They were near a music store and they seemed to be talking quite nicely - except by Maya's slightly angered countenance. I thought that Thalas was going to lose the game, so I decided to be the 'invisible helping hand':  I used my invisibility and I pushed Thalas in Maya's direction, so he would kiss her and kind of convincing her - well, at least it seems to work in movies!

I didn't work! Yes, I liked it, seeing both of them pretty angry made me laugh lots; later in my house, after getting rid of Thalas' Savate techiniques, I've realized the mistake I've made - I should have let things go... Now, I am trying to call Thalas' cell and Communicator and see if he forgives me...

Melchior Raven-Hayes


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