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From Guatemala with Content,

Today I went swimming with Melchior. The city was so hot that I felt I was going to become an elvish paste or something! Fortunately, people opened a swimming pool not too far from the library.

In one hour, I've swam approximately 4000m - and Melchior stared at me not believing in what he had just seen! I also couldn't believe in how much I've swam as well! I guess it was good and very relaxing to me. Whenever I get pissed off, I either swim or take a shower. Usually, I stay on the box sitting on the ground with my eyes closed and the water hitting my face. It sort of calms me down...

Kaiser decided to get out of our place for a few days (finally we built the house! It looks awesome!), leaving me alone. Considering what he's been through lately, I totally support his decision. However, I cannot say I'm not worried - he is my young brother (he was born three minutes after me) and he knows almost nothing about people's malice. I know he's 16 and knows how to defend himself, but I cannot get rid of this fear...

Since Mr. Zelaya gave me a day off, I think I'll go to a gym and practice a bit of kickboxing. It has been some time since I haven't done it...

Kimi Das Vaali


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