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-Toronto’s Star-

Back in Guatemala City, precisely on the most dangerous neighborhood of the entire city, in a dark apartment, a trio of young men was having a meeting. These men were none but the Templar Dragons in their civilian forms.

“Again, we have failed!” Illumina Dragon roared “Lorcan, if you had gotten rid of those two Knights on the first place, we would have succeeded!” He said to the short-haired young teenager near him.

“And if you had brainwashed correctly that Frenchman, we would have succeeded! It was your idea to bring him to Xibalba on the first place!”

“I am the Leader; I gave you orders and you didn’t follow them!”

“Hah, it is not my fault your plans are as bad as your undercover, Tristan…” Lorcan pointed with irony.

“What have you said, Pythius?!” Tristan grabbed Lorcan by his shirt, ready to hit him hard.

“You’ve heard me! It is your damn fault, Illumina! You’ve dragged the other two to Xibalba, remember?”

“Shut up!” Roared Tristan ready to hit Lorcan’s face.

“Guys, stop this!” The third Dragon said “It’s everyone’s fault, mine as well.” The two Dragons stopped to stare at him “It is more than obvious that out strategy won’t work. When we try to separate them by these means, they always find a way to stick together. They are too united to leave one behind.”

“What’s your freaking suggestion, Lancelot?” Tristan said “I see you pointing, but not having any ideas.”

“Oh, you Latins…” Lancelot discretely laughed “You are too hot-headed and immediatist. To break a group’s union takes time…And intrigue.” Tristan and Lorcan looked at each other clearly confused and Lancelot continued “Yes, my friends: manipulation. It may seem weird, but a different kind of ox in the cattle can cause a split up in it. Meaning: if I can turn one Knight against the other, I can end their union and make them weaker.”

“Then, we will be able to destroy Elite Dragon…” Tristan concluded with a sinister smile “Well figured, Lance! But how are you going to do that?”

“As far as we know, they have absolutely no idea of who we are…” Lancelot said with a mischievous smile “And this is an enormous advantage. By approaching as a civilian, I may get close enough for them to invite me to hang out. Of course they are not going to tell all truth to me, for they are no stupid. However, if at least one of them gets too comfortable with me… That will be more than enough to achieve an opportunity to strike them once and for all!”

“I liked that!” Lorcan applauded “Who are you going to pick as your prey?”

“Well, I was talking to him just these days…And we are already friends” Lancelot smiled sinisterly as he showed them one picture of DarkStalker “He is the one called ‘DarkStalker’… The only Knight able to cast vortexes and manipulate Void, which is an element close to the essence of Nightmare webs… Gentlemen, he is the one who brings the other to our domain and back to Guatemala. Without him, they will forever trapped in Xibalba!”

“Awesome.” Lorcan said “But…Who’s that girl with him? His girlfriend?”

“Nope.” Lancelot answered “She is Maya Altahuela, the Black Witch. Apparently, she is close to DarkStalker, but much closer to Electro Archer…She seems to have a crush on him.”

“A crush on Electro Archer, huh?...” Lorcan started to have sinister thoughts “I think I’ll embrace your strategy, Lance. Maya is mine to be taken, understood?”

“I’ve never wanted her in the first place!” Lancelot said with a smile “And you, Tristan?”

“I won’t” Tristan replied “There’s no chance it will work with me. See, Elite Dragon is involved with my sister and…Wait a second…I know what to do!” His countenance became grin and sinister “I am going to take advantage of this romance…”

“This is dark, even for you” Lorcan said with a sinister smile.

“So, we all agree to take this new line of action!” Tristan announced “Tomorrow is a brand-new day for the Templar Dragons!”


The Knights were back to San Marino school. Maya managed to fix Anael’s house before his mother arrived, and the Knights who were in Xibalba arrived few minutes before Anael’s mother. Elite Dragon was amazed by his new source of power, the Corazon of Guatemala. However, Thalas and Melchior were not talking to each other and the others had no idea of what to do.

When their break time arrived, they met on the courtyard over a mahogany’s shadow.

“You’ve arrived here in a very bad state” Said Maya “What the hell happened there?”

“Tell me, please!” Thalas asked “I don’t remember a single thing…”

“Wait, you don’t remember anything?” Melchior didn’t believe in Electro Archer “Like, anything at all?!”

“Well…The only thing I remember was being trapped on those weird webs, fainting and…Then…Some blurry images, as if I were trapped on my own nightmares…And a Quetzal image involving me. When I woke up, I was at my home and my uncle was screaming as hell in my ears, asking where the hell I had gone, etc.”

“Then you don’t recall…?!” Melchior was about to tell him all that has happened, but he gave up. He was feeling angrier and angrier.

“I don’t recall what, Melchior?” Thalas asked.

“Nothing, except the fact you had become a turncoat for a few moments and nearly killed me and Kimi?!” Melchior answered angrily

“Have I?!” Thalas was totally shocked. “I…I am sorry…”

“Well, being ‘sorry’ won’t change the fact you have endangered us!” Melchior was still angry at Thalas’ hatred towards him.

“What could I have done to avoid it?! I was caught by surprise; I didn’t even have the chance to fight back!”

“Oh, a discussion…” Kaiser whispered “If you guys are going to keep fighting, I’ll be out for a moment…”

“Kaiser, wait!” Anael called “Oh, boy…”

At that point, Thalas and Melchior were shouting one against the other, calling themselves ugly names. Maya and Kimi tried to separate them, hoping that the disagreement would come to an end. On another mahogany, about twenty meters of the Blue Moon Knights, the Templars were watching their disunion. Lancelot smiled as he saw Kaiser walking away. Nodding to his companions, he left the mahogany, jumping of the branch and discretely following the short-haired Finn.


“…Hellrider/ roars through the night/ Hellrider…” Kaiser was singing Judas Priest’s song called ‘Hellrider’, which was being played by his Ipod. He was so entertained by it that he haven’t even noticed Lancelot’s arrival.

“Hello, Kaiser? Kaiser!” Lancelot screamed on Kaiser’s ear, causing the Finn to rapidly lower the song and remove one of his earphones.

“Oh, sorry Lancelot!” Kaiser apologized slightly embarrassed “I haven’t heard you…Guess the song was too loud…”

“What are you listening to?” Lancelot asked.

“Oh, it’s a song called Hellrider… It was composed by Judas Priest, an awesome heavy metal band. Have you ever listened to them?”

“Well, only Breaking the Law…” Lancelot answered with a smile “Sorry for not knowing them well…”

“It’s never too late for that” Kaiser answered with a smile “Here, take this earphone and listen with me.”

“Really? Like, no problem?” Lancelot asked surprised.

“I’d be pretty upset if you refused…” Kaiser’s face got slightly reddish.

“Well, I won’t refuse” Lancelot replied “Can you put it from the beginning?”

“Absolutely” Kaiser replied. “Here you go…” Kaiser stopped the song and restarted it. Lancelot smiled mischievously, for his plan was coming nicely.

Here they come
These gods of steel
Devouring what's concealed

Speed of death
Crossfired they stare
Final breath
From vaporizing glares

Raised to man oppressed
Sign of persecution

Roars on through the night
Raised for the fight

“I’ve noticed you left your friends…” Lancelot started “Why did you do so?”

All incensed to overthrow
Strong defence
With armaments they grow
By this quest
Their fates renowned
Put to rest
Abominations crown

Time to ram it down
Judgement for the tyrant

Roars through the night
Raised for the fight

Fight undying and eternal
Wheels bring death and
Pain infernal
Honour bound in strength repleated
To no end they're undefeated

“Huh? Oh…They were arguing by something really, really silly…” Kaiser had to invent something plausible for Lancelot to believe, for he couldn’t tell him about his identity as a Blue Moon Knight.

“Can you tell me what?” Lancelot asked. ‘Of course, I want to hear how good your excuses are, my friend’ Lancelot thought.

“Well… Thalas and Melchior, the black-haired and red-haired guys, they do not get along that well… They were talking about some school issues and Melchior disagreed of Thalas’ point of view…”

“I see…” Lancelot said “That happens all the time with Tristan and Lorcan…”

Hellrider, hellrider
You fought their battle for them

Hellrider, hellrider
You bought them through their despair

Hellrider, hellrider
Your tempered steel relinquished

Hellrider, hellrider
You slaught them all extinguished

Wrath of doom
In killing fields
They consume
For valiants never yield

Triumph to the gods
Vanquished of enslavers

Breaking their will
In for the kill

Hellrider, hellrider
You fought their battle for them
Hellrider, hellrider
You brought them through it all

“I feel better knowing that someone understands me…” Kaiser said.

“Uhm, listen, Kaiser…” Lancelot’s face became reddish “Since I left Canada, I’m feeling a bit stranded…” Kaiser turned his face on Lancelot’s direction, and the Canadian kept talking “Yes, I have my friends, but it’s not the same thing. Like, they are always fighting… You are not like them…You are more similar to me, and that’s why I enjoy your company…I was thinking if we could hang out one of those days.”

“Sure!” Kaiser said “I really need some peace…Those days have been pretty tough for me, you know?”
“I understand you feelings, Kaiser…” Lancelot said.

“You can call me Kai, if you prefer” Kaiser said with a smile.

“And you can call me Lance” Lancelot smiled at Kaiser. “Could you give me your cellphone?”

“Sure” Kaiser replied, taking Lancelot’s cellphone and typing his number while Lancelot did the same on Kaiser’s phone. Then, the Canadian gave it back to the Finn.

“Call me whenever you want to go out or… at least, talk.” Lancelot gave Kaiser’s earphone back and stood up. “I know how it feels to be the outcast of the group, Kai…Well, I have to go… The bell is going to ring any time.”

“Indeed” Kaiser said “Thanks for the company.”

“Anytime” Lancelot replied “See you, Kai.”

Kaiser watched Lancelot going away until he entered on the main facility of the school. Was that the beginning of a friendship?

To Be Continued…


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