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Hello Everyone!

In 2012 about the same post time, I've created this spot to humbly share my original series, which has been following me for 4 years... We have met them and lived Four Seasons of pure adventure.

Anael is a sweet, innocent dreamy 14-year-old Guatemalan boy whose dream is to become a firefighter. After a strange incident on the woods of Tikal, Guatemala, he and his friends Thalas and Melchior become the Blue Moon Knights, swearing to protect Guatemala and all Latin America. He is also known as Elite Dragon.

Thalas is a rational and mysterious 13-year-old French Guatemalan who wants to become a well-known writer. His life has been all about fighting the prejudice he suffered for being half-breed, and Anael has been helping him ever since. He is also known as Electro Archer.

Melchior is a joker, cheerful and extremely intelligent 15-year-old Salvadorian boy whose dream is to become an astronomer, for he loves Physics. He met Anael and Thalas during Tikal's event, and became a Knight as well; Thalas did not get along with him at first, but they become quite friends as the days came by. He is also known as Elemental Alchemist.

Kimi is a discrete, aloof severe 16-year-old Finnish boy whose dream is yet to be figured, for he does not know for sure what he wants for his life. He met Melchior when he was a child, and the events made them meet once again, and Kimi became a Knight them. He is also known as Ice Guardian, and is the most thoughtful Knight.

Kaiser is Kimi's twin brother; a moony, naive, cheerful 16-year-old Finnish boy who wants to live of journalism. He became a Knight after a certain person released him from his eternal curse. He is also known as DarkStalker.

Maya is a shy, loyal sensitive 15-year-old Honduran girl. She was once enemy of the Knights; thanks to Thalas, she became the first female Knight of the group. Her dream is to become a teacher. She is also known as Black Witch.

Altagracia is a sweet, reckless, smart 9-year-old girl whose dream is to become an artist. She became a Knight thanks to the Finn twins Kimi and Kaiser, disobeying Anael's (her older brother) orders to stay out of the Knights' lives. As the youngest Knight, she kind of struggles to show her role in the group. She is also known as Lotus Flower.

Now, you know the basics about the Knights. The newcomers are ready to follow their adventures. The experienced ones have just to wait and keep sharing the story. Once more, thank you all for your efforts. I really, really appreciate.

Sakura Hayes

-Rest In Halloweed Ground-

Kimi arrived at his new property, which he bought with money casted by him and Kaiser; in a matter of days, they build a two-floor house containing a living room, a kitchen, a study room, two bedrooms (one for Kimi and other for Kaiser), two bathrooms and some guest rooms as well. Close to their school and to Anael's place, they chose the best place ever in Guatemala City.

Ice Guardian opened the front door of the house, announcing his arrival. Noticing that his brother didn't come to see him, he went upstairs slightly worried. He could hear music coming from Kaiser's room. His CD player was playing E Nomine's "Das Tier in Mir". His brother was lying in his bed with his legs bent, holding his pillow into his chest. The object hid part of Kaiser's face, letting only his right eyes in plain sight for Kimi.

"May I come in?" Kimi timidly asked.

Kaiser slowly nodded affirmatively and Kimi went on the room, sitting in Kaiser's chair.

"He saved my life..." Kaiser whispered "He sacrificed his own life in behalf of mine... He lied, he did all those awful things, but..."

"...He loved you still." Kimi completed Kaiser's sentence, causing his brother to sit in the bed, looking at his brother with sadness.

"He kissed me and said that he loved me...Is that normal?" Kaiser asked and Kimi sighed almost immediately.

"Ei" Kimi answered saying 'no' in Finnish "And I'll explain why." He grabbed some pens of different colors. At first he joined one  blue and one red "See those pens? Imagine they are a couple. The blue is the man and the red is the woman. So far so good?"

Kaiser nodded affirmatively.

"Okay, these are Heterossexuals; standard couples. Here, everything explained in Biology classes happens. For they bring up their own children by natural ways and for being the greatest sexual majority, for they are attracted to their opposite sex, they are automatically accepted and encouraged." Then, he replaced the red pen for another blue one "Now, imagine that these ones are you and Lancelot. You guys are male homosexuals; your designations means that you feel sexually attracted to your own gender, which is male. Some people see you as creatures corrupted by vanity and perversion. In some countries, being a homosexual can cost your life."

"Why?" Kaiser asked.

"To be honest, these are only biological matters covered by religious accusations" Kimi replied "People believe that this kind of relationship is wasteful, bringing only lust and defying the society moral and religious beliefs, which I find hipocrit in my humble opinion."

"Kimi..." Kaiser had tears in his eyes "This is all confusing for me... I thought it was normal and now I'm finding myself different from the rest of society..." He sighed.

"Unfortunately, my brother... You live in a world which is not that accepting, though some countries already respect and accept you. There are mean people out there, Kai. Peolple that regardless of the human being you are, they'll always judge your sexual preferences and treat you as incarnated evil." Kimi replied.

Then, the room witnessed a moment of silence. Kaiser hugged the pillow stronger and some tears came out of his eyes.

"Will you accept me?"

"I beg your pardon?" Kimi asked with curiosity.

"I mean, are you comfortable with the fact you have a homosexual brother? Please, I need somebody to say that it's OK to be the way I am... I need your support, brother."

Kimi then gently took the pillow away from Kaiser and wiped his tears out of his brother's face.

"Why do you think I gave you all these pieces of information?" Kimi asked "I did because I want you to be comfortable with your own nature, Kai. Regardless of your sexual preferences, you are my family and I love you. And I always will."

"Have I said you are the best brother I could ever have?" Kaiser said crying and hugging Kimi.

"Well, it's hard, but I always try." Kimi replied.


Back to Anael's place, Melchior and Anael were sleeping on Anael's room. Elite Dragon was sleeping on his hammock and Melchior took a mat for him. Both of them had sad countenances.

Once more, Anael was dreaming; this time, he was at Tikal's ruins, near the Temple. Some trees were dying and the grass seemed brownish. Elite Dragon felt sorry for the environment and tried to use his Heart of Guatemala to cure them, but his efforts were useless.

"Who could have done this to you?"

Then, he heard  a thunder; he looked up to the sky and saw the three Unholy Pieces: Tristan's Scythe, Lorcan's Blade and Lancelot's Gloves. Then, a strange symbol appeared behind them; a circle containing 5 stars and other geometrical symbols. The light became more intense and forced Anael to cover his eyes with his arms. Then, when the light went out, and a sceptre appeared where the three pieces originally were.

It had a skeletal grip, made out of two slightly pinkish bones attached to each other. In the first Bone's ending had a dark pink ring which had four feathers - grey, red, blue and green - attached to it. In the same ring, a skeleton with a green feathered headdress could be found attached to it. In the second bone's ending lied a pinkish blade, which seemed very sharp and poisonous.

A strange shadow appeared right behind the sceptre. It had a feminine shape.

"It is time for me to get what is rightfully mine, Moon'Seeker, and neither you or your friends will be able to stop me!"

"Dios Mio!"

Anael woke up breathless and sweaty. What was that dream all about? Would it be a new enemy coming out of the shadows?

End of Season Four

-Dragon Vs. Dragon: Round 2-

Anael looked at his foe with anger in his eyes. With the Heart of Guatemala still active, he conjured the Quetzal Spirit Sword, causing Tristán to smile at him in a mocking way.

"Oh, I see you've got a new sword for yourself..." He said "Do you really think that only a new blade will be enough to beat me?"

"Let's see" Anael replied.

Elite Dragon than made the first move, running towards Tristan and trying to hit his body with his blade. The Templar used his scythe to defend himself from Anael's assault. Anael then electrified his sword and increased the speed of his movements, causing Tristan to retreat.

"What's happening?!" Anael hissed at his foe "Are you afraid?"

"Afraid of what? You?" Illumina Dragon growled "Never!"

The Templar Dragon conjured light beams which struck Anael pretty hard. Then, Illumina Dragon flew upwards, looking at Elite Dragon with a wicked smile.

"Let's give the Guatemalans a sight they'll never forget!" He shouted "The sky is the only limit, Anael Moon'Seeker! Prove to me you are worthy of a fight!"

"As you wish..." Anael hissed when gaining impulse to fly upwards. His sword was charged and he tried to pierce Tristan, who evaded the blade.

The two dragons started to soar and fight in a wicked, bloody dance, witnessed by few Guatemala City inhabitants, who were returning to their homes when they spotted the light dots in the dark sky. Some ran scaried, but other either stayed to watch the phenomenon or called the authorities. One little child pointed at the lightining with  an impressed countenance:

"It's Dragón de Elite over there! He is going to save us all!"


Back to Melchior's house, the Salvadorian Knight looked at the sky with a surprised countenance.

"What the hell?" He said.

Then, he ehard someone knocking on his door; it was his mother Lucia.

"Madre?" He asked "Que estás haciendo aquí?"

"I honestly don't care about what you've been up to and with whom you hang up" She was very upset "I did everything I could for you to stay out of trouble, and all you did was to lie and refuse my help!"

Melchior looked at her with anger.

"Don't look at me like this, young man!" She screamed "You know why I am lecturing you!"

"I am sick of being treated this way!" Melchior shouted "I am sick to be treated like a circus animal, casting spells and doing magic numbers only for you to get money! Look around, mother! I am the only one who works here!"

His mother slapped his face right after Melchior finished speaking. He slowly turned his face back and put his  right hand in his left cheek, where he was hit. His eyes were soggy and some tears were attempting to roll through his face.

"Don't you ever repeat this again." His mother said "All of us work hard, Melchior. Just because you can do some tricks, that does not mean you are special... You are grounded, mister. No fooling around this time, do you understand?"

Melchior nodded affirmatively as his mother closed the door. He took a deep breath and prevented the tears to come out. His countenance showed pure anger. He then looked at the window, seeing the light rays in the sky, rapidly figuring out what was happening.

"If you think I'm going to obey you, Lucia..." He whispered "You are deeply wrong." He approached the window "I hope you are not expecting me to eat dinner... Elemental Alchemist has other plans for this night!"

He closed his eyes and put his hand in his chest, causing his Shaman marking - a bat with a quetzal near it - to glow and transform him into Elemental Alchemist. Then, he jumped off the window and casted a flying carpet.


Elite Dragon hit one rooftop really hard, causing its floor to crack; Tristan was laughing madly as he conjured light stakes to kill Anael. Elite Dragon used his sword to create an electrical forcefield, protecting him from the projectiles. He stood up and ran towards his foe, fighting him with his sword.

Their armors had some crackings in it; Trstan already showed some wounds in his body, and so did Anael, whose abdomen had a shallow cut which was bleeding. He tried to strike faster, reaching Tristan's wings; he then cut them between two of the bones which held the membrane wing, causing a lot of pain and bleeding to Illumina Dragon. Instead of retreating, however, the Templar Dragon used his tail against Anael, cutting Elite Dragon's tights and inflicting a wound in his chest.

Both stopped attacking due to their bleeding. They were puffying a lot.

"Tired already?!" Anael asked with a mischievous smile.

"Nope!" Tristan growled "But you don't seem so alright!"

Anael then felt pain in his chest; he put his left hand on his chest, right in his heart area; he was feeling as if he was having a heart attack.

"Something wrong with your heart?" Tristan mocked "As far as I can see, this battle already has a winner! All I need to do..." He grabbed his scythe and prepared to rip Anael's head off "...Is to finish you!"

Anael felt even more breathless and spit some blood on the floor. Tristan was approaching slowly and constantly. Then, Elite Dragon closed his left hadn, which was still on his chest, and started to intone.

"Kukulkan...You've trusted me the Heart of Guatemala... Allow me to use the Quetzal Spirit's power at full throttle... By your image, the Plumed Cobra... Give me your Blessings! Corazón de Guatemala!"

A turquoise Quetzal Spirit involved Anael, healing his wounds and preventing his heart attack; Tristan looked at the phenomenon with curiosity and fear; Elite Dragon was completely healed and he was standing up with a mocking smile and an overcharged sword, ready to kill him.

"No..." Anael replied "I am going to finish you!"

He ran towards Tristan and unarmed the Templar, throwing his scythe away; then, he attempted to cut him, but Tristan kept evading and trying to scratch Anael with his claws. Then, Elite Dragon used his sword to shoot a lightning beam, which struck Illumina Dragon really hard and dazzled him, giving Anael the opportunity to pierce his stomach, causing Tristan to spit blood and expire painfully.

"This is for all people you've hurt..." Anael hissed "This is for Lancelot, for my friends, for my sister and... For Consuelo..."

"How?!" Tristan gurgled as blood filled his body "How could you overcome me?"

"I have something you don't own and even deserve: strength of will and love." Anael replied removing his sword from Tristan's body, causing the Templar to fall on his knees "All your life you used other people's feelings and weakneses to fulfill your desires, and yours only. I pity you."

"Someday..." Tristan said with blood in his throat, speaking with difficulty "Someday, Moon'Seeker...You'll understand me...You'll see that the world does not treat Dragon descendants very well..."

"What do you mean with that?" Anael was surprised "Dragon descendants?"

"You don't really think that your dragon-like treats are mere illusions, do you?" Tristan spitted more blood and his body was starting to become paler "We are dragons de facto, Moon'Seeker, and you are not very different from me. Someday, you'll understand me. When this day arrives...You better hope to still have friends to count on..."

The Templar didn't resist much longer to answer Anael: he bent his body and his face fell in the floor; he died. His blood was spreading throught the floor. Anael looked at him with a lifeless, reptilian gaze. Then, his Elite Dragon outfit disappeared, the Heart of Guatemala reappeared in his neck and he fell on his knees, very weak. He used his sword to prevent fainting. Then, he heard someone calling for him.

"Anael?! Anael!" It was Melchior who was screaming. The Salvadorian was running into his direction "What happened?! Is that...?!"

Anael was about to faint and fell on the floor, but Melchior held him in his arms.

"Tristán Cárdenas..." Anael replied with a weak tone of voice, puffying "He was Illumina Dragon all this time." Anael closed his eyes "It's over, Melchior. We made it..." Elite Dragon then fainted in Melchior's arms.

The Salvadorian verified if Anael wasn't having a heart attack; he sighed relieved when figured out that it was only a mere faint. Elemental Alchemist then snapped his fingers near his right ear, conjuring his Golden Communicator. He then typed Drive Four in order to talk to Ice Guardian.

"Kimi?" Melchior said "It's over, man! Anael has just killed that bastard Illumina Dragon! Also, I think that Pythius Dragon is gone, for he hasn't appeared all day long!"

"That's great news!" Kimi replied "We have just arrived in the city. Starfire Dragon was also beaten...However, we didn't murdered him."

"Then who did?" Melchior asked.

"Illumina Dragon." Kimi replied disgusted "The bastard killed his own teammate. This guy had no honor. May his soul be restless in the dephts of Hell. And how's Anael?"

"He is unconscious." Melchior replied "He fainted after killing Tristán. I'll take him to his home, and maybe stay for a while. Turns out that I may have been kicked out of my place... Well, it happens. See you guys later on Anael's. Try to warn Thalas; I haven't been able to speak with him on the past couple of hours."

Melchior then hung up the communicator. With Anael in his arms, he tried to find the Proscript Scythe, which  belonged to Tristán; however, it disappeared from the rooftop. Elemental Alchemist then conjured a flying carpet and took Anael out of there with him.

To Be Continued...


Meanwhile, in the scariest part of Xibalba, Lorcan was being fought by someone he would never imagine to be so strong: Maya Altahuela at her full throttle, adopting the name of Chalchiuhtlicue, also known as the Mayan Voodoo Mistress.

She started using Pythius Dragon's power against him, by manipulating the Nightmare Webs, which chased him down and trapped him. Immediately, she threw corrupted stakes at him, piercing his wings and cutting his flesh, causing Lorcan to growl and scream in agony.

"Release me!" He growled "You will regret every single action of yours!"

"Oh, no... No, I'm not..." Maya repeatedly snapped her tongue against her palate before speaking "You are the one who will regret... You will regret the sorry day you've been born... You'll also regret taking Electro Archer away and trying to tear us apart..." She conjured a corrupted violet shard, which she was going to use as a javelin "Now, I am going to fix the mistake God commited when he allowed you to be born!"

She was about to pierce Lorcan's heart when the Templar managed to get free from the webs and jump on her, causing Chachiuhtlicue to fall on the ground. They started to punch their faces as either one of them put the other on the ground. The Voodoo Mistress then used her knees to hit Lorcan's belly and throw him away from her. Blood was all over her face due to a broken nose and a bitten tongue. She cleaned the blood and conjured another shard which she stuck on the ground, causing a trench to open and release six demonic skeletons.

Lorcan used his blade to attack them, but they seemed to recover immediately after Lorcan took one down. They started to scratch, pierce and cut Lorcan, who was bleeding a lot and screaming more than ever. Meanwhile, Chalchiutlicue conjured a doll version o Pythius Dragon. When she did that, the skeletons held Lorcan's legs and arms, becoming a hard rock from which the Templar couldn't get away.

"Let me out!" He shouted "Let me out, bitch! Fight me with your bare hands if you can!"

Again, Maya snapped her tongue against her palate.

"Oh, such a fool..." She said in a wicked, yet calm tone of voice "Let's see how you deal with the experience of dying without being able to prevent it..."

She scratched the black needle from the doll's chest bone to its belly button, creating a huge, deep wound in Lorcan, who bled even more and felt the greatest pain of his entire life.

"Stop this..." He shouted, becoming paler and paler; he was loosing to much blood.

"Tell me..." The Voodoo Mistress approached the bleeding Dragon "Where the hell did you take Thalas?"

"Xibalba's...Prison..." He whispered breathless "If you use...a Nightmare...Necklace...You...You...Can conjure...A vortex...To reach it...Please... Let me out..."

"You don't learn, do you?" She said with disdain and a wicked smile on her face "It's funny to see you begging for your life after taking mine as if you were the most powerful being in the Universe...Look at you. You are pathetic." Then, she took his Haunted Blade from his belt and the bloody Nightmare Necklace from his neck "I'm going to keep these as rewards; actually, I need this to obtain what's rightfully mine." She started to step away from the dying Dragon, who was on the edge of his existance "I wish you a merry trip to Hell, Lorcan Odense."

She laughed maleficently as she walked away; then, she stopped few steps away from Lorcan, conjured a violet shard and used it as a javelin, throwing it agains Lorcan's heart, hitting the mark.

"Bullseye!" She screamed, laughing madly; she then spinned on her heels and went away with a wicked smile in her face.

She conjured a vortex and entered in it, finding Thalas trapped in Nightmare Webs, with his arms and legs tied in it.

"Don't worry..." She whispered "I am going to release you..."

The Voodoo Mistress conjured a small violet shard which she used as knife, cutting the webs which tied the French Guatemalan's legs. Then, she approached the unconscious Thalas and gently kissed his lips. Then, she stepped away and cut the webs which were holding his wrists, causing Electro Archer to fall in Chalchiuhtlicue's arms, who conjured another vortex to return to Guatemala City...


Kimi, Altagracia, Kaiser and Mr. Zelaya were still in the woods of Tikal; they were pretty shaken and shocked about Lancelot's death. Now they realized how dangerous Tristan were, for he'd mercilessly eliminate anyone only to fulfill his wishes. Kaiser was still holding Lancelot in his arms and Kimi tried to comfort his brother by embracing his shoulders. Altagracia was holding Mr. Zelaya's waist and crying a lot.

"I am sorry for not bringing you guys earlier..." Mr. Zelaya mourned "This was my fault..."

"No..." Kaiser said in a serene tone, cherishing Lancelot's pale face "It was not your fault... See, you guys prevented him from dying much earlier... If you hadn't made your way here with my brother... I don't know what would have happened."

"Can't I cure him?" Altagracia asked with tears in her eyes.

"I don't think so, Gracia." Kaiser answered with a sad smile "His life was taken. Though you can restore his body, his soul already went elsewhere... He is resting somewhere peacefully, I guess..."

"I don't want to sound heartless, but we have to do something with his body..." Mr. Zelaya said.

"You are right..." Kaiser replied with sorrow. Then, he looked at his brother "Could you conjure an ice skiff for Lancelot?"

"Of course." Kimi replied.

Ice Guardian first conjured a woolen rug in which he put Lancelot. Then, he blew over the Canadian, freezing his body. He took about five minutes to create a huge block of eternal ice containing dead Starfire Dragon.

"Lancelot O'Higgins was someone admirable and important in Canada" Mr. Zelaya pointed out "We'll need to report about his death..."

"Better not..." Kimi replied "If we do so, they'll investigate, and they might get suspicious at us. I don't like lying, but this is one truth that's better to be hidden... Altagracia, please?"

The Guatemalan young girl created a light ball in her head and threw it to the sky, causing its smaller rays to hit the ground and summoning trees nearby, hiding Lancelot's grave. Mr. Zelaya then asked the Knights to get into his car; Altagracia and Kimi went first, but Kaiser took a bit longer.

"Rest in peace, my love..." He whispered "I promise I'll visit you as much as I can. The ice which covers you is going to preserve your youth... It will preserve the memories we had together. We spend short time together, but it was the best time of my life..."

"Kaiser, let's go!" Kimi shouted from Mr. Zelaya's car.

"I'm coming!" Kaiser replied, running towards the car. He jumped on the backseat and Mr. Zelaya hit the gas.


Meanwhile, in Guatemala City, Anael Moon'Seeker was feeling the greatest sadness of his life. His eyes closed and tears came out of them; he was using a large tree in the city's sidewalk to support his body and prevent falling on the ground.

"Why?" He thought "Why she did this to me? Why didn't she understand that I did what I did only to keep her safe?"

His eyes partially opened as the sun went away; the sunset was finishing and the night was only beginning. He  snapped his fingers and conjured the Jade Communicator; then, he typed the Seven Drive in order to talk to his sister.

"Hola, this is Lotus Flower"

"Hola, mi rayo de Sol..." He said in a sad tone "Where are you?"

"We are returning to Guatemala City, hermano mayor..." She answered "See, something very sad happened... Kai discovered that his friend Lance was Starfire Dragon! Moreover, Illumina Dragon appeared as well..."

"Oh,Really?..." Anael asked in a hissing tone "Tell me more...Where were you?"

"At Tikal's woods..." Altagracia answered "Actually, we are almost in the city..."

Anael then realized a shadow behind him. He turned the communicator off and stood up in a proud pose without looking back.He looked at the ground, and the shadow had some of Tristán's treats. There were no doubts in Anael's mind.

"So, you didn't have courage to tell your sister who I am?"

"Tristán..." Anael hissed when looking at his foe "You came here to fight or to flee?"

"I'll give you one last chance to prove you worth fighting..." The Templar answered showing his Nightmare Necklace and using it to transform into Illumina Dragon.

"Very well" Anael replied showing him the Heart of Guatemala "Corazón de Guatemala!"

The two Dragons stared at each other eager for a fight. The second round of the greatest reptilian battle was about to begin...

To Be Continued...

-Black Fire-

Back to Guatemala City, Elite Dragon was screaming in pure rage; Tristan had disappeared, for the templar conjured a blinding fog and went elsewhere.The Blue Moon Knights' leader was hurt; his tights had wounds and his face was scratched and bleeding. His armor had some crackings in it, but it was not shattered; also, he  was feeling a bit breathless, specially after using his Heart of Guatemala to return to his civilian form.

After that, he went to look for Consuelo, who ran away immediately before the two Dragons started fighting. The Guatemalan boy felt worried about his friend, for he didn't want her to discover that her brother was a bad being that way. He thought he could tell her the whole truth about the Knights and Templars. While he ran and shout Consuelo's name, he kept thinking on how he would do it.

"In which floor does she live?" He thought to himself  "I hope the others are okay... I hope Consuelo is fine... God, how could Tristan do such things to her?! How could he be... a Templar Dragon all this time?!"

When Anael reached the fourth floor of the building, he heard someone crying on a doorstep. He stopped running to breathe calmer and approach slower towards the crying person. It was Consuelo, no doubt, for Anael recognized her long pigtails.

"Consuelo?" He asked, kneeling in front of her "I am sorry for witnessing all you did, for going through things you shouldn't... I am truly sorry for you discovering things that way... If there's anything I can do..."

She looked at Anael with a serious and slightly enraged countenance. Her eyes were a bit reddish due to her cries.

"Get out of my life, Moon'Seeker" She said; Anael's eyes widened and his countenance became full of sadness "You brought me more sadness and disappointments that I never thought I'd ever feel..." She wiped her tears angrily "My brother's lies don't bother me, if you want to hear...But yours...Your lies hurt me a lot! How could you?"

"Consuelo, please!" Now Anael's eyes were full of tears "I never meant to do this! I didn't want to lie to you, but I needed to! I couldn't risk your life! Before knowing your brother was one of the Templars, I thought that I could put you in jeopardy if I tell you about my identity as Elite Dragon..."

"If I were your friend, then why keep secrets from me, Cobra Capoeirist?" She said with anger and tears in her face, standing up as she pronounced the sentence "I meant nothing but a brief affair to you, didn't I?"

Anael pulled her arms and gave her a kiss.

"Of couse not, Consuelo!" He replied "I am no such guy! Trust me, I did what I thought was the best solution to the matter..."

The Guatemalan girl didn't answer; instead, she walked to her doorstep, opened the door, entered in her apartment, closed the door and locked it, leaving Anael alone in the corridor. The Guatemalan boy slowly stepped away from Consuelo's doorstep and walked down the stairs with a shocked countenance. His eyes seemed lifeless and tears were rolling over his face. When he reached the building's ground level, he closed his eyes and ran as fast as he could to his home.


Heading to the woods of Tikal, Kaiser was now looking at one person he thought was trustful: Lancelot O'Higgins, also known as Starfire Dragon, one of the Templars.

"I wanted to tell you Kai..." Lancelot said with a sad countenance "I really did. I couldn't , I am sorry for that."

DarkStalker unconjured his sword and Lancelot looked at him with curiosity.

"You have no idea of how I'm feeling right now." The Blue Moon Knight said "I am so angry that I want to mercilessly take your life away. However, as much as I desire it, one part of me doesn't, and this same part is diminishing my powers and preventing me from doing it..."

Lancelot came a bit closer to him with sadness in his eyes.

"I know I lied and I'd fix that if I could go back in time..." The Canadian started "However, I can't. Kaiser, let me at least make it up for you by telling the truth about something which is also related to that topic."

"Which is?" Kaiser crossed his arms in a sign of distrust.

Lancelot sighed before talking.

"Have you ever felt breathless and shy before someone as you talked with him or her?" He asked with a sad smile in his face "Or have you felt happy and confortable with this person, being able to share with him or her all your secrets, feeling as if there were butterflies in your stomach and the words suddenly went away as you speak?"

Kaiser looked at Lancelot with a blushing face; he released his arms and looked at the Canadian with a sad smile.

"I know the feeling" the Finn answered closing his eyes "And it happens when I'm with you..." When he opened them, the Canadian was standing in front of him, very close to his face.

"So do I, Kai" He said "I say this because... I love you, Kaiser Das Vaali."

The Templar stole DarkStalker's kiss once more; this time, however, it was consensual to both parts. Kaiser looked at Lancelot with surprise.

"So, that's how love feels like?" Kaiser asked in a childish way.

"And it won't last long!"

The two boys looked up, and there was Illumina Dragon.

"What the hell?!" Starfire screamed.

"Well, well, well... What do we have here?!" Illumina Dragon asked with fury "A traitor, no doubt! So, what happened, Lancelot?! You decided to forget about our mission?!"

"Open your eyes, Tristán!" Lancelot replied "This plan is never going to work! Mictlantecuhtli is never going to have his place in this world! We were called up for nothing!"

Illumina Dragon then conjured his scythe.

"Well, if you think this way, I definetly have you as a traitor of our cause..." He hissed "You shall die as an enemy!"

Tristan soared fast towards Lancelot, who pushed Kaiser out of Tristan's way; Starfire threw fire beams agains his former leader in order to force his withdraw. Though Tristan flew upwards, Lancelot's attacks made him even angrier, causing the Templar Dragon to use his ultimate weapon.

"May the Light Stakes bring some enlightment to your disturbed thoughts..." Tristan said when his eyes turned golden, conjuring golden stakes from the sky above them. The magical projectiles rapidly soared towards Lancelot, who was defenseless.

"No!" Kaiser screamed, conjuring vortexes which dragged the stakes.

"Oh, so your 'friend' is coming in your behalf?!" Tristain said with disdain "No matter, he'll die with you!"

The Templar conjured more stakes and throwed them against Kaiser and Lancelot, who were protected by a magic forcefield conjured by none of them, but Kimi Das Vaali, who had just arrived with Altagracia.

"Brother!" Kaiser screamed "Thanks Lord you arrived!"

Tristan continued to hi the forcefield and it started to shatter. Then, Lancelot walked a few steps towards Tristan's shadow.

"Kaiser, leave with your brother. I'll take care of this" The Canadian was determinated.

"Lance, I can't!" Kaiser said with a tear in his face "If I leave you, you may end up..."

Lancelot smiled and blinked to the Finn.

"Trust me" He said with a serene countenance "It's the only way... Besides, I need you to take these away..." He removed his gloves and threw to Kaiser, who got them "Without them, Tristan's plan will fail..."

Tristan's stakes hit the forcefield harder and harder. Moreover, their numbers were growing as large as Tristan's anger.

"Traitor!" He hissed. "Miserable, ungrateful bastard!"

Kaiser refused to leave, shaking his head in negative way. Then, Lancelot conjured a firewall, forcing DarkStalker to retreat.

"I am sorry, Kai..." The Canadian said with a sad smile in his face "Sorry for not being honest from the beginning... Sorry for leaving... I am Sorry... For saying 'goodbye' so soon."

"Lancelot, please don't!" Kaiser screamed and ran towards the flames, but Kimi held his brother, who started to cry.

The forecefield was broken and three of the stakes hit Lancelot in his heart, left lung and right kidney, causing him to die instantaneously; Tristan cut the air and opened a yellowish vortex in which he entered and got out of Tikal, leaving a dead traitor behind.

Kimi let his brother go, and Kaiser ran towards the dead body. Mr. Zelaya, who had stepped out of the fight, removed his hat and slowly came near the fight scene, following Altagracia's lead. DarkStalker held Lancelot's corpse in his arms. The dead Templar still had his smile in his face. His blood painted Kaiser's overcoat, but the Knight didn't seem to care. Instead, he gave him a kiss. The last one he would ever give Lancelot.

"Hyvästi, Lance..." He said with tears rolling down his face "Farewell, my beloved friend..."

To Be Continued...

-Fear of the Dark-

Maya shot multiple darkness beams, which hit Pythius hard; the Templar, however, didn't seem to be hurt by Maya's power; in fact, his body had only shallow wounds and scratches, giving Black Witch a hard time.

“Is that it?!” Provoked Lorcan “Is that the best you can do, Black Witch?!”

Maya looked at Pythius with an angry countenance, perhaps the angriest she could; she stood up, ran towards him and conjured a dark rain of energized projectiles; this time, Pythius used his haunted blade to avoid them, but some hit his legs and torso, chipping his armor.

“I am just getting started, Pythius...” Maya roared “Just getting started...”

She then snapped her fingers in front of her body in order to become a cobra; Pythius was surprised. Almost immediately, the Templar tried to hit her with his blade; because of her flexible and smaller body, Black witch was able to avoid the slashes and bit the Templar's hand, causing him to scream loud.

“You fool!” He growled “Do you think that you can poison me?! Wrong choice!” He threw Maya away by shaking his arm.

Maya hit the ground really hard, spitting some blood. She felt breathless, for she might had broken a rib or two in that fall. The Honduran witch felt an indescribable pain; she tried to hold the place in order to heal it, but her efforts were useless. Slowly she stood up and struck with black fire, causing her body to fall and bounced thrice on the ground; she spitted more blood and her arms and legs got scratched and wounded.

“Damn it...” She thought “He is too strong for me to overcome... If Thalas were here...” A tear came out of her face “Stupid Thalas, why did he do this? Why did he leave me alone here?”

She tried to stand on her knees as Pythius Dragon approached. He was walking slowly and triumphantly at her. His left hand was on his mask.

“I really thought you'd be a challenge for me. Seriously.” He said in a provoking tone “I thought that the archer was only helping you, making your life easier when battling...Now...” He slowly removed his mask “I see that it's the opposite: you help him; you are the second actor, not the main star... Frankly, I am very disappointed.”

Maya widened her eyes and a sudden rage took over the control.

“Lorcan?!” She said “Did you know all this time?!” The Templar nodded affirmatively, causing a increase on her anger “You...You bastard!”

Now Maya was clearly furious; she summoned three giant lizards in Pythius' direction, who had a hard time dealing with them. Also, the girl conjured a black matter cage, preventing the Templar from escaping. Moreover, the cage had spikes, which deeply wounded Pythius' flesh every time he got hit towards the thorns.

The lizards fulfilled their jobs nicely, for they threw Pythius against the cage countless times; his purple plate started to really shatter, revealing his skin and making him even more susceptible to wounds. Then, he looked at Maya's face; his forehead was bleeding and he had a wicked smile in his face.

“I want you to repeat your speech...” She said with anger “Say it all over again. Let's see if you are man enough to do so.”

“Ha, ha, ha...” He laughed “You have underestimated me, honey...”

He grabbed his haunted blade and took the control, slaying the lizards. He didn't win unharmed, however, for the lizards either scratched or bit him, causing his flesh to bleed more and more. Maya prepared more energy beams while he was trying to get away; she threw the magical shards at him, but she missed the target; her own attacks broke the cage, which disappeared.

Lorcan was assuming his dragon-like form; his scaled tail was already on sight; his wings grew bigger; his feet and hands showed claws and his face was covered with scales. He was stronger, faster and harder to beat. Maya was definitely about to face the hardest challenge of her life.

She conjured a magical shield, which was rapidly broken by dragon Lorcan; she had a hard time to evade from his claws, ewhich wounded her tights and her waist. The truth was that Maya was on the edge of her strength. The pain she was feeling due to the broken bones was too intense and she was barely able to fight.

Due to her weakness, she stumbled on her own feet and was about to fall on the ground. Lorcan held her left arm and pulled her next to him, causing his claw to transpass her stomach and almost reach her spine.

“Game over, honey...” He said with a hissing tone “I have to confess: you were a hell of a challenge... You ain't that bad after all. Too bad you won't be able to see your friends again...”

Her eyes were widened; her countenance showed how shocked she were. Blood was dripping from her mouth; her golden eyes were losing the glow and her face was becoming paler and paler. Lorcan released her arm and the Honduran fell on the ground slightly cracking it.

“Now...Time to get that French bastard...”


Maya's soul seemed to be falling in the darkness; her body was naked and her eyes were closed. A white fog involved her body as a rope and prevented her fall; the magical rope held the Honduran on her feet and disappeared. Slowly she opened her eyes, bewildered with her surroundings.

She was standing on top of a Mayan temple, which was in ruins; the surrounding forest had a brownish tone, as if it was dying. She looked at her hands and arms and screamed terrified: she was at her own Death Realm.

“I... I really couldn't make it...” She whispered with tears in her eyes “I did my best...”

“You still have long ways to go, Black Witch.” A majestic rough voice said nearby.

Maya looked to the left, which was the direction of the sound; there was a tall, muscular Mayan man standing there. His clothes were a huge feathered headdress with plumed wristbands and anklets; also, he was wearing a white tunic with golden and emerald details. His eyes were dark with a violet glow. His hair was very long, straight and black, tied in a ponytail. He was also wearing golden jewelry. He seemed as gentle as evil, and there was no doubt in Maya's mind regarding his identity.

Mictlantecuhtli,the God of Death!” She screamed with her eyes very widened.

Glad to see that a prayer recognizes her God...” Mictlantecuhtli said “I welcome you to your own place in Xibalba...”

I can't be dead!” Maya screamed “Please, there must be a way to get back to the world of the living! I beg you, please!” She knelt on the floor and looked to the God's face.

Why?” He asked serious “Why do you want to come to a world in which none gives you a credit for your acts of bravery?” He held Maya's hand “I have seen what you've taken those months... You are kind of the outcast of the team, stranded... Oh, my sweet Shaman... Why do you need them?”

She closed her eyes and tears came out. At first, her face showed sadness, which was increasingly being replaced by anger and hate.

You are right...” She said with a different tone of voice “They never cared about me... Not even Thalas... Not even him... He who saved my life...!”

Yes...” The God whispered “Yes! They never cared! They underestimate you for not knowing how powerful you are! And, fortunately for you, I know exactly how to show them the full extension of your powers...”

How?” She said completely amazed with Mayan deity.

Accept the help only I can provide...” Said Mictlantecuhtli “Embrace your powers at full throttle, Maya Altahuela...” He came closer, putting his hands at Maya's shoulders “Use your anger and hatred as the keys to the magic doors of necromancy and other forms of Dark Arts... If you choose to accept this very unique offer I made you, you'll be able to conjure an army of servants that even I couldn't master...”

I want the power...” Maya whispered with her eyes closed and tears on her face “I want it... To save what I give value...”

Mictlantecuhtli whispered in her right ear.

Then I grant you... All the power of the Fallen Mayan Voodoo Mistress, Chalchiuhtlicue, named after the Goddess of Running Waters!”

The deity scratched Maya's forehead, causing it to bleed; the Honduras' flag suddenly appeared in front of Black Witch; involving her and taking the Blue Moon Knight out from her Death Realm back to the world of the living...


Lorcan was only few steps away from Maya's corpse; the violet and black glow drove the Templar Dragon back to where he left his opponent; a symbol appeared right below Maya's bleeding body; a Honduras' flag appeared beneath it and covered the fallen Blue Moon Knight. Then, it started to float and the flag changed its colors: instead of 5 blue stars, one white strip between two blue ones, the stars became black and the blue strips became blood coloured. The violet and black rays torn the flag apart, revealing Maya's new appearance.

She was wearing a black long tunic with two large crevices, which showed Maya's legs and the tiny dark-gray shorts which covered part of her tights and her intimate parts, with a violet stripe in its ending, a Judas-colored top with three triangular crevices and the modified Honduras flag in its ending, located exactly on top of her heart, a wine-colored fabric on her shoulders, a long purple love with lilac details in her right arm, a pair of scarlet boots, a dark-pink, bat wing-like ribbon with three stars in each ending of it, black ink in her nails and lips and a black star in the middle of her forehead, in the exact place where the Mayan God of Death scratched her face.

She slowly went to the ground, standing on her feet with a triumphant countenance. Lorcan, on the other hand, was scared as he had never been before.

What the hell?!” He whispered not believing in his eyes.

Let me introduce myself” Maya spoke with a different tone of voice, more rough and adult, sounding like a femme fatale “I am Chalchiuhtlicue, the Mayan Voodoo Mistress and I'll be your opponent now!”

To Be Continued...

-The Three Unholy Pieces-

Kimi and Altagracia were about half an hour of Tikal’s woods. In the meantime, Altagracia was reading her grimoire; then, her eyes widened and she showed the book to Kimi.

“Read this!” She shouted “It is about the weapons the Templars carry! Take a look!”

Ice Guardian took the book and read the pages Altagracia marked. His eyes also widened, and worry showed up on his face.

“That is freaking bad!” He shouted. “We have to tell Anael!”

On the meantime, Thalas and Maya were bewildered at Xibalba. The place seemed even more hostile and dangerous than the last time they were there. Jaguars’ growls could be heard miles away; the same happened with bat’s sonar. The Mayan Underworld never seemed so creepy.

“How did we end up here?” Thalas said.

“I have absolutely no idea…” Maya replied.

Moments Earlier…

Maya was looking at the sunset with a sad countenance. She was remembering the latest events of that stressful day; being kissed by Lorcan, arguing with Thalas, listening to Melchior’s wise words… Tears came out of her eyes as she watched the Sun go.

Then, she heard some noise downstairs; she came to her balcony to look to the main entrance of her home, which was the place where the sound seemed to be coming from. When she looked, she saw Thalas talking to her aunt and adoptive mother.

“Sorry for coming that late, Ms. Altahuela…” Said the French Guatemalan “But I’d like to speak with Maya. Is she here?”

“Well, she has come back here about twenty minutes” Answered Maya’s aunt “I think she’s on her room, upstairs. Why don’t come inside and look for her?”

Merci!” Said Thalas when entering the house.

Maya lost sight of Thalas; then, she ran to her door, which was locked. Would she let Thalas in? The Honduran girl was still very upset with his accusations and arguments. She heard his steps on the stairway. Her heart was beating very fast; she slowly unlocked the door as Thalas was coming towards it. She opened on the right timing, preventing Thalas from knocking the door.

“How did you know I was coming?” He asked.

“I could see you from the balcony.” She answered “Come, have a seat.” She pointed at the armchair in which Thalas sat.

“First, I’d like to say I’m sorry…” The French Guatemalan was very embarrassed at his attitude “I had no right to talk to you that way…Je suis desoleé…”

“No problem…” Maya answered equally shy “I think that both of us didn’t know how to deal with it, huh? About Brazil… The things I said… You should forget them.” She smiled “It’s better this way.”

Thalas smiled at her. Then, he looked at Maya’s mirror; he could see the entire room with it. As the sun was going away, he realized something weird: the reflections were going away and its glass was becoming darker and darker.

“Maya, I think you should take a look at this…” Thalas said with curiosity.

“What’s that?” She asked when looking the mirror.

“That’s trouble!” Thalas said suddenly standing up “I think we should tell Anael…”

Suddenly, the darkness on the mirror took the form of two large hands, which came out of the mirror and grabbed Thalas. Then, they involved Maya’s bedroom and took the Honduran with them. Both of them screamed for help, but the magical creepy hands made their cries for help unheard. Most of the hellish trip they were kept unconscious by the hands’ smothering embrace.


Now, the two Knights were lost in Mayan hell, unable to communicate with the others, for they seemed to not be able to conjure communicators. They tried to summon their devices in vain by snapping their fingers. Since Maya’s power was not related to Shaman-Stones, she was able to transform alone. Thalas, however, wasn’t, for his Shaman-Stone was used to create Heart of Guatemala.

“Now we do what?” Thalas asked.

“Whatever you are thinking, remember that we’ve got to stick together.” Maya replied “Since I’m the only one here who got access to power, you’ll be extremely vulnerable if I go away…”

Thalas stood up and looked to his left; there was a fog and a purple light inside it.

“What’s that?” He asked, pointing at the strange event.

“I have absolutely no idea…” Replied Black Witch. “Thalas, what the hell are you doing?”

The French Guatemalan seemed to be under hypnosis, for he was walking towards the lilac glow without listening to Maya. The Honduran tried to pull his arm and stop his move, but nothing worked. Then, he said:

“Get off me! Why don’t you go look for Lorcan and leave me at once?” His eyes were becoming purple.

“What’s wrong with you?!” Maya replied angrily “Well, but then it’s fine to me! If you want to die, then die alone, because I’m not going to risk my life for someone who’s not honest with me!”

The Honduran turned her back at Thalas. At that same moment, the fog behind them took the form of an enormous jaguar and came towards them; Thalas, who seemed to have awakened from his spell, pushed Maya away from the strange creature and let himself be caught by it.

Maya tried to stop the creature, but it disappeared along with Thalas. She fell on her knees and started crying. At that moment, a shadow slowly approaches.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha…” It ironically laughed, and Maya looked at it with the tip of her eyes “So sad…You lost your boyfriend…”

Maya slowly turned her head in the shadow’s direction with anger in her eyes.

“He was a friend…” She said, slowly standing up “…The most beloved and dearest friend I’ve ever had. Now, you can bet your miserable life that I’m going to show you what awaits for your sorry soul in the depths of Hell…Pythius Dragon!”

“Come at me, darling!” He ironically answered.


Kimi, Altagracia and Mr. Zelaya arrived at Tikal’s woods and saw the road of destruction; Starfire apparently burnt down countless trees; some of them were still burning. Also, he saw a trail of blood leading to the depths of the woods. He concluded that either one of them got hurt and ran to the woods seeking protection.

“Let’s follow the trail!” Suggested Mr. Zelaya with a gun in his hand “What? I can fight as well.”

“So be it!” Kimi said. Then, he whispered to Altagracia “If the things in your grimoire are true… The Three Unholy pieces being merged to form an ancient, deadly Mayan weapon… Then we’ll have to find my brother quickly and report it to Anael as soon as we can…”

To Be Continued…

-Living Hell-

Kimi was desperate; Kaiser was not answering his phone calls. He was not seen by anyone since the classes were over. Moreover, the principal said he hasn’t seen Kaiser anywhere, for any security guard spotted him. Ice Guardian had no idea of where his old brother could be.

He was running to the center of Guatemala City with despair in his eyes.

“Kaiser!” He shouted “Where are you?! Kai!!!”


Unfortunately, Kaiser was too far away from his brother. He was still asleep; he had been moved from Guatemala City to Tikal’s woods, laid down on a mahogany’s shadow. Then, he started to regain consciousness; his eyes opened and took DarkStalker a while to realize where he was.

“What the hell is this?” he asked himself while taking a look around “Ouch…My head…It is aching a lot…” Kaiser tried to stand up, but his legs were trembling, making it harder to stay on his feet “How did I end up here?”

His sight was a bit blurry, his head was aching and he felt awkwardly weak. Also, he was feeling a strange taste in his mouth; it was feeling as if he ate something bitter and sour at the same time, which was making Kaiser a bit nauseous.

“Kimi?!” He screamed “Brother, where are you?!”

He heard a noise coming from the bushes southwest of his current location. A worried countenance was what Kaiser had in his face; would it be an animal, a friend or a foe? He couldn’t tell it for sure. However, he would have to trust on his instincts, which were telling him to approach.

“Kaiser…” It was Lancelot’s voice in the air.

“L-lance?” Kaiser asked “Is that you?!” Then, Lancelot appeared few meters behind him, which make Kaiser feel safer and less sick. “Finally, a familiar face! I am glad to see you here!” He came closer to Lancelot, who seemed to be a bit weird.

Then, strong winds blew on Kaiser causing him to hit the trees; since he couldn’t become DarkStalker, his body was severely injured. He felt as if the world was spinning, and his legs didn’t want to respond; standing up became a hard task for a confused and dazzled Kaiser.

He looked at Lancelot; his countenance showed extreme serenity, which was awkward for the situation; also, he had not been taken by the winds. Moreover, his eyes were different; they seemed to be the ones borne by puppets or dolls.

“What the hell is happening here?” Kaiser slowly hissed in an angry tone.

The Finn’s right leg had a huge wound in it, which was giving Kaiser a hard time to walk. He was feeling breathless and the pain was almost unbearable. Then, Lancelot, who was standing in the same place all that time, looked at Kaiser; his eyes were completely turquoise.

“What about playing a game, Kai?” His voice had a wicked tone “It is called Surviving…”

Kaiser looked at the Canadian with a shocked countenance. Then, to make thing even worse, Starfire Dragon appeared and started to shoot fire beams against the Knight, who had no option than running. The Finn decided to run between the large amount of trees; if he could force Starfire to walk, maybe he would have an advantage.

Putting his plan in action, he rapidly entered in the woods. Starfire, however, was no fool; instead of running towards Kaiser, he decided to burn the trees that were blocking his path.

Kaiser couldn’t run as fast as he normally could, for his injure was severe; then, in the edge of his own despair, he snapped his fingers near his ear and the Onyx Communicator appeared. Then, he held its button and started talking.

“Kimi! Kimi! For God’s sake, answer me! I’ve been caught!” He screamed through the device “Starfire Dragon is already aware of my identity! Brother, answer me!”


In the meanwhile, Kimi held his right ear, which was glowing in a red tone; his eyes widened when he realized what that phenomenon was all about: one of the Knights might have found Kaiser! He snapped his fingers near the same ear and Diamond Communicator appeared; then, he heard his brother’s voice.

“Kimi?! Kimi?! Are you there?! Please, answer!”

“Kai!” Kimi replied “Where the hell are you?!”

“Have you gotten your device now?!” Kaiser said in an angry tone “I’ve been screaming in this device for some time! I am on the Tikal woods! I have no idea of how…”

Kaiser’s communicator was suddenly shut down; the last thing Kimi heard was the sound of an explosion.

“Kaiser?! Kaiser!” Kimi shout desperate. Then, he looked around completely lost “What the hell do I do...?”

Then, he heard the noise of a car coming in his direction; he rapidly turned his head and saw Altagracia in the backseat; there was a strange man driving the car.

“Kimi, your brother is in Tikal, I’ve just heard!” the youngest Knight said “This man can help!”

“Altagracia, haven’t you brother said you’re not supposed to talk with strangers?” Kimi was too worried and desperate to think.

“I am no stranger…” Replied the man “Let me introduce myself: I am Alejandro Zelaya, Anael’s History teacher. I deal with… mystical stuff on my free time. Anael talked to me some time ago about certain events which took place in Quetzaltenango and I… did a bit of a research…”

“What kind of research?” Kimi said with distrust at that man.

“I already know who you guys are, Kimi Das Vaali…” He said serene “…Or should I call you Ice Guardian?”

Kimi’s eyes widened.

“Come with us” Said Mr. Zelaya “I know a shortcut which will lead us to Tikal’s woods. Nevertheless, you’ll have to be quick if you want to save DarkStalker…”

“Fine.” Kimi said without liking it “I can take anything to save my brother.”

He entered on the car with Altagracia, who was on her heroic outfit.

“How did you manage to get that outfit?!” Kimi asked surprised “I thought that only if Anael was present…”

“Haven’t you notice a strange marking in your skin?” Altagracia asked; then, she showed Kimi a tattoo of a lotus in her hand, which lines were turquoise and had no filling. “These marks seem to be the remains of your Shaman-Stones…My outfit I got by using mine; I wasn’t with you guys when Anael’s Stone became Heart of Guatemala…”

Kaiser was in the edge of his stamina; his leg had bled so much that the Finn was pale and weaker than before. He couldn’t stand up because of the blood loss and the pain, causing him to fall on the ground.

“I am lost…” Kaiser thought “Lost and alone once again…” His countenance became sadder and sadder, causing a weak lilac glow appear on the left side of his upper back; I had the shape of a 4-pointed star. The lilac glow became stronger and a purple Quetzal Spirit involved Kaiser, transforming him in DarkStalker. The Blue Moon Knight stood on his knees, not believing in what just happened.His face turned to its normal skin tone; also, he wasn’t feeling anemic anymore; also, the wound in his leg was healed; it seemed that the Quetzal spirit had healed Kaiser completely. Now, the Void master was ready to fight.

He then conjured his sword and stood up; Starfire Dragon was waiting for him.

“Hey, Starfire!” Kaiser shouted with a defiant smile “What about playing a game?! It is called Surviving… And I tell you that I haven’t lost it yet!”

Kaiser ran in to Starfire’s direction and attacked him with his void beams and sword slashes; Starfire conjured a fire sword in order to fight the Blue Moon Knight. Kaiser seemed to be fighting twice as stronger and faster; Starfire was becoming desperate, for he lost the control of the situation. He avoided getting his head cut by evading the black blade; in response, he threw fire at Kaiser, who rapidly conjured a vortex to neutralize it.

The sword fight continued as a rhythmic dance; none of them seemed able to overcome their abilities; every move Kaiser played, Starfire was able to defend and, when the Templar counter attacked, Kaiser also managed to avoid the wound. Then, Starfire opened his guard by evading to the wrong direction; DarkStalker then used the opportunity to unarm the Templar Dragon, taking his fire sword away. Now that he didn’t have a weapon, he became an easy target.

Kaiser caused the Templar to fall on the ground and, when he was about to react, the Blue Moon Knight stepped on his chest, making it harder for Starfire to breathe.

“You don’t seem that tough, do you?” Kaiser said, pointing his sword to Starfire’s face “Since you have endangered my friend’s life and discovered my identity, there’s nothing fairer than revealing yours!”

Kaiser used the tip of his sword to reveal Starfire’s face; his eyes widened and he stood back without believing in what he saw.

“What?!” He screamed “What kind of sorcery is this?!” He slowly stepped away from his foe.

“There is no sorcery, Kaiser…” Said Starfire “I am truly sorry for no telling you before…I hope you can forgive me someday…”

“Lancelot…” Kaiser whispered “Why?”

To Be Continued…

-Dragon Vs. Dragon: Round One-

Later on that same day, Thalas hasn't exchanged a simple sentence with Maya, not even a gaze; the Honduran girl felt pretty sad about the French Guatemalan's attitude, who she hasn’t seen on the rest of the mourning.

When classes were finished, Melchior offered himself to join Maya in her way to her home. The two magicians were pretty upset about the recent events.

“Thalas is…” Maya started in an angry tone of voice “Have you seen the scandal he made about what happened?”

“I’d be have to be blind not to see it…” Melchior pointed “But tell me: are you dating that Lorcan guy?”

“No!” Protested Maya “He kissed me! Like, he was talking to me about some books and then he kissed me! It was all of a sudden, you know?”

“I have starred many scenes like that…” Melchior discretely laughed “I think Thalas overreacted; if you know you didn’t want that to happen and that kiss meant nothing to you, then he shouldn’t act like the sky was falling in his head…”

Maya laughed.

“You are right” She said “However, there was something strange in that scene. When Lorcan kissed me, it was like I was out of my body…” Melchior looked at the Honduran with curiosity in his countenance “Yes, totally strange… If I were head-centered, I’d have pushed Lorcan away…but I didn’t. Do you think that there’s an explanation to all of that?”

“To be honest with you, I have no idea.” Melchior replied disappointed at himself “Sometimes, we wish so hard to be elsewhere that…It may happen.”

“I hope you are right” She said “Thalas is a good friend, and I owe him a lot more than his friendship…I owe him my life and freedom. It would be devastating to me if I ever lose his friendship...May I ask you something?”

“Whatever you want. I am an open book” Melchior smiled at his Honduran friend.

“What do you think about love?” She asked “As you can see, I am completely ignorant at this issue…”

Melchior stopped walking and looked at her with a serious countenance. He took a deep breath and then replied:

“I am not the best person to teach you about this matter…Anael is. Well, my concept of love is something brief, fun and remarkable…” Maya looked at Melchior slightly shocked “I am a womanizer, Maya, and I am not ashamed of telling you that because life made me this way. I do not believe in such fairytale as ‘happily ever after’, ‘life-lasting love’, ‘soul mates’, etc.; for me, my one-night standings are only good memories and sensations which I’ll keep with me forever. Nothing else.”

“But…” Maya was still very surprised and shocked “Don’t you think that…Someday…You’ll find the chosen one? Like, someone who will be with you no matter what?”

Melchior took another moment of silence. A discrete, mischievous smile appeared on his face.

“As I said, Mayacita…” Melchior replied “I do not believe in such things. I do not intent, however, to convert you to my thoughts. If you believe that someday you’ll find the love of your life, then go for it. Nevertheless it would be devastating for me to see a girl as beautiful as you are in a compromise with someone.” He did a fake sad face, which made Maya laugh.

The Salvadorian magician also laughed. When he finished his sentences, they were at Maya’s. He left the girl at the doorstep. Then, he waved at her and followed his way to his place. When he was about one block away from Maya’s house, he looked at his arm, which was full of bubbles and allergies.

“Life made me this way…” He kept repeating at himself with a gloomy countenance while gazing the wounds in his arm “Life made me this way…”


At the same time the Magicians separated, the Blue Moon Knights’ Leader, Anael Moon’Seeker, was facing a bad situation. About three blocks from his house, Consuelo lived in an apartment with Tristan and his friends. Apparently, Consuelo was having a fight with her older brother about something Anael was not aware of.

Elite Dragon felt his blood boil, for he couldn’t allow Tristan treat Consuelo that way. He walked faster towards Consuelo’s, especially when he saw Tristan holding his sister’s arms with unnecessary strength.

“…And the next time you cross his path without telling me I…” Tristan screamed.

“You’ll do what?! Huh?!” Anael came out of the shadows really fast.

“Speaking of the devil…” Tristan looked at Anael with an angry and evil smile; he let Consuelo go; the girl went upstairs crying.

“Is that the way you treat your sister?!” Anael was really, really angry.

“That’s the way we treat traitors.” Tristan replied “I told you to stay away from my sis, but you haven’t listened and neither did her…”

“As if you were in charge of her life!” Anael said. “Damn!” He thought ‘Tristan does not know I am Elite Dragon and I cannot reveal my identity. What will I do?”

Tristan’s eyes changed; they became reptilian as Anael’s; then, Elite Dragon concluded something: Tristan might be one of his lately foes.

“Now, you are going to face the consequences of your actions…” Tristan revealed the Nightmare Necklace, with which he became Illumina Dragon. Anael couldn’t believe in what he saw.

“Finally you decided to come out of the shadows!” Anael hissed; he grabbed the Heart of Guatemala and used it to become Elite Dragon. Tristan widened his reptilian eyes.

“It was you all this time… Impressive! I do not like cities to fight; they are too…overcrowded. Let’s go…somewhere else!”

Tristan opened a vortex which would lead to Antigua Guatemala; Anael kicked Tristan into the teleport and entered there as well. When they arrived at the town center, they were kicking and hitting each other mercilessly; that was going to be the longest fight Anael had ever been part of…


Melchior arrived at his bedroom with sadness and anger. His mother, Lucia, had argued with him about his late excuses regarding his nightlife – mostly reserved to the Knights’ issues – and the injuries in his body; also, his older brother Carlos also fought with him, accusing Melchior of not being a good brother and son, for he only studied and played basketball most part of the day – he was not aware of Melchior’s extracurricular activities…

The Salvadorian sat on his bed and watched the sunset; his arms seemed to be burning and the ‘allergies’ went worse. His eyes were closed and thin tears came out of them.

“Life made me this way… Life made me this way…”

To Be Continued…

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