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To-Do List

Hello Everyone!

Well, as you can see, the Fourth Season has already reached more than half of its Chapters. While this Season is still going, I am preparing some features to you:

  1. More Languages to Download the Seasons --- Yes! I am going to translate the previous Seasons to the according Languages on the menu (just click in  Download the Seasons and check them out.)
  2. Manga Version! --- Fiinally, I will work on the Manga project. I think it will be better for you guys to see how the events occur and it may ease the story telling. It will be available in the same languages as the written version. Moreover, they'll be released after the written version of a Season takes place!
  3. Coloured Manga Version -- This will be available in English ONLY (I may change this if people request more Languages). For those who love Graphic Novels and its colouring, this version is certainly what you are looking for. This is the last version to be released, but it certainly worths the waiting.
  4. Videos --- I know, I know; I've been promising that since July. This time, however, I'll be free for months (for my college vacations go until April), so it will be easier to accomplish this task.
This is the first part of my To-Do List! I hope that I can accomplish it!

Regarding to #2, I have already started working on the previous Seasons, and I may end it before releasing a new Season on the Blog! As always, stay tuned for more news and stuff!

Happy Holidays!

Sakura Hayes


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