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-Dragon Vs. Dragon: Round 2-

Anael looked at his foe with anger in his eyes. With the Heart of Guatemala still active, he conjured the Quetzal Spirit Sword, causing Tristán to smile at him in a mocking way.

"Oh, I see you've got a new sword for yourself..." He said "Do you really think that only a new blade will be enough to beat me?"

"Let's see" Anael replied.

Elite Dragon than made the first move, running towards Tristan and trying to hit his body with his blade. The Templar used his scythe to defend himself from Anael's assault. Anael then electrified his sword and increased the speed of his movements, causing Tristan to retreat.

"What's happening?!" Anael hissed at his foe "Are you afraid?"

"Afraid of what? You?" Illumina Dragon growled "Never!"

The Templar Dragon conjured light beams which struck Anael pretty hard. Then, Illumina Dragon flew upwards, looking at Elite Dragon with a wicked smile.

"Let's give the Guatemalans a sight they'll never forget!" He shouted "The sky is the only limit, Anael Moon'Seeker! Prove to me you are worthy of a fight!"

"As you wish..." Anael hissed when gaining impulse to fly upwards. His sword was charged and he tried to pierce Tristan, who evaded the blade.

The two dragons started to soar and fight in a wicked, bloody dance, witnessed by few Guatemala City inhabitants, who were returning to their homes when they spotted the light dots in the dark sky. Some ran scaried, but other either stayed to watch the phenomenon or called the authorities. One little child pointed at the lightining with  an impressed countenance:

"It's Dragón de Elite over there! He is going to save us all!"


Back to Melchior's house, the Salvadorian Knight looked at the sky with a surprised countenance.

"What the hell?" He said.

Then, he ehard someone knocking on his door; it was his mother Lucia.

"Madre?" He asked "Que estás haciendo aquí?"

"I honestly don't care about what you've been up to and with whom you hang up" She was very upset "I did everything I could for you to stay out of trouble, and all you did was to lie and refuse my help!"

Melchior looked at her with anger.

"Don't look at me like this, young man!" She screamed "You know why I am lecturing you!"

"I am sick of being treated this way!" Melchior shouted "I am sick to be treated like a circus animal, casting spells and doing magic numbers only for you to get money! Look around, mother! I am the only one who works here!"

His mother slapped his face right after Melchior finished speaking. He slowly turned his face back and put his  right hand in his left cheek, where he was hit. His eyes were soggy and some tears were attempting to roll through his face.

"Don't you ever repeat this again." His mother said "All of us work hard, Melchior. Just because you can do some tricks, that does not mean you are special... You are grounded, mister. No fooling around this time, do you understand?"

Melchior nodded affirmatively as his mother closed the door. He took a deep breath and prevented the tears to come out. His countenance showed pure anger. He then looked at the window, seeing the light rays in the sky, rapidly figuring out what was happening.

"If you think I'm going to obey you, Lucia..." He whispered "You are deeply wrong." He approached the window "I hope you are not expecting me to eat dinner... Elemental Alchemist has other plans for this night!"

He closed his eyes and put his hand in his chest, causing his Shaman marking - a bat with a quetzal near it - to glow and transform him into Elemental Alchemist. Then, he jumped off the window and casted a flying carpet.


Elite Dragon hit one rooftop really hard, causing its floor to crack; Tristan was laughing madly as he conjured light stakes to kill Anael. Elite Dragon used his sword to create an electrical forcefield, protecting him from the projectiles. He stood up and ran towards his foe, fighting him with his sword.

Their armors had some crackings in it; Trstan already showed some wounds in his body, and so did Anael, whose abdomen had a shallow cut which was bleeding. He tried to strike faster, reaching Tristan's wings; he then cut them between two of the bones which held the membrane wing, causing a lot of pain and bleeding to Illumina Dragon. Instead of retreating, however, the Templar Dragon used his tail against Anael, cutting Elite Dragon's tights and inflicting a wound in his chest.

Both stopped attacking due to their bleeding. They were puffying a lot.

"Tired already?!" Anael asked with a mischievous smile.

"Nope!" Tristan growled "But you don't seem so alright!"

Anael then felt pain in his chest; he put his left hand on his chest, right in his heart area; he was feeling as if he was having a heart attack.

"Something wrong with your heart?" Tristan mocked "As far as I can see, this battle already has a winner! All I need to do..." He grabbed his scythe and prepared to rip Anael's head off "...Is to finish you!"

Anael felt even more breathless and spit some blood on the floor. Tristan was approaching slowly and constantly. Then, Elite Dragon closed his left hadn, which was still on his chest, and started to intone.

"Kukulkan...You've trusted me the Heart of Guatemala... Allow me to use the Quetzal Spirit's power at full throttle... By your image, the Plumed Cobra... Give me your Blessings! Corazón de Guatemala!"

A turquoise Quetzal Spirit involved Anael, healing his wounds and preventing his heart attack; Tristan looked at the phenomenon with curiosity and fear; Elite Dragon was completely healed and he was standing up with a mocking smile and an overcharged sword, ready to kill him.

"No..." Anael replied "I am going to finish you!"

He ran towards Tristan and unarmed the Templar, throwing his scythe away; then, he attempted to cut him, but Tristan kept evading and trying to scratch Anael with his claws. Then, Elite Dragon used his sword to shoot a lightning beam, which struck Illumina Dragon really hard and dazzled him, giving Anael the opportunity to pierce his stomach, causing Tristan to spit blood and expire painfully.

"This is for all people you've hurt..." Anael hissed "This is for Lancelot, for my friends, for my sister and... For Consuelo..."

"How?!" Tristan gurgled as blood filled his body "How could you overcome me?"

"I have something you don't own and even deserve: strength of will and love." Anael replied removing his sword from Tristan's body, causing the Templar to fall on his knees "All your life you used other people's feelings and weakneses to fulfill your desires, and yours only. I pity you."

"Someday..." Tristan said with blood in his throat, speaking with difficulty "Someday, Moon'Seeker...You'll understand me...You'll see that the world does not treat Dragon descendants very well..."

"What do you mean with that?" Anael was surprised "Dragon descendants?"

"You don't really think that your dragon-like treats are mere illusions, do you?" Tristan spitted more blood and his body was starting to become paler "We are dragons de facto, Moon'Seeker, and you are not very different from me. Someday, you'll understand me. When this day arrives...You better hope to still have friends to count on..."

The Templar didn't resist much longer to answer Anael: he bent his body and his face fell in the floor; he died. His blood was spreading throught the floor. Anael looked at him with a lifeless, reptilian gaze. Then, his Elite Dragon outfit disappeared, the Heart of Guatemala reappeared in his neck and he fell on his knees, very weak. He used his sword to prevent fainting. Then, he heard someone calling for him.

"Anael?! Anael!" It was Melchior who was screaming. The Salvadorian was running into his direction "What happened?! Is that...?!"

Anael was about to faint and fell on the floor, but Melchior held him in his arms.

"Tristán Cárdenas..." Anael replied with a weak tone of voice, puffying "He was Illumina Dragon all this time." Anael closed his eyes "It's over, Melchior. We made it..." Elite Dragon then fainted in Melchior's arms.

The Salvadorian verified if Anael wasn't having a heart attack; he sighed relieved when figured out that it was only a mere faint. Elemental Alchemist then snapped his fingers near his right ear, conjuring his Golden Communicator. He then typed Drive Four in order to talk to Ice Guardian.

"Kimi?" Melchior said "It's over, man! Anael has just killed that bastard Illumina Dragon! Also, I think that Pythius Dragon is gone, for he hasn't appeared all day long!"

"That's great news!" Kimi replied "We have just arrived in the city. Starfire Dragon was also beaten...However, we didn't murdered him."

"Then who did?" Melchior asked.

"Illumina Dragon." Kimi replied disgusted "The bastard killed his own teammate. This guy had no honor. May his soul be restless in the dephts of Hell. And how's Anael?"

"He is unconscious." Melchior replied "He fainted after killing Tristán. I'll take him to his home, and maybe stay for a while. Turns out that I may have been kicked out of my place... Well, it happens. See you guys later on Anael's. Try to warn Thalas; I haven't been able to speak with him on the past couple of hours."

Melchior then hung up the communicator. With Anael in his arms, he tried to find the Proscript Scythe, which  belonged to Tristán; however, it disappeared from the rooftop. Elemental Alchemist then conjured a flying carpet and took Anael out of there with him.

To Be Continued...


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