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From Mexico with Relief,

Hah, I found him!

It turns out that Kai went to Mexico City to enjoy a festival over there and he forgot to tell me about it... Now that I know his whereabouts, I feel much more relieved now.

I have just received two calls - one from Anael and the other from...Zoe. Anael's call was more about some Welsh folksongs he found in his Dad's journal and some weird stuff in its pages; he promised to bring me the journal and other stuff for us to work on them.

Now, Zoe's call... It was extremely surprising and unexpected. Since she's living in Russia in Mr. Gorbachov's home as a prisioner,  I never thought she'd have the opportunity to give someone a call. She asked if I were ok and how were the Knights doing in Guatemala. She also told me about her life in her homeland and... She said she missed me and she owed me a lot for the new opportunities - she became a classical ballerina in a company of Saint Pittsburg. I said I could arrange us a date if Mr. Gorbachov was ok with that and she said she was going to think about it...

Kimi Das Vaali

Sports Journal of the Day,

Man, I think now I've screwed up. Badly.

Well, it's been some time since Thalas and Maya are not getting along with each other as they used to. Sometimes I mock with them about them making a perfect couple, etc., etc.; in fact, I really thing they are a perfect match!

Nevermind. Though I am not sure what grounds their relationship is, I thought I could give Thalas a 'helping hand', since the guy is a heck of a shy person! No wonder he never got a girl before... I think that he is not sure of what to say or how he's supposed to react...

Well, by using my Golden Communicator, I kinda hacked his phone call and I figured out where he was going to meet Maya. A little 'love prank' wouldn't hurt, I thought. What a miserable thought...

They were near a music store and they seemed to be talking quite nicely - except by Maya's slightly angered countenance. I thought that Thalas was going to lose the game, so I decided to be the 'invisible helping hand':  I used my invisibility and I pushed Thalas in Maya's direction, so he would kiss her and kind of convincing her - well, at least it seems to work in movies!

I didn't work! Yes, I liked it, seeing both of them pretty angry made me laugh lots; later in my house, after getting rid of Thalas' Savate techiniques, I've realized the mistake I've made - I should have let things go... Now, I am trying to call Thalas' cell and Communicator and see if he forgives me...

Melchior Raven-Hayes

For Those Who Read,


Let me tell you from the very beginning....

Maya is still upset about what I did regarding her kiss with Lorcan. You all can bet I got angry at it! That weird dude had no right to embarrass her that way, and I only did what I did in order to defend her...

Since she is a good friend of mine and I do have feelings for her, I decided to give her a call and see if we could talk and work this out. So, I gave her a call and arranged somewhere for us to meet.

Well, the place was the newest mall in Guatemala City. I thought that an open place with lots of people would be nice for us to talk without people looking at us. Alas, they had a kicking ass music store, in which I'd certainly buy either a Metallica or a Rammstein disco (Maya's favourite bands) in case the talking went wrong.

Four o'clock was the time, and she arrived with a serious countenance, looking at me with that "you-are-freaking-killed-what-the-hell-do-you-want" look. My heart was on my sleeve. When we sat down to talk, guess WHO suddenly appeared to screw EVERYTHING up?! MELCHIOR!!!

He was alone and seemed to be in his pranking mood. Oh, great, just what I needed on that moment! I was talking to Maya and trying to apologize, begging for her pardon, when he suddenly disappeared few meters from where Maya and I were standing. Suddenly, then, I felt something pushing me towards Maya, who looked at me with a scared countenance and evaded me! I almost kissed her! She then ran away calling me lots of bad names, angry as hell. I just stood there with no reaction. Then, I hear a laugh few meters behind me, and it sounded really, really familiar. It was Melchior! Geez, I swear that if there weren't people there, I could have killed the magician right away!

Thalas-Juán Dharalión

Dear Diary,

I decided to read my Dad's journal. I've been getting more and more curious about it. At first, I refused to read it for Altagracia might caught me and ask me about it, forcing me to dig up some bad memories...

Most reports he talks about Wales and his town, Cardiff - about his previous routine and how he met my mom. Some things that he wrote seemed to be taken from fairytales... Perhaps is just Wales - the Land of the Dragons, which holds stories and legends beyond our imagination.

However, I've noticed something strange: some pages seem to have blood drops in it; others have what seems to be scales attached to it. In these last pages, my father handwriting seems painful, as if he couldn't write due to an enormous pain. As far as I can remember, Dad never suffered from any disability or injury that might have caused this strange pattern. I have absolutely no idea of what may have caused this... I think that it's time to go to Mr. Zelaya's library in order to solve this mystery... I'll take the journal and other stuff Dad wrote and see if I get any clues on that...

Anael Moon’Seeker

P.S.: I have to be discrete about this; Altagracia cannot discover this activity...

Dear Writing Atelier,


I was studying my spells in my grimoire, seeing the notes Kimi put in it. I realized some were missing, for I put them in a stick note, promising to write them down later, and so I was going to do. Somehow, I misplaced my pen with my thinnest painting and wrote with it.

All of a sudden, my handwriting de-attached from the pages and gained life, forming pictures. I got so excited with it that I ddecided to test it a bit more. The handwriting was not only floating, but shining and forming beautiful landscapes, animals, people...

I can't wait to tell my brother, Kimi and Melchior about it! They'll be as thrilled as I am, that's for sure!

Altagracia Moon’Seeker

To my Silent Friend, the Notebook,

Some of my aunt's co-workers started playing Mayan football near the site and they invited me! I really got thrilled and as soon as my aunt allowed me, I rapidly rushed to the field ready for some action.

I paired up with one of the youngest archeologists back there; he came from Panama and his name is Marcel; he is a fine 25 year-old man who is cheerful and happy - mI think that he's some kind of an older version of Melchior (wait until I show him his picture!), always making fun and having a smile in his face.

We played for a couple of hours before my aunt got back to her work and I got back to one table inside their facilities in order to do some drawings and think about the past year's events.

Also, I've got a SMS from Thalas - he said we can meet on Tuesday; I can't wait to see what he's got to say...

Maya Altahuela

Traveller's Nother, for Those Who Follow Me,

I've arrived in Mexico 5 days ago to attend to an unusal festival in Mexico City. Before arriving there, I've passed through several cities and archeological sites, including Chichen Itza's!

Well, the city is now calm, waiting for the night to begin the party once more. I decided to save the bike, by turning it into magical energy and letting my Shaman Stone Marking absorb it, and go for a walk in the city. I bought some souvenirs and things to eat.

Finally my cellphone is working! Good Lord, Kimi has called me about 15 times! Also, he sent me some messages... He seems pretty pissed off... Damn!

I haven't talked to the other Knights lately... I wonder how they are. I think I'll give them a call as soon as I solve things with my brother (I hope I'll be still alive to write more).

Kaiser Das Vaali

From Guatemala with Worries and Anxiety,

God Damn it!

My brother seems to be nowhere to be found! I've tried talking with him through his cellphone and Communicator, but I've got no answers! Man, I am so worried...

This week was hard for me to focus on my work... I told Mr. Zelaya about my worries, but he advised me not to worry so much.  My brother is DarkStalker, after all...

At least I had Altagracia to keep me amused... That little magician is doing a pretty good job in developing her own style in magic and Alchemy. She comes to my house almost everyday to learn new things and get some assignments.

Also, Mr. Zelaya received some new cargo and needed my help to take a look at it and catalogue them all. Though these activities distracted my mind, I still thought about my brother...

Kimi Das Vaali

Sports Journal of the Day,

Today was my football day. I went with some old friends from El Salvador and gave it a try. We went to an empty field in the outskirts of Guatemala City and we started playing.

Since we were ten, we made two teams of five and started playing. I think I was a bit clumsy with the ball, for I had absolutely no idea of where to go; no, I hadn't scored own goals, but I hasn't very helpful when it comes about doing the passes, etc. So I chose to be the goalkeeper on the second half of the game. We were losing for two goals of difference in the first half. On the second half I became the Great Wall of China, so to speak. With my defences, my team was able to turn the tables and wind for three goals of difference!

Final score: 5 (my team) x 2 (adversaries). Not bad, huh?

Melchior Raven-Hayes

For Those Who Read,

I'm deeply sorry for not explaining to you guys what Savate is! In fact, I had just finished my daily training and I have plenty of time to explain what's Savate all about.

Savate is a French martial art commonly known as French Boxing or French Kickboxing (the moves are slightly similar and so is the fighter's posture), and it was developed by French sailors during their trips over the seas; the idea was to be able to defend themselves in case they had no weapons to withstand a pirate raid or something of the same kind. Male practioners are called Savateurs and female practioners are called Savateuses .

Basically, it mixes boxing tecquinques with booting (you can only boot your foe; kicks and knees are not allowed). Savateurs and Savateuses wear special gloves and shoes when fighting, and our ranking can be seen through a coloured glove emblem put on the left side of the integral. The colours are blue, green, red, white, yellow and silver. There is also the golden emblem, but it is attributed as an honour title.

Well, I don't think there are any Savate teachers here in Guatemala...Except my uncle, who refuses to open a dojo or something. My grandfather, who rests in peace, taught my uncle and my mother in Savate. He was a sailor who fought in World War II and taught his children in what he called "the best weapon Frenchman could have ever developed". My uncle said he died two weeks after I was born - he went to Guatemala City to see me, but he got malaria and he was too old to fight the disease back. He seemed to be someone strong, stubborn and well-mannered. Wish I met him...

Thalas-Juán Dharalión

Dear Diary,

I've found something which made me sad again - one drawing of Consuelo, made by Sígrid, one of my classmates.

That girl really hurt my feelings. I don't blame her, however; I know I lied first and I know I am the one responsible for her brother's murder. But I did all of this seeking her best! I knew I'd threaten her life if I told her about being Elite Dragon in the first place...

She went back to Quetzaltenango and I haven't heard of her ever since. I didn't want things to end like this. It was not fair to me and her... I think I'll try to learn something from this event...

I am looking to the drawing in my left hand; her smile and gazing were so astonishing... I hope God gives me the strength I so desperately need to tear this piece apart someday...

Anael Moon’Seeker

Dear Writing Atelier,

I don't have much to tell you today...

Anael is still involved in his activities, Kimi has the library work to attend, I had no idea of where the others were... And I was bored for most part of the day.

Then, a friend of mine, Soledad, showed up at my place and we went to my courtyard to talk and play. She told me about her vacations and all the things that happened to us on the past year; she also told me that one of our colleages was still interested in me though I have said I didn't want nothing but his friendship. Boys...

Well, I'll be calling off the journal for the day. I have to practice my magic, and Kimi will certainly be very disappointed if I don't improve my skills.

Altagracia Moon’Seeker

To My Silent Friend, the Notebook,

I was jogging through the city (yes, it is Summer and I have some pounds to lose) and I happened to pass over Thalas' house. He was at his backyard, practicing some kind of martial art with his uncle, if I am not mistaken. I suddenly stopped to watch it.

It was some kind of a kickboxing variant, in which Thalas was not allowed to kick his foe, but only could boot him. I also noticed something strange in Thalas' body - his back seemed to have long, deep scars, as if someone whipped him strongly. They looked pretty bad and made me feel sorry for him. Before he could notice my presence there, I decided to keep running.

Seeing Thalas made me remind Lorcan and the kiss he gave me; I really thought the guy was not mean and anything. Although he gave me a pretty good kiss - I believe Lorcan was the second or third person to kiss me -, I didn't feel happy about that. In fact, it was really embarrassing to have everyone staring at me, specially Thalas. He got pretty offended by it, and I don't think I understood it. At first, thought he was only annoying me, for this issue was none of his business; then, I realized his concern and I am sorry for arguing with him...

Well, I think I'll give him a call and see if we can work this out...

Maya Altahuela

Hello Everyone!

This blog has reached the mark of 200 posts in its 2nd year of existence. I'd like to give a special 'hail' to all of you who followed and read this Blog, no matter when you started. Your support is the most important thing to me; if it wasn't for you, folks, who look at this page and read the stuff, I wouldn't have continued it. Once again, thank you very much!

Spread the word to your fellows! Share the Blog! Join the Facebook page! Give me some feedback: I am eager for it!

Sakura Hayes

Traveller's Notes, for Those Who Are Following Me,

I decided to travel to Belize and Mexico and the trip will be all done in bike riding! Yes, that's right, I know how to drive a bike and I've just conjured one to me! I have started my journey 2 days after the previous time I wrote here and so far, so good.

I have gone to Belmopan and I am heading to Belize City now. Geez, what a comfy city! Though some people seemed shy and suspicious about me, most of them treated me well and made me feel like I was home. Some things I found similar to Guatemala City: the people's looks, the markets and fairs, the amount of nature between the concrete and iron... It is a beautiful city indeed, and I recommend visiting!

The funny thing is that belmopan is really a small capitol: approximately 7100 people live there! Much smaller than Guatemala City, which has more than a million people living there... I think I liked the small-capitol thing; I don't feel too much comfortable in crowds, so it was better for me.

I also found some nice clubs to hang out... And some good-looking men to stare at (and to steal a good kiss, haha!)...

There's only one problem in this hole story: apparently, my cellphone is not working and my Communicator also refuses to work! What the hell is going on?!

Kaiser Das Vaali

Hello Everyone!

As I've been talking about since last July, I am working on a Template - now it is for real! I have just got my Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 and learnt how to make Templates there. Now, I'll just learn how to convert the PSD file to xHMTL and voilà: I'll have a new Template for the Knights - a unique one!

Stay tuned for more news and Stuff!

Sakura Hayes

From Guatemala with Content,

Today I went swimming with Melchior. The city was so hot that I felt I was going to become an elvish paste or something! Fortunately, people opened a swimming pool not too far from the library.

In one hour, I've swam approximately 4000m - and Melchior stared at me not believing in what he had just seen! I also couldn't believe in how much I've swam as well! I guess it was good and very relaxing to me. Whenever I get pissed off, I either swim or take a shower. Usually, I stay on the box sitting on the ground with my eyes closed and the water hitting my face. It sort of calms me down...

Kaiser decided to get out of our place for a few days (finally we built the house! It looks awesome!), leaving me alone. Considering what he's been through lately, I totally support his decision. However, I cannot say I'm not worried - he is my young brother (he was born three minutes after me) and he knows almost nothing about people's malice. I know he's 16 and knows how to defend himself, but I cannot get rid of this fear...

Since Mr. Zelaya gave me a day off, I think I'll go to a gym and practice a bit of kickboxing. It has been some time since I haven't done it...

Kimi Das Vaali

Sports Journal of the Day,

Good Lord, Guatemala is hot today! I cannot believe in the temperatures registered for the day, for they seem lower than the thermical sensation...

I decided to swim a bit in a club three blocks from my house and Kimi went with me. Geez, that's what I needed: cool water in a heck of a hot day, followed by a huge cup of Acai berry juice.

I had swam about 2000m freestyle - I took about one hour to do that, but Kimi got less than thirty minutes! If he was no elf, I could swear that he was a merman... It is like swimming is just as natural as breathing for him!

Since Anael is busy with his house chores, Thalas is away (he comes back from Marseille within two days at best), Kaiser seems to be nowhere to be found, Maya is at Cobán, Altagracia is practicing magic and Kimi's got this half-period job in Mr. Zelaya's library, I think I'll have to find my old pals from El Salvador to play a bit or else I'll die due to the boredom...

Melchior Raven-Hayes

For Those Who Read,

I'm on Guatemala now... I will miss Marseille... My mom was born in this city and I never had the opportunity to meet her. She died when I was too little to remember and I couldn't live with my father, for my uncle never got along with him and he disappeared right after my mother died - well, at least this is my uncle's version.

While we were in Marseille, I went to the graveyard in which my mom was buried. Her funeral was also something my uncle and dad fought about: my father wanted her to be buried in Guatemala with a traditional Catholic ceremony and my uncle, on the other hand, wanted her to be buried in our family's mausoleum in Marseille under a Protestant ceremony. Guess who won?

It is funny - all my life, my uncle hadn't treated me well because of my father, for I was born half-breeded. His daughter, however, is as half-breeded than I! I guess he feels angry at me for my mom was about to leave everything she had in France only to live with the man she really loved. My aunt usually says that they used to be very good and intimate friends until she met my father...

I don't think I want to keep talking about this issue - I can hear the footsteps of my uncle; he is about to give me my daily training of Savate...

Thalas-Juán Dharalión

Dear Diary,

Today I went to Mr. Zelaya's library - since the Templar's assault, he became our ally and he promised to keep our secret safe. In fact, he's being so nice with us that he gave Kimi a job, so that he could have access to much more information than he'd have (books proved themselves more than helpful when we fought Zoe...).

Now I'm home helping my mother; apparently, she wanted me to search for something in dad's stuff - though most of our items burnt on our previous house, we were able to keep some of his belongings. After digging some boxes, I found a journal - his journal -, entitled "From Wales to my Mind" (it really makes me happy to know one more thing I had in common with Dad). I've opened a ramdom page and here's what I've found:

" -Blondel's Song*- (remember to record this for Anael)

A mighty warrior from the North
So Moslem records tell,
In all the pride of pw'r went forth,
The infidel to quell.
His lofty crest seem'd to defy,
Aught peril to be night.
As far across the spreading plain,
Loud came his battle cry,
Strike down the foe, my fellow men,
We fight for God on High!

Unconquer'd is the valiant sword,
Although aside 'twas laid,
When by the traitors treach'rous word,
The warrior was betray'd.
His noble heart may still defy
Aught peril to be nigh,
For soon there shall resound again,
That sacred battle cry,
Strike down the foe, my fellow man,
Ye fight for God on High!"

It seems to be one of the Welsh songs he always talked about... I decided to keep his journal in my room so that I can find out more about him, It is funny to see how little I know about the one who brought me to this world...

Anael Moon’Seeker

*Blondel was England's King Richard "the Lionheart" I's bard. Credits: (Welsh folk songs)

Dear Writing Atelier,

Well, new year, a whole new painting kit and grimoire! Well, Kimi said that my grimoire got too tiny for the amount of spells and notes I have to do in it, so he gave me a new one plus some inks and a canvas, for he knows I really love paininting.

Unfortunately, Maya is not home these days... If she were, I'd ask for some drawing classes. I don't draw so nicely as I wished, so I need someone to teach me...

Well, I decided to paint while Anael is searching for some stuff, which he doesn't want me to see... Weird.

Altagracia Moon’Seeker

To my Silent Friend, the Notebook,

I spent the new year Eve in Cobán, in the northern part of Guatemala; my aunt works on an archeological site near the city and she wasn't able to take much day offs, so she took me and my uncle with her.

I spend most of the time near of the ancient Mayan Temples, in the top of them, wondering how the astrologers and priests worked. Astrology is a quite interesting subject to me, since it gave birth to Astronomy (Astrology was once considered primitive science, such as Alchemy; nowadays, it is nothing more than fun facts. Some people, however, still believe in it and are always searching for more information given by stars and planets).

I consider it more or less a curious issue, but sometimes I cannot believe that some things happen by coincidence. Since I have realized my magician's powers and became a Blue Moon Knight, I am more likely to say that there are very few astrologers in the world who actually bear a gift. I like to stare at the stars and imagine a story unfolding right in front of my eyes. Sometimes, nothing comes across my mind. However, there are days which the night has a clear sky and stars can shine at their full throttle; these days are the ones which I can see something... Which I can imagine and almost read something...

Maya Altahuela

Traveller's Notes, for Those Who Are Following Me,

A new Year, a new house, a new life... All of this has been given to me in one year! I cannot imagine how I could  spend a decade of my life with my soul imprisoned in Tijuana, Mexico...

We and Kimi managed to buy and build a home for us in these past few months. Of course, a complete house appearing in a Guatemalan neighbor certainly rose suspicious thoughts, but my brother found a way to solve the problem (as always)...

I decided to pack some things in order to travel abroad... Though Kimi's concerned, I know how to take care of myself. I am still thinking in which countries I'm going to visit and how's my travelling route. At least I've informed my brother...

Now I am going to play my bass a bit... I miss practicing. Because Kimi has just left for his job, the house is in complete silence, and I don't like it that much.

Kaiser Das Vaali

From Guatemala with Best Wishes to the New Year,

A New Year... I don't even know what to say! I've gotten my brother back, met Melchior once more, became Ice Guardian and found on Guatemala a place to call 'home'...

Now I've got a half-period job in Mr. Zelaya's library. Man, I love this place! Lots and lots of books (which means a wide range of matters to read and discover), silence and organization! At least a place in which I don't have to make much efforts to keep clean and presentable ( Kaiser, if you are reading this, I am talking directly to you).

We receive few clients, but mostly they come with good budgets and eager to acquire something different and new. The library seems tiny on the outside, but it gets HUGe on the inside! When there are no clients, I usually get something at the Mysticism section and I have a great time reading the pieces Mr. Zelaya acquired by the years...

Kimi Das Vaali

Sports Journal of the Day,

Another year is ready to be played! I think I can be grateful for all things that had been given to me in my pretty miserable life (and they ain't that much, I must admit it), specially when it comes about friendships!

Friends...Yes... A whole new life has been presented to me when I met Anael. That starry-hair guy saved me from my daily torture regarding my gifts. He showed me another way to use my powers and thus helped me discovering myself.

I can be annoying and too playful, but I only act this way near those who I really care about. I just wish things get easier for me... I ask for peace in my home, joy and success on school and sports... And  for love. Love which I hope I can possess without harming someone's feelings...

This last wish made me remember of Jamaica Thunder - a.k.a. Jasmine Waterffa. I wonder how she's doing;  I haven't had news from her since we left her in Port Royale, her hometown in Jamaica's left shore...

Melchior Raven-Hayes

For Those Who Read,

Another year has begun... It already started diferently, for I went to Marseille to celebrate the New Year Eve... My uncle usually celebrates either in Paris (without me) or in Algeria, which is my aunt's homeland.

My cousin Felicia met us there and she talked about her college classes and how great is her life in France. My aunt and uncle seemed happy about that and I swear I could see a smile in that old man's face. How unusual.

When a year starts, I usually don't expect much of it, for my life was pretty much the same through the years, execept for this year - wow, so many things happened in 366 days!

Becoming a hero, meeting Melchior, Kimi, Kaiser... and Maya. Sometimes I cannot believe it has been a year since I became Electro Archer... It seems like yesterday that I played Mayan football with Maya and her allies, that I met the most annoying, yet most loyal friend ever (which is Melchior; I can't believe in writing it down. I hope he doesn't get my journal...), that I met two awesome elves and a courageous side of mine that I've never thought I'd ever had...

Well, for this year... I ask for creativity, patience, humor and... forgiveness.

Thalas-Juán Dharalión

Dear Diary,

Another year has begun... 14 already! It is funny to imagine that the years had passed so fast and my childhood seems to be even more distant; I am now facing my teenager's years. I hope I don't screw them up...

Another year without Dad... He died five days after Altagracia's birth and he hadn't had the opportunity to see her growing up...To see both of us doing so... I think that's the ninth New Year Eve and Christmas I've passed without his jokes, his firefighter stories, his Welsh tales and songs...

He used to play hornpipe and Mom sang some Welsh folk-songs she learnt with him. Though I like celebrations, Christmas and New Years are not that happy times for me. Dad was born in December, if I'm not mistaken, and he used to tell me that someday  we would celebrate either Christmas or New Year in Cardiff (Wales' capital and his hometown). I wish he had had time to fulfill his promises...

Damn, I'm soaking these journal's pages with tears. I think I'll stop writing for the day and play some flute. Kimi's flute's sound is quite magical and comforting. Just what I need...

Anael Moon’Seeker

Hello Everyone!

This is me, Sakura Hayes, speaking from United States just to tell you what's coming next on the Blog:

1. A New Round of Journals! --- Yes! Between Seasons, the Knights are going to make some confessions on their own journals for you to see. It is always great to find a bit more about them, huh?

2. The Manga Versions! --- As I said on December, I've been working on this project's Manga; my goal is to finish all Four Seasons and translate them into the same languages available on the Written Version.

3. Seasons in Other Languages --- My translation work is still in progress. I hope I can bring the Knights' stories in Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and French -- If you wish any other language, just leave me a comment here or in Facebook's Official page and I'll happily work on it!

4. More Seasons! --- Yes! The Blue Moon Knights' stories still has long ways to go; more adventures are coming, more questions are coming up and so are some of their answers. What's coming next for Anael and his fellows? Read and share!

5. More Features! --- I am planning to develop a page related to the Places in which the Knights are acting/ have already acted and some other stuff...

As always, stay tuned for more news and stuff! I'll be back to my homeland, Brazil, in February 5th!

Sakura Hayes

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