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-Fear of the Dark-

Maya shot multiple darkness beams, which hit Pythius hard; the Templar, however, didn't seem to be hurt by Maya's power; in fact, his body had only shallow wounds and scratches, giving Black Witch a hard time.

“Is that it?!” Provoked Lorcan “Is that the best you can do, Black Witch?!”

Maya looked at Pythius with an angry countenance, perhaps the angriest she could; she stood up, ran towards him and conjured a dark rain of energized projectiles; this time, Pythius used his haunted blade to avoid them, but some hit his legs and torso, chipping his armor.

“I am just getting started, Pythius...” Maya roared “Just getting started...”

She then snapped her fingers in front of her body in order to become a cobra; Pythius was surprised. Almost immediately, the Templar tried to hit her with his blade; because of her flexible and smaller body, Black witch was able to avoid the slashes and bit the Templar's hand, causing him to scream loud.

“You fool!” He growled “Do you think that you can poison me?! Wrong choice!” He threw Maya away by shaking his arm.

Maya hit the ground really hard, spitting some blood. She felt breathless, for she might had broken a rib or two in that fall. The Honduran witch felt an indescribable pain; she tried to hold the place in order to heal it, but her efforts were useless. Slowly she stood up and struck with black fire, causing her body to fall and bounced thrice on the ground; she spitted more blood and her arms and legs got scratched and wounded.

“Damn it...” She thought “He is too strong for me to overcome... If Thalas were here...” A tear came out of her face “Stupid Thalas, why did he do this? Why did he leave me alone here?”

She tried to stand on her knees as Pythius Dragon approached. He was walking slowly and triumphantly at her. His left hand was on his mask.

“I really thought you'd be a challenge for me. Seriously.” He said in a provoking tone “I thought that the archer was only helping you, making your life easier when battling...Now...” He slowly removed his mask “I see that it's the opposite: you help him; you are the second actor, not the main star... Frankly, I am very disappointed.”

Maya widened her eyes and a sudden rage took over the control.

“Lorcan?!” She said “Did you know all this time?!” The Templar nodded affirmatively, causing a increase on her anger “You...You bastard!”

Now Maya was clearly furious; she summoned three giant lizards in Pythius' direction, who had a hard time dealing with them. Also, the girl conjured a black matter cage, preventing the Templar from escaping. Moreover, the cage had spikes, which deeply wounded Pythius' flesh every time he got hit towards the thorns.

The lizards fulfilled their jobs nicely, for they threw Pythius against the cage countless times; his purple plate started to really shatter, revealing his skin and making him even more susceptible to wounds. Then, he looked at Maya's face; his forehead was bleeding and he had a wicked smile in his face.

“I want you to repeat your speech...” She said with anger “Say it all over again. Let's see if you are man enough to do so.”

“Ha, ha, ha...” He laughed “You have underestimated me, honey...”

He grabbed his haunted blade and took the control, slaying the lizards. He didn't win unharmed, however, for the lizards either scratched or bit him, causing his flesh to bleed more and more. Maya prepared more energy beams while he was trying to get away; she threw the magical shards at him, but she missed the target; her own attacks broke the cage, which disappeared.

Lorcan was assuming his dragon-like form; his scaled tail was already on sight; his wings grew bigger; his feet and hands showed claws and his face was covered with scales. He was stronger, faster and harder to beat. Maya was definitely about to face the hardest challenge of her life.

She conjured a magical shield, which was rapidly broken by dragon Lorcan; she had a hard time to evade from his claws, ewhich wounded her tights and her waist. The truth was that Maya was on the edge of her strength. The pain she was feeling due to the broken bones was too intense and she was barely able to fight.

Due to her weakness, she stumbled on her own feet and was about to fall on the ground. Lorcan held her left arm and pulled her next to him, causing his claw to transpass her stomach and almost reach her spine.

“Game over, honey...” He said with a hissing tone “I have to confess: you were a hell of a challenge... You ain't that bad after all. Too bad you won't be able to see your friends again...”

Her eyes were widened; her countenance showed how shocked she were. Blood was dripping from her mouth; her golden eyes were losing the glow and her face was becoming paler and paler. Lorcan released her arm and the Honduran fell on the ground slightly cracking it.

“Now...Time to get that French bastard...”


Maya's soul seemed to be falling in the darkness; her body was naked and her eyes were closed. A white fog involved her body as a rope and prevented her fall; the magical rope held the Honduran on her feet and disappeared. Slowly she opened her eyes, bewildered with her surroundings.

She was standing on top of a Mayan temple, which was in ruins; the surrounding forest had a brownish tone, as if it was dying. She looked at her hands and arms and screamed terrified: she was at her own Death Realm.

“I... I really couldn't make it...” She whispered with tears in her eyes “I did my best...”

“You still have long ways to go, Black Witch.” A majestic rough voice said nearby.

Maya looked to the left, which was the direction of the sound; there was a tall, muscular Mayan man standing there. His clothes were a huge feathered headdress with plumed wristbands and anklets; also, he was wearing a white tunic with golden and emerald details. His eyes were dark with a violet glow. His hair was very long, straight and black, tied in a ponytail. He was also wearing golden jewelry. He seemed as gentle as evil, and there was no doubt in Maya's mind regarding his identity.

Mictlantecuhtli,the God of Death!” She screamed with her eyes very widened.

Glad to see that a prayer recognizes her God...” Mictlantecuhtli said “I welcome you to your own place in Xibalba...”

I can't be dead!” Maya screamed “Please, there must be a way to get back to the world of the living! I beg you, please!” She knelt on the floor and looked to the God's face.

Why?” He asked serious “Why do you want to come to a world in which none gives you a credit for your acts of bravery?” He held Maya's hand “I have seen what you've taken those months... You are kind of the outcast of the team, stranded... Oh, my sweet Shaman... Why do you need them?”

She closed her eyes and tears came out. At first, her face showed sadness, which was increasingly being replaced by anger and hate.

You are right...” She said with a different tone of voice “They never cared about me... Not even Thalas... Not even him... He who saved my life...!”

Yes...” The God whispered “Yes! They never cared! They underestimate you for not knowing how powerful you are! And, fortunately for you, I know exactly how to show them the full extension of your powers...”

How?” She said completely amazed with Mayan deity.

Accept the help only I can provide...” Said Mictlantecuhtli “Embrace your powers at full throttle, Maya Altahuela...” He came closer, putting his hands at Maya's shoulders “Use your anger and hatred as the keys to the magic doors of necromancy and other forms of Dark Arts... If you choose to accept this very unique offer I made you, you'll be able to conjure an army of servants that even I couldn't master...”

I want the power...” Maya whispered with her eyes closed and tears on her face “I want it... To save what I give value...”

Mictlantecuhtli whispered in her right ear.

Then I grant you... All the power of the Fallen Mayan Voodoo Mistress, Chalchiuhtlicue, named after the Goddess of Running Waters!”

The deity scratched Maya's forehead, causing it to bleed; the Honduras' flag suddenly appeared in front of Black Witch; involving her and taking the Blue Moon Knight out from her Death Realm back to the world of the living...


Lorcan was only few steps away from Maya's corpse; the violet and black glow drove the Templar Dragon back to where he left his opponent; a symbol appeared right below Maya's bleeding body; a Honduras' flag appeared beneath it and covered the fallen Blue Moon Knight. Then, it started to float and the flag changed its colors: instead of 5 blue stars, one white strip between two blue ones, the stars became black and the blue strips became blood coloured. The violet and black rays torn the flag apart, revealing Maya's new appearance.

She was wearing a black long tunic with two large crevices, which showed Maya's legs and the tiny dark-gray shorts which covered part of her tights and her intimate parts, with a violet stripe in its ending, a Judas-colored top with three triangular crevices and the modified Honduras flag in its ending, located exactly on top of her heart, a wine-colored fabric on her shoulders, a long purple love with lilac details in her right arm, a pair of scarlet boots, a dark-pink, bat wing-like ribbon with three stars in each ending of it, black ink in her nails and lips and a black star in the middle of her forehead, in the exact place where the Mayan God of Death scratched her face.

She slowly went to the ground, standing on her feet with a triumphant countenance. Lorcan, on the other hand, was scared as he had never been before.

What the hell?!” He whispered not believing in his eyes.

Let me introduce myself” Maya spoke with a different tone of voice, more rough and adult, sounding like a femme fatale “I am Chalchiuhtlicue, the Mayan Voodoo Mistress and I'll be your opponent now!”

To Be Continued...


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