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-Rest In Halloweed Ground-

Kimi arrived at his new property, which he bought with money casted by him and Kaiser; in a matter of days, they build a two-floor house containing a living room, a kitchen, a study room, two bedrooms (one for Kimi and other for Kaiser), two bathrooms and some guest rooms as well. Close to their school and to Anael's place, they chose the best place ever in Guatemala City.

Ice Guardian opened the front door of the house, announcing his arrival. Noticing that his brother didn't come to see him, he went upstairs slightly worried. He could hear music coming from Kaiser's room. His CD player was playing E Nomine's "Das Tier in Mir". His brother was lying in his bed with his legs bent, holding his pillow into his chest. The object hid part of Kaiser's face, letting only his right eyes in plain sight for Kimi.

"May I come in?" Kimi timidly asked.

Kaiser slowly nodded affirmatively and Kimi went on the room, sitting in Kaiser's chair.

"He saved my life..." Kaiser whispered "He sacrificed his own life in behalf of mine... He lied, he did all those awful things, but..."

"...He loved you still." Kimi completed Kaiser's sentence, causing his brother to sit in the bed, looking at his brother with sadness.

"He kissed me and said that he loved me...Is that normal?" Kaiser asked and Kimi sighed almost immediately.

"Ei" Kimi answered saying 'no' in Finnish "And I'll explain why." He grabbed some pens of different colors. At first he joined one  blue and one red "See those pens? Imagine they are a couple. The blue is the man and the red is the woman. So far so good?"

Kaiser nodded affirmatively.

"Okay, these are Heterossexuals; standard couples. Here, everything explained in Biology classes happens. For they bring up their own children by natural ways and for being the greatest sexual majority, for they are attracted to their opposite sex, they are automatically accepted and encouraged." Then, he replaced the red pen for another blue one "Now, imagine that these ones are you and Lancelot. You guys are male homosexuals; your designations means that you feel sexually attracted to your own gender, which is male. Some people see you as creatures corrupted by vanity and perversion. In some countries, being a homosexual can cost your life."

"Why?" Kaiser asked.

"To be honest, these are only biological matters covered by religious accusations" Kimi replied "People believe that this kind of relationship is wasteful, bringing only lust and defying the society moral and religious beliefs, which I find hipocrit in my humble opinion."

"Kimi..." Kaiser had tears in his eyes "This is all confusing for me... I thought it was normal and now I'm finding myself different from the rest of society..." He sighed.

"Unfortunately, my brother... You live in a world which is not that accepting, though some countries already respect and accept you. There are mean people out there, Kai. Peolple that regardless of the human being you are, they'll always judge your sexual preferences and treat you as incarnated evil." Kimi replied.

Then, the room witnessed a moment of silence. Kaiser hugged the pillow stronger and some tears came out of his eyes.

"Will you accept me?"

"I beg your pardon?" Kimi asked with curiosity.

"I mean, are you comfortable with the fact you have a homosexual brother? Please, I need somebody to say that it's OK to be the way I am... I need your support, brother."

Kimi then gently took the pillow away from Kaiser and wiped his tears out of his brother's face.

"Why do you think I gave you all these pieces of information?" Kimi asked "I did because I want you to be comfortable with your own nature, Kai. Regardless of your sexual preferences, you are my family and I love you. And I always will."

"Have I said you are the best brother I could ever have?" Kaiser said crying and hugging Kimi.

"Well, it's hard, but I always try." Kimi replied.


Back to Anael's place, Melchior and Anael were sleeping on Anael's room. Elite Dragon was sleeping on his hammock and Melchior took a mat for him. Both of them had sad countenances.

Once more, Anael was dreaming; this time, he was at Tikal's ruins, near the Temple. Some trees were dying and the grass seemed brownish. Elite Dragon felt sorry for the environment and tried to use his Heart of Guatemala to cure them, but his efforts were useless.

"Who could have done this to you?"

Then, he heard  a thunder; he looked up to the sky and saw the three Unholy Pieces: Tristan's Scythe, Lorcan's Blade and Lancelot's Gloves. Then, a strange symbol appeared behind them; a circle containing 5 stars and other geometrical symbols. The light became more intense and forced Anael to cover his eyes with his arms. Then, when the light went out, and a sceptre appeared where the three pieces originally were.

It had a skeletal grip, made out of two slightly pinkish bones attached to each other. In the first Bone's ending had a dark pink ring which had four feathers - grey, red, blue and green - attached to it. In the same ring, a skeleton with a green feathered headdress could be found attached to it. In the second bone's ending lied a pinkish blade, which seemed very sharp and poisonous.

A strange shadow appeared right behind the sceptre. It had a feminine shape.

"It is time for me to get what is rightfully mine, Moon'Seeker, and neither you or your friends will be able to stop me!"

"Dios Mio!"

Anael woke up breathless and sweaty. What was that dream all about? Would it be a new enemy coming out of the shadows?

End of Season Four


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