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From Guatemala with Worries and Anxiety,

God Damn it!

My brother seems to be nowhere to be found! I've tried talking with him through his cellphone and Communicator, but I've got no answers! Man, I am so worried...

This week was hard for me to focus on my work... I told Mr. Zelaya about my worries, but he advised me not to worry so much.  My brother is DarkStalker, after all...

At least I had Altagracia to keep me amused... That little magician is doing a pretty good job in developing her own style in magic and Alchemy. She comes to my house almost everyday to learn new things and get some assignments.

Also, Mr. Zelaya received some new cargo and needed my help to take a look at it and catalogue them all. Though these activities distracted my mind, I still thought about my brother...

Kimi Das Vaali


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