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Dear Diary,

Today I went to Mr. Zelaya's library - since the Templar's assault, he became our ally and he promised to keep our secret safe. In fact, he's being so nice with us that he gave Kimi a job, so that he could have access to much more information than he'd have (books proved themselves more than helpful when we fought Zoe...).

Now I'm home helping my mother; apparently, she wanted me to search for something in dad's stuff - though most of our items burnt on our previous house, we were able to keep some of his belongings. After digging some boxes, I found a journal - his journal -, entitled "From Wales to my Mind" (it really makes me happy to know one more thing I had in common with Dad). I've opened a ramdom page and here's what I've found:

" -Blondel's Song*- (remember to record this for Anael)

A mighty warrior from the North
So Moslem records tell,
In all the pride of pw'r went forth,
The infidel to quell.
His lofty crest seem'd to defy,
Aught peril to be night.
As far across the spreading plain,
Loud came his battle cry,
Strike down the foe, my fellow men,
We fight for God on High!

Unconquer'd is the valiant sword,
Although aside 'twas laid,
When by the traitors treach'rous word,
The warrior was betray'd.
His noble heart may still defy
Aught peril to be nigh,
For soon there shall resound again,
That sacred battle cry,
Strike down the foe, my fellow man,
Ye fight for God on High!"

It seems to be one of the Welsh songs he always talked about... I decided to keep his journal in my room so that I can find out more about him, It is funny to see how little I know about the one who brought me to this world...

Anael Moon’Seeker

*Blondel was England's King Richard "the Lionheart" I's bard. Credits: (Welsh folk songs)


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