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-Salamander's Tears-

Maya and Kimi were still paralyzed. The wicked vortex disappeared as fast as it appeared. The wind was calm and smoother now and Thalas was gone.

He's gone...” Maya said horrified, letting herself fall on her knees near where the vortex appeared. “I cannot believe he is actually...Gone” Tears started to roll through Maya's face, and she covered her mouth to smother a bit of her suffering. Kimi approached and put his arms around her shoulders.

Calm down, Maya...” Said Kimi in a sweet tone of voice “Melchior and Kaiser are coming for him... Now, we've got to aid the Moon'Seeker siblings before their mother arrives!

Do you think she knows about...?” Maya asked while walking towards Anael.

I do not know...” Kimi replied with Anael in his arms “Though I know Anael for a short time, I bet he told her... However, let's not count on it. Go upstairs and wake Altagracia up. Tell her what happened and try to make her better...”

Okay...” Maya said while going to the stairs.

Oh, one more thing!” Kimi suddenly said while following Maya upwards “Try to think less about Thalas... Do not worry, our friends are doing their best, I know they are!”

Maya looked at Kimi and nodded affirmatively, compromising herself to follow Kimi's advice. However, she couldn't keep the French Guatemalan away from her, for she owed him the new life he gave her, including his beloved friendship. She bit her lip and came to Altagracia's room as sad as she had ever been. Could she trust Elemental Alchemist and DarkStalker would bring Electro Archer back safe and sound?


Melchior and Kaiser were stepping on a slimy, fluid, lilac floor. It seemed to be organized as a spider web, but a living one, for it was trying to suffocate and paralyze them. The scenario in which the deadly trap was set was an enormous crater in the middle of Xibalba.

God damn it!” Screamed Melchior while burning the living webs “They led us to a trap!”

Where is Thalas?!” Screamed DarkStalker as he kept cutting the webs “We have to find a way to get out of here, Alchemist!”

Ha,ha,ha!” Laughed a shadow not far from the treacherous pit “This place shall be your grave! Here, the Mayan Underworld!”

Who are you?!” Asked Melchior angrily “Who are you and what have you done to Electro Archer?!”

Oh, your Frenchman-looking friend?” Asked the shadow with disdain “He is right here...”

Melchior and Kaiser looked up; they saw some webs holding a body as if it was crucified. The body was none but the unconscious Thalas, who was being held on his arms, legs and waist. His skin was becoming paler and paler. The speaking shadow came forward, approaching Thalas. He had straight, short dark-blue hair and was wearing a violet and red mask. Also, he was wearing a torn, dark-brown overcoat and torn, dark-brown pants with dark shoes. His eyes were dark blue and his skin was white. Moreover, he was carrying a strange sword, which seemed haunted.

My name is Pythius Dragon” Said the revealed shadow “And I am here to end your miserable lives as the ones who protect the one who so call himself a 'dragon'...”

You mean Elite Dragon?!” Asked Kaiser with fury in his eyes and voice “You are the ones who are play hide-and-seek as if you were who you really claim to be!”

A light beam came towards DarkStalker, who used his sword to shatter it. Then, Pythius aimed on Melchior, who rapidly casted a shield to protect both of them.

What are we going to do?” Melchior asked while the shield was still there.

I don't know...” Kaiser said while helping Melchior by using his own Shaman-Stone “If there was a way to figure out what's their source of power...”

There is nothing you can do!” Screamed Pythius Dragon while using his haunted blade to throw more beams at them “You are on our domain, the Nightmare Realm! You can say goodbye to your lives!”

If only Anael were here to help us...” Reflected Kaiser feeling weaker due to his Shaman-Stone's usage.

Then, Kaiser looked at Pythius Dragon and noticed something: a golden necklace with a purple gems, which glowed in the same colour of the webs. From time to time, the necklace either glowed or became opaque. The Finn widened his eyes. He had solved the mystery!

The necklace!” He screamed to Melchior “Alchemist, try to aim a magical beam towards his neck!”

You want me to do what?!” Asked Melchior confused.

Trust me!” Replied Kaiser “It's the only idea that I had!”

Better it works... For all of us...” Alchemist replied, converting his shield and the last of Pythius' beams into an enormous energy beam, which struck their foe very hard, causing him to flee for a moment. Then, the webs which held Thalas disappeared, and the two Blue Moon Knights rushed to get their friend.

Thalas!Thalas!” Melchior screamed on his ear while shaking his left shoulder “Wake up, dude! We have to get out of here!”

It is not working!” Kaiser said “His eyes seem to be glued with some kind of...”

Webs...” Said Melchior “What the hell...” His eyes widened and his countenance became angry “It is a trap! Pythius is going to bring the rest of them! We have to flee!”

No, you don't” The one who spoke was Thalas. His eyes were wide open, but they were light purple, not blue as they normally used to. Also, his countenance was wicked, as of he suddenly became mischievous.

What the hell?!” Kaiser said.

Thalas suddenly disappeared,leaving Melchior and Kaiser confused, angry and alert at the same time. Then, the French Guatemalan reappeared, casting webs at them. Kaiser tried to cut them, but he got caught and knocked down. Melchior was left alone to fight with the Knight who he didn't like the most.

Well, feel the irony” Said wicked Electro Archer “Now we are on opposite sides...”

They way it has always been supposed to” Melchior replied with seriousness “You never liked me, did you?”

Never.” Replied Thalas “Not for a second.” Then, he showed Elemental Alchemist his necklace: exactly the same carried by Pythius Dragon “Nightmare Necklases” Said the Frenchman “The greatest source of power of Xibalba...It is fed by people's worst nightmares and the anger of lost souls... It seems that you and Kaiser are going to serve those purposes nicely...”


Back to Guatemala City, Anael, Kimi, Maya and sick Altagracia were standing on Anael's living room, thinking on a plan to get their friends back and to vanquish the Templars.

How much time passed since they had been kidnapped?” Elite Dragon asked.

I guess one or two hours...” Replied Kimi “Maybe one hour and a half...”

I will go there. Alone” Elite Dragon said very decided.

Are you crazy?!” Maya replied “You almost died in there when you tried to help your sister!”

Hermano, don't go...” Altagracia hugged his brother's waist “Don't leave me...”

Maya, stay here....” Kimi said “Stay and take care of Altagracia. I am going with Anael. We will be back as soon as we can...”

Then, another whirlwind began, and Anael and Kimi were sucked into a black vortex which opened right in front of them. The second round was about to begin...

To Be Continued...


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