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-Black Fire-

Back to Guatemala City, Elite Dragon was screaming in pure rage; Tristan had disappeared, for the templar conjured a blinding fog and went elsewhere.The Blue Moon Knights' leader was hurt; his tights had wounds and his face was scratched and bleeding. His armor had some crackings in it, but it was not shattered; also, he  was feeling a bit breathless, specially after using his Heart of Guatemala to return to his civilian form.

After that, he went to look for Consuelo, who ran away immediately before the two Dragons started fighting. The Guatemalan boy felt worried about his friend, for he didn't want her to discover that her brother was a bad being that way. He thought he could tell her the whole truth about the Knights and Templars. While he ran and shout Consuelo's name, he kept thinking on how he would do it.

"In which floor does she live?" He thought to himself  "I hope the others are okay... I hope Consuelo is fine... God, how could Tristan do such things to her?! How could he be... a Templar Dragon all this time?!"

When Anael reached the fourth floor of the building, he heard someone crying on a doorstep. He stopped running to breathe calmer and approach slower towards the crying person. It was Consuelo, no doubt, for Anael recognized her long pigtails.

"Consuelo?" He asked, kneeling in front of her "I am sorry for witnessing all you did, for going through things you shouldn't... I am truly sorry for you discovering things that way... If there's anything I can do..."

She looked at Anael with a serious and slightly enraged countenance. Her eyes were a bit reddish due to her cries.

"Get out of my life, Moon'Seeker" She said; Anael's eyes widened and his countenance became full of sadness "You brought me more sadness and disappointments that I never thought I'd ever feel..." She wiped her tears angrily "My brother's lies don't bother me, if you want to hear...But yours...Your lies hurt me a lot! How could you?"

"Consuelo, please!" Now Anael's eyes were full of tears "I never meant to do this! I didn't want to lie to you, but I needed to! I couldn't risk your life! Before knowing your brother was one of the Templars, I thought that I could put you in jeopardy if I tell you about my identity as Elite Dragon..."

"If I were your friend, then why keep secrets from me, Cobra Capoeirist?" She said with anger and tears in her face, standing up as she pronounced the sentence "I meant nothing but a brief affair to you, didn't I?"

Anael pulled her arms and gave her a kiss.

"Of couse not, Consuelo!" He replied "I am no such guy! Trust me, I did what I thought was the best solution to the matter..."

The Guatemalan girl didn't answer; instead, she walked to her doorstep, opened the door, entered in her apartment, closed the door and locked it, leaving Anael alone in the corridor. The Guatemalan boy slowly stepped away from Consuelo's doorstep and walked down the stairs with a shocked countenance. His eyes seemed lifeless and tears were rolling over his face. When he reached the building's ground level, he closed his eyes and ran as fast as he could to his home.


Heading to the woods of Tikal, Kaiser was now looking at one person he thought was trustful: Lancelot O'Higgins, also known as Starfire Dragon, one of the Templars.

"I wanted to tell you Kai..." Lancelot said with a sad countenance "I really did. I couldn't , I am sorry for that."

DarkStalker unconjured his sword and Lancelot looked at him with curiosity.

"You have no idea of how I'm feeling right now." The Blue Moon Knight said "I am so angry that I want to mercilessly take your life away. However, as much as I desire it, one part of me doesn't, and this same part is diminishing my powers and preventing me from doing it..."

Lancelot came a bit closer to him with sadness in his eyes.

"I know I lied and I'd fix that if I could go back in time..." The Canadian started "However, I can't. Kaiser, let me at least make it up for you by telling the truth about something which is also related to that topic."

"Which is?" Kaiser crossed his arms in a sign of distrust.

Lancelot sighed before talking.

"Have you ever felt breathless and shy before someone as you talked with him or her?" He asked with a sad smile in his face "Or have you felt happy and confortable with this person, being able to share with him or her all your secrets, feeling as if there were butterflies in your stomach and the words suddenly went away as you speak?"

Kaiser looked at Lancelot with a blushing face; he released his arms and looked at the Canadian with a sad smile.

"I know the feeling" the Finn answered closing his eyes "And it happens when I'm with you..." When he opened them, the Canadian was standing in front of him, very close to his face.

"So do I, Kai" He said "I say this because... I love you, Kaiser Das Vaali."

The Templar stole DarkStalker's kiss once more; this time, however, it was consensual to both parts. Kaiser looked at Lancelot with surprise.

"So, that's how love feels like?" Kaiser asked in a childish way.

"And it won't last long!"

The two boys looked up, and there was Illumina Dragon.

"What the hell?!" Starfire screamed.

"Well, well, well... What do we have here?!" Illumina Dragon asked with fury "A traitor, no doubt! So, what happened, Lancelot?! You decided to forget about our mission?!"

"Open your eyes, Tristán!" Lancelot replied "This plan is never going to work! Mictlantecuhtli is never going to have his place in this world! We were called up for nothing!"

Illumina Dragon then conjured his scythe.

"Well, if you think this way, I definetly have you as a traitor of our cause..." He hissed "You shall die as an enemy!"

Tristan soared fast towards Lancelot, who pushed Kaiser out of Tristan's way; Starfire threw fire beams agains his former leader in order to force his withdraw. Though Tristan flew upwards, Lancelot's attacks made him even angrier, causing the Templar Dragon to use his ultimate weapon.

"May the Light Stakes bring some enlightment to your disturbed thoughts..." Tristan said when his eyes turned golden, conjuring golden stakes from the sky above them. The magical projectiles rapidly soared towards Lancelot, who was defenseless.

"No!" Kaiser screamed, conjuring vortexes which dragged the stakes.

"Oh, so your 'friend' is coming in your behalf?!" Tristain said with disdain "No matter, he'll die with you!"

The Templar conjured more stakes and throwed them against Kaiser and Lancelot, who were protected by a magic forcefield conjured by none of them, but Kimi Das Vaali, who had just arrived with Altagracia.

"Brother!" Kaiser screamed "Thanks Lord you arrived!"

Tristan continued to hi the forcefield and it started to shatter. Then, Lancelot walked a few steps towards Tristan's shadow.

"Kaiser, leave with your brother. I'll take care of this" The Canadian was determinated.

"Lance, I can't!" Kaiser said with a tear in his face "If I leave you, you may end up..."

Lancelot smiled and blinked to the Finn.

"Trust me" He said with a serene countenance "It's the only way... Besides, I need you to take these away..." He removed his gloves and threw to Kaiser, who got them "Without them, Tristan's plan will fail..."

Tristan's stakes hit the forcefield harder and harder. Moreover, their numbers were growing as large as Tristan's anger.

"Traitor!" He hissed. "Miserable, ungrateful bastard!"

Kaiser refused to leave, shaking his head in negative way. Then, Lancelot conjured a firewall, forcing DarkStalker to retreat.

"I am sorry, Kai..." The Canadian said with a sad smile in his face "Sorry for not being honest from the beginning... Sorry for leaving... I am Sorry... For saying 'goodbye' so soon."

"Lancelot, please don't!" Kaiser screamed and ran towards the flames, but Kimi held his brother, who started to cry.

The forecefield was broken and three of the stakes hit Lancelot in his heart, left lung and right kidney, causing him to die instantaneously; Tristan cut the air and opened a yellowish vortex in which he entered and got out of Tikal, leaving a dead traitor behind.

Kimi let his brother go, and Kaiser ran towards the dead body. Mr. Zelaya, who had stepped out of the fight, removed his hat and slowly came near the fight scene, following Altagracia's lead. DarkStalker held Lancelot's corpse in his arms. The dead Templar still had his smile in his face. His blood painted Kaiser's overcoat, but the Knight didn't seem to care. Instead, he gave him a kiss. The last one he would ever give Lancelot.

"Hyvästi, Lance..." He said with tears rolling down his face "Farewell, my beloved friend..."

To Be Continued...


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