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Dear Diary,

I decided to read my Dad's journal. I've been getting more and more curious about it. At first, I refused to read it for Altagracia might caught me and ask me about it, forcing me to dig up some bad memories...

Most reports he talks about Wales and his town, Cardiff - about his previous routine and how he met my mom. Some things that he wrote seemed to be taken from fairytales... Perhaps is just Wales - the Land of the Dragons, which holds stories and legends beyond our imagination.

However, I've noticed something strange: some pages seem to have blood drops in it; others have what seems to be scales attached to it. In these last pages, my father handwriting seems painful, as if he couldn't write due to an enormous pain. As far as I can remember, Dad never suffered from any disability or injury that might have caused this strange pattern. I have absolutely no idea of what may have caused this... I think that it's time to go to Mr. Zelaya's library in order to solve this mystery... I'll take the journal and other stuff Dad wrote and see if I get any clues on that...

Anael Moon’Seeker

P.S.: I have to be discrete about this; Altagracia cannot discover this activity...


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