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Sports Journal of the Day,

Another year is ready to be played! I think I can be grateful for all things that had been given to me in my pretty miserable life (and they ain't that much, I must admit it), specially when it comes about friendships!

Friends...Yes... A whole new life has been presented to me when I met Anael. That starry-hair guy saved me from my daily torture regarding my gifts. He showed me another way to use my powers and thus helped me discovering myself.

I can be annoying and too playful, but I only act this way near those who I really care about. I just wish things get easier for me... I ask for peace in my home, joy and success on school and sports... And  for love. Love which I hope I can possess without harming someone's feelings...

This last wish made me remember of Jamaica Thunder - a.k.a. Jasmine Waterffa. I wonder how she's doing;  I haven't had news from her since we left her in Port Royale, her hometown in Jamaica's left shore...

Melchior Raven-Hayes


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