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Traveller's Notes, for Those Who Are Following Me,

A new Year, a new house, a new life... All of this has been given to me in one year! I cannot imagine how I could  spend a decade of my life with my soul imprisoned in Tijuana, Mexico...

We and Kimi managed to buy and build a home for us in these past few months. Of course, a complete house appearing in a Guatemalan neighbor certainly rose suspicious thoughts, but my brother found a way to solve the problem (as always)...

I decided to pack some things in order to travel abroad... Though Kimi's concerned, I know how to take care of myself. I am still thinking in which countries I'm going to visit and how's my travelling route. At least I've informed my brother...

Now I am going to play my bass a bit... I miss practicing. Because Kimi has just left for his job, the house is in complete silence, and I don't like it that much.

Kaiser Das Vaali


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