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Hello Everyone!

In 2012 about the same post time, I've created this spot to humbly share my original series, which has been following me for 4 years... We have met them and lived Four Seasons of pure adventure.

Anael is a sweet, innocent dreamy 14-year-old Guatemalan boy whose dream is to become a firefighter. After a strange incident on the woods of Tikal, Guatemala, he and his friends Thalas and Melchior become the Blue Moon Knights, swearing to protect Guatemala and all Latin America. He is also known as Elite Dragon.

Thalas is a rational and mysterious 13-year-old French Guatemalan who wants to become a well-known writer. His life has been all about fighting the prejudice he suffered for being half-breed, and Anael has been helping him ever since. He is also known as Electro Archer.

Melchior is a joker, cheerful and extremely intelligent 15-year-old Salvadorian boy whose dream is to become an astronomer, for he loves Physics. He met Anael and Thalas during Tikal's event, and became a Knight as well; Thalas did not get along with him at first, but they become quite friends as the days came by. He is also known as Elemental Alchemist.

Kimi is a discrete, aloof severe 16-year-old Finnish boy whose dream is yet to be figured, for he does not know for sure what he wants for his life. He met Melchior when he was a child, and the events made them meet once again, and Kimi became a Knight them. He is also known as Ice Guardian, and is the most thoughtful Knight.

Kaiser is Kimi's twin brother; a moony, naive, cheerful 16-year-old Finnish boy who wants to live of journalism. He became a Knight after a certain person released him from his eternal curse. He is also known as DarkStalker.

Maya is a shy, loyal sensitive 15-year-old Honduran girl. She was once enemy of the Knights; thanks to Thalas, she became the first female Knight of the group. Her dream is to become a teacher. She is also known as Black Witch.

Altagracia is a sweet, reckless, smart 9-year-old girl whose dream is to become an artist. She became a Knight thanks to the Finn twins Kimi and Kaiser, disobeying Anael's (her older brother) orders to stay out of the Knights' lives. As the youngest Knight, she kind of struggles to show her role in the group. She is also known as Lotus Flower.

Now, you know the basics about the Knights. The newcomers are ready to follow their adventures. The experienced ones have just to wait and keep sharing the story. Once more, thank you all for your efforts. I really, really appreciate.

Sakura Hayes


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