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Traveller's Nother, for Those Who Follow Me,

I've arrived in Mexico 5 days ago to attend to an unusal festival in Mexico City. Before arriving there, I've passed through several cities and archeological sites, including Chichen Itza's!

Well, the city is now calm, waiting for the night to begin the party once more. I decided to save the bike, by turning it into magical energy and letting my Shaman Stone Marking absorb it, and go for a walk in the city. I bought some souvenirs and things to eat.

Finally my cellphone is working! Good Lord, Kimi has called me about 15 times! Also, he sent me some messages... He seems pretty pissed off... Damn!

I haven't talked to the other Knights lately... I wonder how they are. I think I'll give them a call as soon as I solve things with my brother (I hope I'll be still alive to write more).

Kaiser Das Vaali


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