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-The Darkest Night-

Altagracia's health was still bad. She had gotten high fever and was too weak to get up. Because of her illness, Anael had to stay at home. His sister was sleeping badly, breathing in a painful way. In that meantime, he was talking on the phone with Mr. Hernandez.

...Yeah, I won't come today... Yes, my mom is aware of it...” He looked through the window “Well, I'll talk to Consuelo and see if she can give me the assignments...Hasta luego!

Sorry, hermano...” Said Altagracia painfully “I didn't mean to...”

It is OK” Anael interrupted with a smile “I am more than glad to see that you are alive... We barely could make it...” He closed his eyes “If Melchior and Kaiser hadn't come, I...” Anael helped his sister to sit on the bed “Here, eat these” He asked, giving his sister a sip of fruit salad “You'll need to recover fast...”

Altagracia obeyed her brother and ate her food. While she was doing that, Anael kept looking at her with a gloomy countenance.

What's happening to me? Am I losing my powers or something?”


In San Marino school, Thalas was taking care of Anael's business, since he was the vice-leader of the Knights. It also included answering some of Consuelo's questions regarding the emerald-eyed Guatemalan.

Hello!” Said Consuelo running towards Thalas “Are you friends with Anael Moon'Seeker?”

Oh!Yes...” Answered Thalas slightly frightened “I am Thalas-Juán Dharalion...Why?”

Do you know why he's not coming today?” The chubby Guatemalan asked.

Well...His sister has gotten sick and he had to take care of her, since his mother works until late evening...” Answered the French Guatemalan “Why do you ask?”

Well, could you give these things to him” She gave Thalas the correspondent assignments of that day “These are the homework given today... Considering you are friends with him and knows him more than I... I guess you wouldn't feel embarrassed to go to his house and do this for me...”

Before Thalas could say something, miss Cardenas simply ran away completely embarrassed, leaving a confused Thalas behind.

Okay them...” He said with a confused countenance while Maya was coming by.

Who were you talking to?” Maya asked “Consuelo?”

Yes...” The French answered “Apparently, our leader is being affected by those Dragons...” He was referring to Altagracia's lousy health.

So are we...” Agreed Maya with sad countenance “I hope she's alright...”

The two Knights walked to the grass courtyard where Melchior, Kimi and Kaiser were waiting for them.

What are we going to do?” Asked Elemental Alchemist with a serious countenance “Without the Moon'Seekers, I'm worried we might get our asses fried...”

Melchior!” Censured Kimi “We will find a way to get ourselves rid of those Templars, whatever they are...” He looked at Thalas “Since you are the vice-leader and Anael is not here, that makes you Leader for one day. So, tell us what you are planning to do...”

Humpf!” Protested Melchior with his arms crossed “Thalas, the Leader?! You've got to be kidding me...”

Is there any problem, 'Magician'?” Thalas replied with little anger in his sentence “I'm not trying to replace my best friend's place!”

As if you could...” Said a mean Melchior. Thalas growled at him, grabbing his shirt as if he was going to assault Melchior, surprising all Knights, who remained speechless.

What did you say?!” Asked Thalas angrily.

You've heard me!” Answered the red-haired. Then, when Thalas was about to hit Melchior, Kimi stepped forward and separated them both.

Will I have to freeze your heads?” Said the Finn with a scary, yet serious countenance “Anael is taking care of his sister, which is good, for we do not want to have any losses. Melchior...” He looked at the red-haired “Like it or not, Thalas is the captain for the day, and our main function here is to follow his every lead. Thalas...” He looked at the French Guatemalan “I understand you don't like Melchior's jokes, and I'm not saying he's right. Nevertheless, this ain't the time to get into a brawl with a teammate. Understood?”

Oui...” Agreed Thalas still angry at Melchior “For Elite Dragon, I can take it.”

Okaaaay...” Replied Melchior “I just hope it's temporary.”

Oh God...” Whispered Kaiser to Maya “How are we supposed to deal with this whole circus?”

No idea...” Answered Maya with a smile.

Then, Kimi, Melchior and Thalas turned their focus to what was more important: a plan of action regarding the Templars.

So, as I've asked before “Started Kimi “What are we going to do?”

No idea...” Said Thalas reflexive.

I have one...” Said Melchior “Well, it is not an idea, but the repetition of what we've done before: trying to reach the Nightmare Realm again...”

Are you insane?!” Thalas strongly disagreed “Do you want to end up like Altagracia?”

Altagracia just ended up this way because it too longer for Anael to respond!” Replied Melchior “I did not want to say that, but they had struck us when we were more vulnerable: alone. They lured Anael by using Altagracia as bait. If we go all together to that unholy place, I bet we have more chances against them.”

How can you guarantee we are all going to reach the Nightmare Realm?” Asked Thalas in distrust “It seems that they control that place, not us...”

What other chances do we have?” Asked Maya to Thalas “I see none. Please, Thalas, give Melchior this chance. He and Kai saved the Moon'Seeker siblings after all...”

Thalas bit his lip in clear sign of refuse. However, Maya was right: what other chances did they have? He looked at all Knights there, hoping that Anael wouldn't kill him for what he was going to decide.

Very well...” He said “We are going to do this. Tonight, at Anael's house, we are going to fight the Templars back!”


The bell rang at San Marino School, telling its students to go home and rest for the next day. However, it was going to be no rest for the Blue Moon Knights, for they had things to settle. The five Knights who attended school went straight to Anael's house. Thalas and Maya were talking on the phone while walking

Yes, uncle” Said Thalas on the phone “The Finn are coming with me... Yes, we plan to go back tomorrow... Anael's sister got sick and we decided to help him take care of her. You know, his mother works too much to sustain their children...Merci! We'll be back as soon as possible.Au revoir”

...I'll be fine, Aunty” Said Maya with a happy smile “I'll be back tomorrow. Adiós...”

The Knights arrived at Anael's place. A cozy two-floor house, just like the ones seen in American movies, yet coloured and decorated with Guatemalan colours and features. Thalas knocked on the door, and Anael invited all of them to enter. He seemed too exhausted, for his eyes were holding black spots under it.

Elite Dragon asked them all to have a seat while he prepared some snacks for them. Then,

Haven't you rest, my friend?” Asked Thalas drinking a cup of coffee.

Nope” Answered Anael eating one of his banana cupcakes “I couldn't take a rest, for Altagracia's condition was the worst ever.” He grabbed a cup of coffee “A physician came here a while ago. He gave Altagracia a medicine which will help her to recover. I hope it's enough, and I also hope that the Templars stay away of her...”

That's why we are here...” Said Melchior finishing to eat a coconut cupcake “He came to fight them back. You don't need to participate if you are feeling too tired for that...”

They didn't realize it, but the sunset was rapidly going away, giving place for the darkness.

Hey, what's going on?” Asked Kimi while looking at the sky “Isn't the Sun going away so rapidly?...”

Then, the sunlight came out, and moonlight took place. At the same time, wind started to blow wildly at the Knights, making a horrifying noise and forcing them to close their eyes. Anael was thrown against the wall and was knocked unconscious. Thalas and the others rapidly revealed their Shaman-Stones and became Knights.

Fools!” A voice came out on the wind “You will perish on the hands of the Templars! Long live the real dragons!”

The whirl became a vortex, which dragged Electro Archer inside it. The others Knights were horrified, but tried to come to his aid, for Melchior and Kaiser jumped in. Kimi and Maya stayed there and tried to wake Anael up and aid Altagracia's recovery. Some people say night's a child. Well, the child was out...And ready to play a wicked game.

To Be Continued...


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