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- Surrender to the Stars -

Kaiser used his sword to release his brother; then, he proceeded to fight against Starfire, who was still surprised about the recent events.

“Let’s see how strong you are, DarkStalker…” The Canadian thought.


Meanwhile, Thalas and Maya joined forces to fight against Pythius Dragon. Melchior fell easily for he as too injured from the past battle against wicked Thalas. Thought they were in a slightly larger number, Pythius still was too hard for them to fight, and both archer and necromancer were reaching the limit of their powers.

“Do you honestly think you can beat me?!” The Dragon asked with disdain “You’ll perish right here and right…”

Leave them alone!” Anael used the Corazon to create a strong electrical beam which hit Pythius Dragon really, really hard.

Then, Elite Dragon held Illumina Dragon’s scythe with his hands in order to avoid losing his head. Yet Anael proved to be very strong, so was Illumina Dragon, who was forcing the blade to touch Anael’s forehead.

“Argh…Damn…” Said Elite Dragon.

“Surrender!” Growled Illumina Dragon “Why don’t you surrender?!”

“Because…” Anael’s strength started to overcome Illumina’s “Because our friends… Our Country and its people… and all Central America… Are too dear to all of us!”

 Elite Dragon overcharged Illumina’s scythe and the amount of energy made a small explosion between them, throwing Illumina Dragon away from Anael, who could stand up and conjure his sword. His foe’s chin was bleeding, and his plate was chipped. Anael smiled at him and ran with his sword on his hand.

Illumina Dragon equipped his scythe and responded, striking Anael’s sword, they began a blade fight, in which either one of them backed up while the other advanced.

“Give up, Elite Dragon!” Illumina hissed “You are no match for me!” He charged his scythe with light-based energy and struck Anael’s blade, which shattered in half.

“That’s impossible!” Screamed Anael “The Elven Sword was not supposed to shatter!”

“Maybe it is too old…” Illumina stated with disdain “Too old for it to handle our power!”

Illumina Dragon tried to use the opportunity given to him to end up with Elite Dragon's life. However, the Guatemalan had different plans.

Corazon de Guatemala!” The Guatemalan dragon screamed when conjuring his new Shaman-Stone, using its power to paralyze Illumina Dragon. Without his sword, he'd have to fight bare-handed. He smile and hissed; Anael used his stone to absorb the remains of Sapphire Sword, stocking it inside the Heart of Guatemala. “Quetzal Spirit!” He ordered his Shaman-Stone to protect Melchior and teleport him back to Elite Dragon's place in Guatemala City.

Then, he saw Illumina Dragon getting rid of his spell, slowly recovering his moves. The Guatemalan dragon smiled and hissed. Altagracia casted a crystal wall to avoid the Templar's attacks and protect her brother.

“Hey, Illumina?” He said in a mocking tone “Up for a second round? I can make things easier for you, if you prefer...”


Starfire started to lose terrain against Kaiser. The Blue Moon Knight conjured an enormous amount of void beams against the Templar Dragon, who was becoming tired of only defending himself.

“It has worked better than I thought” The Canadian thought while parrying Kaiser's sword “However, I need to figure out which feeling does the opposite way in order to stay alive...” A beam hit his head with strength, causing his mask to fall. In order to avoid his face to be seen, Lancelot put his left hand in front of it. Then, using his left hand, he held his Nightmare Necklace “Nightmare Webs!” He hit the soil with the wicked necklace, conjuring the webs, which came from the soil to Kaiser, holding his arms, legs and the rest of his body, paralyzing him. Thanks to Lancelot's thoughts, one of the webs covered Kaiser's eyes.

“Phew!” Lancelot sighed “I am safe...” Then he looked at Kaiser, who was screaming at him.

“Coward!” DarkStalker said “Release me and fight!”

Lancelot's eyesight turned to Kaiser's brother, Kimi: Ice Guardian was very pale and weak, lying on the ground. It seemed that his best thoughts of the day were taken away. Then, the Templar looked at Tristan, who was being beaten by the Moon'Seeker siblings. Thalas and Maya seemed too busy fighting for their lives as Pythius struck again that they were not paying any attention to Starfire.

“Why?” Lancelot asked.

“Why what?” Kaiser said with a calmer tone of voice; the webs were draining his energy.

“Why have you gotten so angry?” Lancelot asked “Is this person so dear to you?”

“He...” Kaiser was feeling weaker and weaker “ of...the few friends...I have...”His breath became rapid and short, as if he was having a lung collapse “ under...understands...his loneliness...”

Lancelot's countenance became very sad; he came closer to the Blue Moon Knight, who was almost fainting. The Canadian came closer to one point that his face was near Kaiser's. Then, he whispered on DarkStalker's right ear.

“You can calm down now...He is fine.” Starfire Dragon said. Then, he came closer to Kaiser's face, touching his lips against the Knight's. The Templar wore the webs out of Kaiser and created a vortex in which he put Kaiser, transporting him back to Guatemala City.

Lancelot's countenance became very sad; he came closer to the Blue Moon Knight, who was almost fainting. The Canadian came closer to one point that his face was near Kaiser's. Then, he whispered on DarkStalker's right ear.

The Canadian's eyes were looking the ground above his feet and his left hand's fingers were touching his lips.

“What the hell have I just done?...” He wondered. Then, he put his mask, caught a strange vase with back and looked at Illumina Dragon, screaming at him “I have gotten the amount of energy we need! You can stop playing around!”

Tristan's torso, arms and legs were severely wounded. When he heard Lancelot's good news, he rapidly flew away from the Moon'Seeker siblings, who came straight to Kimi in order to aid him. Pythius Dragon also flew away, following his teammates.


The Central America Heroes came back wounded, tired and taking care of three of them who were knocked out: Melchior, Kimi and Kaiser. The Salvadorian mage was less paler than before, but his health state was also critical. Kimi seemed to be dead, for his breath was almost imperceptible. Kaiser, on the other hand, was on a worse state than his twin: he was showing signs of poisoning; the Knights had just few minutes to save their friends or they would perish in Anael's.

“What are going to do?!” Altagracia asked almost crying.

“I don't know...” Thalas said “They are too weak and...”

“I'll try to heal them!” Anael said decided “Corazon de Guatemala.” Anael's Shaman-Stone started to glow gently as it flew over Kimi, Kaiser and Melchior's heads. His sister decided to use her own healing powers to aid as well, and Maya joined the siblings in their healing mission.

Then, something happened; Anael's Shaman-Stone released a bird spirit, which was no Quetzal, but a Macaw; Anael's eyes widened and his countenance became frightened. The other Knights felt the same way and stopped their process. The bird spirit then became something else: a girl.

She was about Maya's height, but slightly thinner and with slightly larger breasts than her. Her skin was white; her hair was stright, short and dark-brown. She had a long bang which covered her left eye. Her right eye was dark-brown as well. She was wearing a white turtleneck collant with two dark-brown belts crossed on her waist, long-sleeved white gloves with orange details and white boots.

Maya started to cry and Anael watched his tears slowly roll through his face. Thalas and Altagracia looked at the girl with a surprised countenance.

“Iracema?!” They said at the same time.

“Hello, handsome” The ghastly appearance was talking to Elite Dragon “Long time no see, huh?”

“Iracema...” Anael's eyes were full of tears “How?...”

“The Sanctified Knight Necklace” She said “Remeber what I have said to you in your Death Realm?It can bring the dead to the world of the living...For a short period of time.”

“Why...Why are you here?” The Guatemalan Dragon said.

“You need to understand the powers inside your Shaman-Stone...” She said. Then, she looked at Thalas, Maya and Altagracia “Guys, my time is short. Can I borrow your leader for a short while?” She looked at her Honduran friend and hugged her “Oh, Mayacita, I'll sure come again for us to chat... Right now, however, I have to help our handsome dragon-like hero..."

To Be Continued...


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