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To My Silent Friend, the Notebook,

I was jogging through the city (yes, it is Summer and I have some pounds to lose) and I happened to pass over Thalas' house. He was at his backyard, practicing some kind of martial art with his uncle, if I am not mistaken. I suddenly stopped to watch it.

It was some kind of a kickboxing variant, in which Thalas was not allowed to kick his foe, but only could boot him. I also noticed something strange in Thalas' body - his back seemed to have long, deep scars, as if someone whipped him strongly. They looked pretty bad and made me feel sorry for him. Before he could notice my presence there, I decided to keep running.

Seeing Thalas made me remind Lorcan and the kiss he gave me; I really thought the guy was not mean and anything. Although he gave me a pretty good kiss - I believe Lorcan was the second or third person to kiss me -, I didn't feel happy about that. In fact, it was really embarrassing to have everyone staring at me, specially Thalas. He got pretty offended by it, and I don't think I understood it. At first, thought he was only annoying me, for this issue was none of his business; then, I realized his concern and I am sorry for arguing with him...

Well, I think I'll give him a call and see if we can work this out...

Maya Altahuela


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