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-The Three Unholy Pieces-

Kimi and Altagracia were about half an hour of Tikal’s woods. In the meantime, Altagracia was reading her grimoire; then, her eyes widened and she showed the book to Kimi.

“Read this!” She shouted “It is about the weapons the Templars carry! Take a look!”

Ice Guardian took the book and read the pages Altagracia marked. His eyes also widened, and worry showed up on his face.

“That is freaking bad!” He shouted. “We have to tell Anael!”

On the meantime, Thalas and Maya were bewildered at Xibalba. The place seemed even more hostile and dangerous than the last time they were there. Jaguars’ growls could be heard miles away; the same happened with bat’s sonar. The Mayan Underworld never seemed so creepy.

“How did we end up here?” Thalas said.

“I have absolutely no idea…” Maya replied.

Moments Earlier…

Maya was looking at the sunset with a sad countenance. She was remembering the latest events of that stressful day; being kissed by Lorcan, arguing with Thalas, listening to Melchior’s wise words… Tears came out of her eyes as she watched the Sun go.

Then, she heard some noise downstairs; she came to her balcony to look to the main entrance of her home, which was the place where the sound seemed to be coming from. When she looked, she saw Thalas talking to her aunt and adoptive mother.

“Sorry for coming that late, Ms. Altahuela…” Said the French Guatemalan “But I’d like to speak with Maya. Is she here?”

“Well, she has come back here about twenty minutes” Answered Maya’s aunt “I think she’s on her room, upstairs. Why don’t come inside and look for her?”

Merci!” Said Thalas when entering the house.

Maya lost sight of Thalas; then, she ran to her door, which was locked. Would she let Thalas in? The Honduran girl was still very upset with his accusations and arguments. She heard his steps on the stairway. Her heart was beating very fast; she slowly unlocked the door as Thalas was coming towards it. She opened on the right timing, preventing Thalas from knocking the door.

“How did you know I was coming?” He asked.

“I could see you from the balcony.” She answered “Come, have a seat.” She pointed at the armchair in which Thalas sat.

“First, I’d like to say I’m sorry…” The French Guatemalan was very embarrassed at his attitude “I had no right to talk to you that way…Je suis desoleé…”

“No problem…” Maya answered equally shy “I think that both of us didn’t know how to deal with it, huh? About Brazil… The things I said… You should forget them.” She smiled “It’s better this way.”

Thalas smiled at her. Then, he looked at Maya’s mirror; he could see the entire room with it. As the sun was going away, he realized something weird: the reflections were going away and its glass was becoming darker and darker.

“Maya, I think you should take a look at this…” Thalas said with curiosity.

“What’s that?” She asked when looking the mirror.

“That’s trouble!” Thalas said suddenly standing up “I think we should tell Anael…”

Suddenly, the darkness on the mirror took the form of two large hands, which came out of the mirror and grabbed Thalas. Then, they involved Maya’s bedroom and took the Honduran with them. Both of them screamed for help, but the magical creepy hands made their cries for help unheard. Most of the hellish trip they were kept unconscious by the hands’ smothering embrace.


Now, the two Knights were lost in Mayan hell, unable to communicate with the others, for they seemed to not be able to conjure communicators. They tried to summon their devices in vain by snapping their fingers. Since Maya’s power was not related to Shaman-Stones, she was able to transform alone. Thalas, however, wasn’t, for his Shaman-Stone was used to create Heart of Guatemala.

“Now we do what?” Thalas asked.

“Whatever you are thinking, remember that we’ve got to stick together.” Maya replied “Since I’m the only one here who got access to power, you’ll be extremely vulnerable if I go away…”

Thalas stood up and looked to his left; there was a fog and a purple light inside it.

“What’s that?” He asked, pointing at the strange event.

“I have absolutely no idea…” Replied Black Witch. “Thalas, what the hell are you doing?”

The French Guatemalan seemed to be under hypnosis, for he was walking towards the lilac glow without listening to Maya. The Honduran tried to pull his arm and stop his move, but nothing worked. Then, he said:

“Get off me! Why don’t you go look for Lorcan and leave me at once?” His eyes were becoming purple.

“What’s wrong with you?!” Maya replied angrily “Well, but then it’s fine to me! If you want to die, then die alone, because I’m not going to risk my life for someone who’s not honest with me!”

The Honduran turned her back at Thalas. At that same moment, the fog behind them took the form of an enormous jaguar and came towards them; Thalas, who seemed to have awakened from his spell, pushed Maya away from the strange creature and let himself be caught by it.

Maya tried to stop the creature, but it disappeared along with Thalas. She fell on her knees and started crying. At that moment, a shadow slowly approaches.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha…” It ironically laughed, and Maya looked at it with the tip of her eyes “So sad…You lost your boyfriend…”

Maya slowly turned her head in the shadow’s direction with anger in her eyes.

“He was a friend…” She said, slowly standing up “…The most beloved and dearest friend I’ve ever had. Now, you can bet your miserable life that I’m going to show you what awaits for your sorry soul in the depths of Hell…Pythius Dragon!”

“Come at me, darling!” He ironically answered.


Kimi, Altagracia and Mr. Zelaya arrived at Tikal’s woods and saw the road of destruction; Starfire apparently burnt down countless trees; some of them were still burning. Also, he saw a trail of blood leading to the depths of the woods. He concluded that either one of them got hurt and ran to the woods seeking protection.

“Let’s follow the trail!” Suggested Mr. Zelaya with a gun in his hand “What? I can fight as well.”

“So be it!” Kimi said. Then, he whispered to Altagracia “If the things in your grimoire are true… The Three Unholy pieces being merged to form an ancient, deadly Mayan weapon… Then we’ll have to find my brother quickly and report it to Anael as soon as we can…”

To Be Continued…


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