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-Living Hell-

Kimi was desperate; Kaiser was not answering his phone calls. He was not seen by anyone since the classes were over. Moreover, the principal said he hasn’t seen Kaiser anywhere, for any security guard spotted him. Ice Guardian had no idea of where his old brother could be.

He was running to the center of Guatemala City with despair in his eyes.

“Kaiser!” He shouted “Where are you?! Kai!!!”


Unfortunately, Kaiser was too far away from his brother. He was still asleep; he had been moved from Guatemala City to Tikal’s woods, laid down on a mahogany’s shadow. Then, he started to regain consciousness; his eyes opened and took DarkStalker a while to realize where he was.

“What the hell is this?” he asked himself while taking a look around “Ouch…My head…It is aching a lot…” Kaiser tried to stand up, but his legs were trembling, making it harder to stay on his feet “How did I end up here?”

His sight was a bit blurry, his head was aching and he felt awkwardly weak. Also, he was feeling a strange taste in his mouth; it was feeling as if he ate something bitter and sour at the same time, which was making Kaiser a bit nauseous.

“Kimi?!” He screamed “Brother, where are you?!”

He heard a noise coming from the bushes southwest of his current location. A worried countenance was what Kaiser had in his face; would it be an animal, a friend or a foe? He couldn’t tell it for sure. However, he would have to trust on his instincts, which were telling him to approach.

“Kaiser…” It was Lancelot’s voice in the air.

“L-lance?” Kaiser asked “Is that you?!” Then, Lancelot appeared few meters behind him, which make Kaiser feel safer and less sick. “Finally, a familiar face! I am glad to see you here!” He came closer to Lancelot, who seemed to be a bit weird.

Then, strong winds blew on Kaiser causing him to hit the trees; since he couldn’t become DarkStalker, his body was severely injured. He felt as if the world was spinning, and his legs didn’t want to respond; standing up became a hard task for a confused and dazzled Kaiser.

He looked at Lancelot; his countenance showed extreme serenity, which was awkward for the situation; also, he had not been taken by the winds. Moreover, his eyes were different; they seemed to be the ones borne by puppets or dolls.

“What the hell is happening here?” Kaiser slowly hissed in an angry tone.

The Finn’s right leg had a huge wound in it, which was giving Kaiser a hard time to walk. He was feeling breathless and the pain was almost unbearable. Then, Lancelot, who was standing in the same place all that time, looked at Kaiser; his eyes were completely turquoise.

“What about playing a game, Kai?” His voice had a wicked tone “It is called Surviving…”

Kaiser looked at the Canadian with a shocked countenance. Then, to make thing even worse, Starfire Dragon appeared and started to shoot fire beams against the Knight, who had no option than running. The Finn decided to run between the large amount of trees; if he could force Starfire to walk, maybe he would have an advantage.

Putting his plan in action, he rapidly entered in the woods. Starfire, however, was no fool; instead of running towards Kaiser, he decided to burn the trees that were blocking his path.

Kaiser couldn’t run as fast as he normally could, for his injure was severe; then, in the edge of his own despair, he snapped his fingers near his ear and the Onyx Communicator appeared. Then, he held its button and started talking.

“Kimi! Kimi! For God’s sake, answer me! I’ve been caught!” He screamed through the device “Starfire Dragon is already aware of my identity! Brother, answer me!”


In the meanwhile, Kimi held his right ear, which was glowing in a red tone; his eyes widened when he realized what that phenomenon was all about: one of the Knights might have found Kaiser! He snapped his fingers near the same ear and Diamond Communicator appeared; then, he heard his brother’s voice.

“Kimi?! Kimi?! Are you there?! Please, answer!”

“Kai!” Kimi replied “Where the hell are you?!”

“Have you gotten your device now?!” Kaiser said in an angry tone “I’ve been screaming in this device for some time! I am on the Tikal woods! I have no idea of how…”

Kaiser’s communicator was suddenly shut down; the last thing Kimi heard was the sound of an explosion.

“Kaiser?! Kaiser!” Kimi shout desperate. Then, he looked around completely lost “What the hell do I do...?”

Then, he heard the noise of a car coming in his direction; he rapidly turned his head and saw Altagracia in the backseat; there was a strange man driving the car.

“Kimi, your brother is in Tikal, I’ve just heard!” the youngest Knight said “This man can help!”

“Altagracia, haven’t you brother said you’re not supposed to talk with strangers?” Kimi was too worried and desperate to think.

“I am no stranger…” Replied the man “Let me introduce myself: I am Alejandro Zelaya, Anael’s History teacher. I deal with… mystical stuff on my free time. Anael talked to me some time ago about certain events which took place in Quetzaltenango and I… did a bit of a research…”

“What kind of research?” Kimi said with distrust at that man.

“I already know who you guys are, Kimi Das Vaali…” He said serene “…Or should I call you Ice Guardian?”

Kimi’s eyes widened.

“Come with us” Said Mr. Zelaya “I know a shortcut which will lead us to Tikal’s woods. Nevertheless, you’ll have to be quick if you want to save DarkStalker…”

“Fine.” Kimi said without liking it “I can take anything to save my brother.”

He entered on the car with Altagracia, who was on her heroic outfit.

“How did you manage to get that outfit?!” Kimi asked surprised “I thought that only if Anael was present…”

“Haven’t you notice a strange marking in your skin?” Altagracia asked; then, she showed Kimi a tattoo of a lotus in her hand, which lines were turquoise and had no filling. “These marks seem to be the remains of your Shaman-Stones…My outfit I got by using mine; I wasn’t with you guys when Anael’s Stone became Heart of Guatemala…”

Kaiser was in the edge of his stamina; his leg had bled so much that the Finn was pale and weaker than before. He couldn’t stand up because of the blood loss and the pain, causing him to fall on the ground.

“I am lost…” Kaiser thought “Lost and alone once again…” His countenance became sadder and sadder, causing a weak lilac glow appear on the left side of his upper back; I had the shape of a 4-pointed star. The lilac glow became stronger and a purple Quetzal Spirit involved Kaiser, transforming him in DarkStalker. The Blue Moon Knight stood on his knees, not believing in what just happened.His face turned to its normal skin tone; also, he wasn’t feeling anemic anymore; also, the wound in his leg was healed; it seemed that the Quetzal spirit had healed Kaiser completely. Now, the Void master was ready to fight.

He then conjured his sword and stood up; Starfire Dragon was waiting for him.

“Hey, Starfire!” Kaiser shouted with a defiant smile “What about playing a game?! It is called Surviving… And I tell you that I haven’t lost it yet!”

Kaiser ran in to Starfire’s direction and attacked him with his void beams and sword slashes; Starfire conjured a fire sword in order to fight the Blue Moon Knight. Kaiser seemed to be fighting twice as stronger and faster; Starfire was becoming desperate, for he lost the control of the situation. He avoided getting his head cut by evading the black blade; in response, he threw fire at Kaiser, who rapidly conjured a vortex to neutralize it.

The sword fight continued as a rhythmic dance; none of them seemed able to overcome their abilities; every move Kaiser played, Starfire was able to defend and, when the Templar counter attacked, Kaiser also managed to avoid the wound. Then, Starfire opened his guard by evading to the wrong direction; DarkStalker then used the opportunity to unarm the Templar Dragon, taking his fire sword away. Now that he didn’t have a weapon, he became an easy target.

Kaiser caused the Templar to fall on the ground and, when he was about to react, the Blue Moon Knight stepped on his chest, making it harder for Starfire to breathe.

“You don’t seem that tough, do you?” Kaiser said, pointing his sword to Starfire’s face “Since you have endangered my friend’s life and discovered my identity, there’s nothing fairer than revealing yours!”

Kaiser used the tip of his sword to reveal Starfire’s face; his eyes widened and he stood back without believing in what he saw.

“What?!” He screamed “What kind of sorcery is this?!” He slowly stepped away from his foe.

“There is no sorcery, Kaiser…” Said Starfire “I am truly sorry for no telling you before…I hope you can forgive me someday…”

“Lancelot…” Kaiser whispered “Why?”

To Be Continued…


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