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Sports Journal of the Day,

Today was my football day. I went with some old friends from El Salvador and gave it a try. We went to an empty field in the outskirts of Guatemala City and we started playing.

Since we were ten, we made two teams of five and started playing. I think I was a bit clumsy with the ball, for I had absolutely no idea of where to go; no, I hadn't scored own goals, but I hasn't very helpful when it comes about doing the passes, etc. So I chose to be the goalkeeper on the second half of the game. We were losing for two goals of difference in the first half. On the second half I became the Great Wall of China, so to speak. With my defences, my team was able to turn the tables and wind for three goals of difference!

Final score: 5 (my team) x 2 (adversaries). Not bad, huh?

Melchior Raven-Hayes


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