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-Run Silent, Run Deep-

Later on that same day, Kaiser gave Lancelot a call, chatting with him for a long time. Lancelot, or Starfire Dragon, was the first one to arrive at the Templars’ headquarters. They talked about lots of things, from favorite school subjects to favorite bands, dreams and aspirations. Lancelot told Kaiser about his whole career as a professional snowboarder and his dreams for the future. Kaiser, on the other hand, showed uncertainty regarding his future.

In that conversation, Lancelot discovered Kaiser naïveté, for he realized that, even though Kaiser had the body of a 16-year-old, his mind and emotions were closer to those of an infant; he had no idea of what were the feelings of a teenager; he had no idea of what was love and attraction, nor what was something erotic or not. Kaiser was completely innocent.

When Lancelot hung up, he felt different; he thought he could simply manipulate Kaiser on his behalf but things have changed. Instead of conquering Kaiser’s trust and feelings, Kaiser was doing that without much effort, just by being himself.

“Oh, boy…” Sighed Lancelot with a smile “What do I do to you, sweet, innocent Kaiser of mine?” Lancelot stood up and walked towards his desk; his Nightmare Necklace was there. “He manipulates Void and he is an elf…Legends have been told about his kind: depending on what they are feeling, their power may decrease or increase. I wonder which feeling makes Kaiser’s power diminish so much that he will become useless…”

Then, Lancelot heard the front door opening. His bedroom door was almost completely closed. He went closer to see who was arriving – Tristan and Lorcan.

“Oh, hello guys.” Lancelot said.

“Have you got anything to us?” Tristan asked serious.

“Well, earning Kaiser’s trust is being easier than I thought. I just came with that ‘lonely foreigner’ story to him and he bought it!”

“Has he revealed something about the Knights?” Lorcan asked.

“Well, not much. He just confirmed what we witnessed on Xibalba: Electro Archer and Elemental Alchemist simply don’t get along: they seem to hate each other. Apparently, Elite Dragon is the one who holds the entire group together.”

“So, what’s your next move?” Tristan asked.

“Unfortunately, I am afraid I won’t be able to tell you that.” Lancelot answered with a smile “The only thing I can say is that I’ll definitely take advantage of DarkStalker’s naïveté. My main goal is to find his weakness: the Elven kind is known for their relation towards their own feelings; depending on the elf, a certain feeling can boost up their power or diminish it.”

“By discovering the ‘bad’ feeling” Lorcan deduced “You can be able to manipulate his powers by forcing him to feel on a certain way. Brilliant!”

“Well, let’s start to test your hypothesis, Starfire” Tristan said “Today is the day we were waiting for: the Dragon Moon Day.”

“It has already arrived?!” Lancelot said surprised “According to your math, it was supposed to be in a week from now!”

“It seems that I’ve messed up the counts” Illumina answered “Nevertheless, it is irrelevant now; we have to head to Ancient Guatemala and unleash the undead…”

“However, we don’t have the sacrifices!” Lorcan objected. “How are we going to…?”

“The Knights, you fool!” Roared Tristan “They are going to be the sacrifice! Hurry, we have to prepare everything.”

The Templars used their necklaces to assume their dragon-like appearances and fled by the window. Together, the trio flew to Ancient Guatemala.

Ancient Guatemala was the first Spanish settlement in the Americas and the first European settlement; it was built around 1534 by Spanish Conquistadores after obtaining the control of the eastern part of what nowadays is called Guatemala.

The city used to be Guatemala’s General Captaincy’s capital in the colonial times, but it is not inhabited anymore, for its function was replaced by Guatemala City. Ancient Guatemala became a cultural and historical patrimony of UNESCO, and is visited by people from various countries all the year long. A large lotus-like fountain, an ancient Spanish church and some houses can be found in the area.

Illumina, Pythius and Starfire Dragon used their necklaces to open a vortex which would take them to Ancient Guatemala and save some time. However, they had to drag the Knights there, and they would have to do so until midnight or their plans would fail once more.

Once they arrived there, they pointed the necklaces to the buildings, unleashing its evil power over them, creating the Nightmare webs, which were going to set the terrain for their wicked ritual. Then, the leader of the Templars, Illumina, used his Nightmare necklace to cast a grimoire.

“Are you ready?” Illumina Dragon asked.

“Yes!” The other two answered in a sinister tone of voice.

“Then we will do it…” Illumina Dragon hissed opening his grimoire.

The Templar started to intone a spell; each sentence did a certain effect on the land near them: the first made the webs glow sinisterly; the second shattered the land, which started to spit fire and unholy spirits to the surface; the third casted evil giant bats, who flew out of there towards Guatemala City. The fourth generated an effect that was not related to Ancient Guatemala itself, but would certainly help the Templars to achieve their goal…


It was only seven of the evening, and Anael seemed dreamy; his elbows were on his desk and his face was on his hands. He was looking to the starry night with a moony gaze. Prior to that moment, he had talked with Consuelo, who accepted his invitation to come over his place.

“Is it really happening?” He thought “Like, does she… feel something for me?” His face became slightly reddish “Maybe she does… I hope she does!” Then, he heard a noise coming from the living room, which made his heart beat faster than before. He walked out of his room and went to the stairs. Then, he saw his mother María talking to Consuelo.

“He is upstairs” She said “You can come in and look for him.”

Gracias” Said the chubby pre-teen “I’ll…”

She looked up and saw Anael, who stood on the stairs completely paralyzed and with a blushing face. Completely embarrassed, he hid his eyes and smile at Consuelo, who laughed as embarrassed as the Guatemalan capoeirist.

“Mon, we will be back in one hour and a half” Anael said “I’ll be with my phone all times and I’ll call you if I need anything.”

“Alright” His mother answered “Please take care both of you. I’ll be waiting for a call or a message of yours. Please don’t be late.”

Anael nodded affirmatively and left the house with Consuelo. His mother watched the young couple until they left her eyesight.

“Oh, my baby is getting bigger…” She sighed and closed the door.


Anael took Consuelo to a nice café on the block ahead, which was slightly crowded. It had a nice, modern, cozy decoration which made things better and easier for Anael, who was feeling less shy than before. He took a table for both of them and asked for something for them to eat.

“I am really happy about you accepting my invitation tonight” Anael said to Consuelo with a discrete smile.

“So am I” She replied “I needed to get out of my brother’s place for a bit…”

“Your brother?” Anael asked “Tristan?”

“Unfortunately, yes…” She said slightly unhappy “He was with his friends again…They seemed to be talking about some crazy stuff…Things I don’t like. At least, the Canadian is bearable, but Lorcan is someone who lives to get at me!”

“Well, considering what I saw on the other day…” Anael agreed “I completely agree with you”

They started laughing as they talked more about all the things they disliked and liked. Then, they started to hear noise coming from outside. On the following, they saw people running for their lives.

“What’s happening?” Consuelo asked with fear.

Anael got serious and his eyes changed to the reptilian form. In order to avoid Consuelo’s gaze and reveal his identity as Elite Dragon, he kept looking at the terrified mob out there.

“Stay here” He said “I am going to take care of this…” He left some quetzals on the table and rushed to the door.

People were under the attack of giant bats, which were either sucking their blood or taking them to the sky in order to throw them on the ground and kill them. He went to the middle of the street and held as many bats as he could with his left hand and used the Corazon of Guatemala to heal them and release the chiropterans in the darkness once more.

“Damn, they are too many for me to handle…” Anael thought.

“Anael, help me!”

The Guatemalan turned his face in the direction of the sound: Consuelo was under attack. He did not think twice and jumped on the bats, separating them of the Guatemalan girl. Then, he had no choice other than protect the girl.

“Damn bats!” He said while holding Consuelo between his arms, with her face on his chest “Corazon de Guatemala!

The Quetzal spirit came out and Anael Moon’Seeker became Elite Dragon. Also, the same spirit vanquished the evil bats, healing and teleporting them elsewhere. Then, the Guatemalan hero put his hands on Consuelo’s shoulders; the girl looked at him with surprise in her eyes.

“You…You are…Elite Dragon?!” She said “You’ve hid the truth this whole time?!”

“I did not want you to get harmed because of me!” He explained “If you got injured because of me, I’d never forgive myself…”

Then, he heard the noise of a flock of bats coming in his direction. Before Consuelo could say anything else, Anael casted a spherical shield which involved Consuelo and took her out of the scene. Though he saved his crush, the bats hit him hard and took Elite Dragon with them.

The Guatemalan saw his friends being taken by the same bats, all of them already on their outfits; if the Templars wanted war, then war they were certainly going to have…


“Welcome to our party, Knights!” Illumina Dragon screamed “I know you are going to enjoy it as much as we are!”

The Templars attacked the Knights; Altagracia and Anael were fighting Illumina Dragon. Pythius was being fought by Thalas, Maya and Melchior, who was knocked unconscious; Starfire was fighting against the Finn twins Kaiser and Kimi; Ice Guardian was taken down by the Canadian dragon, who trapped him in the Nightmare Webs. Now, he had only DarkStalker to fight.

“Let’s see what are you made of…Kaiser.” Starfire thought.

Then, the Finn used his sword to cast a Void beam against his foe, who struck back with fire beams, which threw Kaiser against the sticky webs. His back, arms and legs were glued, and Starfire took advantage of that by slowly approaching Kaiser. “Since he does not know I am Lancelot…” The Dragon thought “Let’s see how he responds to my provocation…”

“Screw you!” Screamed Kaiser, who was trying to get out of the webs “Coward! Free me and fight!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t wish for that if I were you…” Replied Starfire “Especially if I am the one who holds a friend of yours as a hostage…”

“A friend?” Kaiser’s countenance became worried “You mean…Lancelot?!”

“Yes…” Starfire replied “This very Canadian. I can bring him here to prove I am right… Also, if you dare to attack me, I’ll use him as my human shield…”

“No…” Kaiser said in a sad tone, closing his eyes. Then, that feeling took over the control “Let me out, you sick bastard!”

Starfire’s eyes widened, for Kaiser’s power seemed to be growing larger. “Oh…I see…Sadness is the boosting feeling… Well, half of my plan is complete” he thought. Then, he was struck by Kaiser, who managed to get out of the webs.

“Come and fight!” Growled DarkStalker.

To Be Continued…


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