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Sports Journal of the Day,

Good Lord, Guatemala is hot today! I cannot believe in the temperatures registered for the day, for they seem lower than the thermical sensation...

I decided to swim a bit in a club three blocks from my house and Kimi went with me. Geez, that's what I needed: cool water in a heck of a hot day, followed by a huge cup of Acai berry juice.

I had swam about 2000m freestyle - I took about one hour to do that, but Kimi got less than thirty minutes! If he was no elf, I could swear that he was a merman... It is like swimming is just as natural as breathing for him!

Since Anael is busy with his house chores, Thalas is away (he comes back from Marseille within two days at best), Kaiser seems to be nowhere to be found, Maya is at Cobán, Altagracia is practicing magic and Kimi's got this half-period job in Mr. Zelaya's library, I think I'll have to find my old pals from El Salvador to play a bit or else I'll die due to the boredom...

Melchior Raven-Hayes


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