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To my Silent Friend, the Notebook,

I spent the new year Eve in Cobán, in the northern part of Guatemala; my aunt works on an archeological site near the city and she wasn't able to take much day offs, so she took me and my uncle with her.

I spend most of the time near of the ancient Mayan Temples, in the top of them, wondering how the astrologers and priests worked. Astrology is a quite interesting subject to me, since it gave birth to Astronomy (Astrology was once considered primitive science, such as Alchemy; nowadays, it is nothing more than fun facts. Some people, however, still believe in it and are always searching for more information given by stars and planets).

I consider it more or less a curious issue, but sometimes I cannot believe that some things happen by coincidence. Since I have realized my magician's powers and became a Blue Moon Knight, I am more likely to say that there are very few astrologers in the world who actually bear a gift. I like to stare at the stars and imagine a story unfolding right in front of my eyes. Sometimes, nothing comes across my mind. However, there are days which the night has a clear sky and stars can shine at their full throttle; these days are the ones which I can see something... Which I can imagine and almost read something...

Maya Altahuela


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