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To my Silent Friend, the Notebook,

Some of my aunt's co-workers started playing Mayan football near the site and they invited me! I really got thrilled and as soon as my aunt allowed me, I rapidly rushed to the field ready for some action.

I paired up with one of the youngest archeologists back there; he came from Panama and his name is Marcel; he is a fine 25 year-old man who is cheerful and happy - mI think that he's some kind of an older version of Melchior (wait until I show him his picture!), always making fun and having a smile in his face.

We played for a couple of hours before my aunt got back to her work and I got back to one table inside their facilities in order to do some drawings and think about the past year's events.

Also, I've got a SMS from Thalas - he said we can meet on Tuesday; I can't wait to see what he's got to say...

Maya Altahuela


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