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From Mexico with Relief,

Hah, I found him!

It turns out that Kai went to Mexico City to enjoy a festival over there and he forgot to tell me about it... Now that I know his whereabouts, I feel much more relieved now.

I have just received two calls - one from Anael and the other from...Zoe. Anael's call was more about some Welsh folksongs he found in his Dad's journal and some weird stuff in its pages; he promised to bring me the journal and other stuff for us to work on them.

Now, Zoe's call... It was extremely surprising and unexpected. Since she's living in Russia in Mr. Gorbachov's home as a prisioner,  I never thought she'd have the opportunity to give someone a call. She asked if I were ok and how were the Knights doing in Guatemala. She also told me about her life in her homeland and... She said she missed me and she owed me a lot for the new opportunities - she became a classical ballerina in a company of Saint Pittsburg. I said I could arrange us a date if Mr. Gorbachov was ok with that and she said she was going to think about it...

Kimi Das Vaali


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