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-Dragon Vs. Dragon: Round One-

Later on that same day, Thalas hasn't exchanged a simple sentence with Maya, not even a gaze; the Honduran girl felt pretty sad about the French Guatemalan's attitude, who she hasn’t seen on the rest of the mourning.

When classes were finished, Melchior offered himself to join Maya in her way to her home. The two magicians were pretty upset about the recent events.

“Thalas is…” Maya started in an angry tone of voice “Have you seen the scandal he made about what happened?”

“I’d be have to be blind not to see it…” Melchior pointed “But tell me: are you dating that Lorcan guy?”

“No!” Protested Maya “He kissed me! Like, he was talking to me about some books and then he kissed me! It was all of a sudden, you know?”

“I have starred many scenes like that…” Melchior discretely laughed “I think Thalas overreacted; if you know you didn’t want that to happen and that kiss meant nothing to you, then he shouldn’t act like the sky was falling in his head…”

Maya laughed.

“You are right” She said “However, there was something strange in that scene. When Lorcan kissed me, it was like I was out of my body…” Melchior looked at the Honduran with curiosity in his countenance “Yes, totally strange… If I were head-centered, I’d have pushed Lorcan away…but I didn’t. Do you think that there’s an explanation to all of that?”

“To be honest with you, I have no idea.” Melchior replied disappointed at himself “Sometimes, we wish so hard to be elsewhere that…It may happen.”

“I hope you are right” She said “Thalas is a good friend, and I owe him a lot more than his friendship…I owe him my life and freedom. It would be devastating to me if I ever lose his friendship...May I ask you something?”

“Whatever you want. I am an open book” Melchior smiled at his Honduran friend.

“What do you think about love?” She asked “As you can see, I am completely ignorant at this issue…”

Melchior stopped walking and looked at her with a serious countenance. He took a deep breath and then replied:

“I am not the best person to teach you about this matter…Anael is. Well, my concept of love is something brief, fun and remarkable…” Maya looked at Melchior slightly shocked “I am a womanizer, Maya, and I am not ashamed of telling you that because life made me this way. I do not believe in such fairytale as ‘happily ever after’, ‘life-lasting love’, ‘soul mates’, etc.; for me, my one-night standings are only good memories and sensations which I’ll keep with me forever. Nothing else.”

“But…” Maya was still very surprised and shocked “Don’t you think that…Someday…You’ll find the chosen one? Like, someone who will be with you no matter what?”

Melchior took another moment of silence. A discrete, mischievous smile appeared on his face.

“As I said, Mayacita…” Melchior replied “I do not believe in such things. I do not intent, however, to convert you to my thoughts. If you believe that someday you’ll find the love of your life, then go for it. Nevertheless it would be devastating for me to see a girl as beautiful as you are in a compromise with someone.” He did a fake sad face, which made Maya laugh.

The Salvadorian magician also laughed. When he finished his sentences, they were at Maya’s. He left the girl at the doorstep. Then, he waved at her and followed his way to his place. When he was about one block away from Maya’s house, he looked at his arm, which was full of bubbles and allergies.

“Life made me this way…” He kept repeating at himself with a gloomy countenance while gazing the wounds in his arm “Life made me this way…”


At the same time the Magicians separated, the Blue Moon Knights’ Leader, Anael Moon’Seeker, was facing a bad situation. About three blocks from his house, Consuelo lived in an apartment with Tristan and his friends. Apparently, Consuelo was having a fight with her older brother about something Anael was not aware of.

Elite Dragon felt his blood boil, for he couldn’t allow Tristan treat Consuelo that way. He walked faster towards Consuelo’s, especially when he saw Tristan holding his sister’s arms with unnecessary strength.

“…And the next time you cross his path without telling me I…” Tristan screamed.

“You’ll do what?! Huh?!” Anael came out of the shadows really fast.

“Speaking of the devil…” Tristan looked at Anael with an angry and evil smile; he let Consuelo go; the girl went upstairs crying.

“Is that the way you treat your sister?!” Anael was really, really angry.

“That’s the way we treat traitors.” Tristan replied “I told you to stay away from my sis, but you haven’t listened and neither did her…”

“As if you were in charge of her life!” Anael said. “Damn!” He thought ‘Tristan does not know I am Elite Dragon and I cannot reveal my identity. What will I do?”

Tristan’s eyes changed; they became reptilian as Anael’s; then, Elite Dragon concluded something: Tristan might be one of his lately foes.

“Now, you are going to face the consequences of your actions…” Tristan revealed the Nightmare Necklace, with which he became Illumina Dragon. Anael couldn’t believe in what he saw.

“Finally you decided to come out of the shadows!” Anael hissed; he grabbed the Heart of Guatemala and used it to become Elite Dragon. Tristan widened his reptilian eyes.

“It was you all this time… Impressive! I do not like cities to fight; they are too…overcrowded. Let’s go…somewhere else!”

Tristan opened a vortex which would lead to Antigua Guatemala; Anael kicked Tristan into the teleport and entered there as well. When they arrived at the town center, they were kicking and hitting each other mercilessly; that was going to be the longest fight Anael had ever been part of…


Melchior arrived at his bedroom with sadness and anger. His mother, Lucia, had argued with him about his late excuses regarding his nightlife – mostly reserved to the Knights’ issues – and the injuries in his body; also, his older brother Carlos also fought with him, accusing Melchior of not being a good brother and son, for he only studied and played basketball most part of the day – he was not aware of Melchior’s extracurricular activities…

The Salvadorian sat on his bed and watched the sunset; his arms seemed to be burning and the ‘allergies’ went worse. His eyes were closed and thin tears came out of them.

“Life made me this way… Life made me this way…”

To Be Continued…


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