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Meanwhile, in the scariest part of Xibalba, Lorcan was being fought by someone he would never imagine to be so strong: Maya Altahuela at her full throttle, adopting the name of Chalchiuhtlicue, also known as the Mayan Voodoo Mistress.

She started using Pythius Dragon's power against him, by manipulating the Nightmare Webs, which chased him down and trapped him. Immediately, she threw corrupted stakes at him, piercing his wings and cutting his flesh, causing Lorcan to growl and scream in agony.

"Release me!" He growled "You will regret every single action of yours!"

"Oh, no... No, I'm not..." Maya repeatedly snapped her tongue against her palate before speaking "You are the one who will regret... You will regret the sorry day you've been born... You'll also regret taking Electro Archer away and trying to tear us apart..." She conjured a corrupted violet shard, which she was going to use as a javelin "Now, I am going to fix the mistake God commited when he allowed you to be born!"

She was about to pierce Lorcan's heart when the Templar managed to get free from the webs and jump on her, causing Chachiuhtlicue to fall on the ground. They started to punch their faces as either one of them put the other on the ground. The Voodoo Mistress then used her knees to hit Lorcan's belly and throw him away from her. Blood was all over her face due to a broken nose and a bitten tongue. She cleaned the blood and conjured another shard which she stuck on the ground, causing a trench to open and release six demonic skeletons.

Lorcan used his blade to attack them, but they seemed to recover immediately after Lorcan took one down. They started to scratch, pierce and cut Lorcan, who was bleeding a lot and screaming more than ever. Meanwhile, Chalchiutlicue conjured a doll version o Pythius Dragon. When she did that, the skeletons held Lorcan's legs and arms, becoming a hard rock from which the Templar couldn't get away.

"Let me out!" He shouted "Let me out, bitch! Fight me with your bare hands if you can!"

Again, Maya snapped her tongue against her palate.

"Oh, such a fool..." She said in a wicked, yet calm tone of voice "Let's see how you deal with the experience of dying without being able to prevent it..."

She scratched the black needle from the doll's chest bone to its belly button, creating a huge, deep wound in Lorcan, who bled even more and felt the greatest pain of his entire life.

"Stop this..." He shouted, becoming paler and paler; he was loosing to much blood.

"Tell me..." The Voodoo Mistress approached the bleeding Dragon "Where the hell did you take Thalas?"

"Xibalba's...Prison..." He whispered breathless "If you use...a Nightmare...Necklace...You...You...Can conjure...A vortex...To reach it...Please... Let me out..."

"You don't learn, do you?" She said with disdain and a wicked smile on her face "It's funny to see you begging for your life after taking mine as if you were the most powerful being in the Universe...Look at you. You are pathetic." Then, she took his Haunted Blade from his belt and the bloody Nightmare Necklace from his neck "I'm going to keep these as rewards; actually, I need this to obtain what's rightfully mine." She started to step away from the dying Dragon, who was on the edge of his existance "I wish you a merry trip to Hell, Lorcan Odense."

She laughed maleficently as she walked away; then, she stopped few steps away from Lorcan, conjured a violet shard and used it as a javelin, throwing it agains Lorcan's heart, hitting the mark.

"Bullseye!" She screamed, laughing madly; she then spinned on her heels and went away with a wicked smile in her face.

She conjured a vortex and entered in it, finding Thalas trapped in Nightmare Webs, with his arms and legs tied in it.

"Don't worry..." She whispered "I am going to release you..."

The Voodoo Mistress conjured a small violet shard which she used as knife, cutting the webs which tied the French Guatemalan's legs. Then, she approached the unconscious Thalas and gently kissed his lips. Then, she stepped away and cut the webs which were holding his wrists, causing Electro Archer to fall in Chalchiuhtlicue's arms, who conjured another vortex to return to Guatemala City...


Kimi, Altagracia, Kaiser and Mr. Zelaya were still in the woods of Tikal; they were pretty shaken and shocked about Lancelot's death. Now they realized how dangerous Tristan were, for he'd mercilessly eliminate anyone only to fulfill his wishes. Kaiser was still holding Lancelot in his arms and Kimi tried to comfort his brother by embracing his shoulders. Altagracia was holding Mr. Zelaya's waist and crying a lot.

"I am sorry for not bringing you guys earlier..." Mr. Zelaya mourned "This was my fault..."

"No..." Kaiser said in a serene tone, cherishing Lancelot's pale face "It was not your fault... See, you guys prevented him from dying much earlier... If you hadn't made your way here with my brother... I don't know what would have happened."

"Can't I cure him?" Altagracia asked with tears in her eyes.

"I don't think so, Gracia." Kaiser answered with a sad smile "His life was taken. Though you can restore his body, his soul already went elsewhere... He is resting somewhere peacefully, I guess..."

"I don't want to sound heartless, but we have to do something with his body..." Mr. Zelaya said.

"You are right..." Kaiser replied with sorrow. Then, he looked at his brother "Could you conjure an ice skiff for Lancelot?"

"Of course." Kimi replied.

Ice Guardian first conjured a woolen rug in which he put Lancelot. Then, he blew over the Canadian, freezing his body. He took about five minutes to create a huge block of eternal ice containing dead Starfire Dragon.

"Lancelot O'Higgins was someone admirable and important in Canada" Mr. Zelaya pointed out "We'll need to report about his death..."

"Better not..." Kimi replied "If we do so, they'll investigate, and they might get suspicious at us. I don't like lying, but this is one truth that's better to be hidden... Altagracia, please?"

The Guatemalan young girl created a light ball in her head and threw it to the sky, causing its smaller rays to hit the ground and summoning trees nearby, hiding Lancelot's grave. Mr. Zelaya then asked the Knights to get into his car; Altagracia and Kimi went first, but Kaiser took a bit longer.

"Rest in peace, my love..." He whispered "I promise I'll visit you as much as I can. The ice which covers you is going to preserve your youth... It will preserve the memories we had together. We spend short time together, but it was the best time of my life..."

"Kaiser, let's go!" Kimi shouted from Mr. Zelaya's car.

"I'm coming!" Kaiser replied, running towards the car. He jumped on the backseat and Mr. Zelaya hit the gas.


Meanwhile, in Guatemala City, Anael Moon'Seeker was feeling the greatest sadness of his life. His eyes closed and tears came out of them; he was using a large tree in the city's sidewalk to support his body and prevent falling on the ground.

"Why?" He thought "Why she did this to me? Why didn't she understand that I did what I did only to keep her safe?"

His eyes partially opened as the sun went away; the sunset was finishing and the night was only beginning. He  snapped his fingers and conjured the Jade Communicator; then, he typed the Seven Drive in order to talk to his sister.

"Hola, this is Lotus Flower"

"Hola, mi rayo de Sol..." He said in a sad tone "Where are you?"

"We are returning to Guatemala City, hermano mayor..." She answered "See, something very sad happened... Kai discovered that his friend Lance was Starfire Dragon! Moreover, Illumina Dragon appeared as well..."

"Oh,Really?..." Anael asked in a hissing tone "Tell me more...Where were you?"

"At Tikal's woods..." Altagracia answered "Actually, we are almost in the city..."

Anael then realized a shadow behind him. He turned the communicator off and stood up in a proud pose without looking back.He looked at the ground, and the shadow had some of Tristán's treats. There were no doubts in Anael's mind.

"So, you didn't have courage to tell your sister who I am?"

"Tristán..." Anael hissed when looking at his foe "You came here to fight or to flee?"

"I'll give you one last chance to prove you worth fighting..." The Templar answered showing his Nightmare Necklace and using it to transform into Illumina Dragon.

"Very well" Anael replied showing him the Heart of Guatemala "Corazón de Guatemala!"

The two Dragons stared at each other eager for a fight. The second round of the greatest reptilian battle was about to begin...

To Be Continued...


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