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-Cold Crypt,Cold Heart-

Iracema became a Macaw Spirit and involved Anael, teleporting him elsewhere. Altagracia held Thalas' waist with fear and anxiety on her eyes. Maya was passing her fingers over her face in order to clean the tears, and the French Guatemalan kept observing the moonlight with a curious countenance.

“What an interesting phenomenon...” He said “Don't worry, Altagracia...Your brother will be back...”

Anael was bewildered; Iracema took him to the sky. His body was floating and he thought he'd rapidly die for the lack of oxygen. However, he was breathing normally as if he were on the ground level. He looked at the amount of glowing stars with a smile in his face.

“In ancient Guarani* stories, Anael...” Iracema started, catching Anael's attention “People believed that, once one of them died, their spirit became a star, which duty was to protect the rest of the tribe against enemies. Also, if the person was someone loyal and spiritually noble, his or her soul could be granted with the opportunity of joining their Gods in their mission of maintaining this world and his or her tribe...”

“Iracema, I...” The Guatemalan started with a sad countenance “I had never had the opportunity to thank you for saving my life... You don't know how much it pains me to know that you had so much to live... And, because of me...You won't be able to live it.”

“My death was not your fault, though you were my murderer” Iracema replied serene “Eclipse caused it. She commanded Maya, Jasmine and I against you. Now, I am here to fix things...Can you lend me your Shaman-Stone?”

Anael removed his Heart of Guatemala as a sign of trust, giving it to Iracema. Then, it started to glow intensively on Iracema's hand.

“Corazon!” She said “Release the broken Sword! The Elven's pride piece is needed for the times coming at hand!”

The Shaman-Stone released the broken Sapphire Sword; then, Iracema casted a white beam between her hands.

“Now it is my turn” She said “Tupan**, hear my war cry! Bless this weapon, and may it shatter its Master's enemies with no mercy!”

The Sapphire Sword’s sprite changed. The petroleum-blue grip received colorful feathers in its tip, including a pair of quetzal's; the blade's shape was slightly changed, but kept its traditional blue colour. The Sword automatically came to Anael's hand; when the Guatemalan grabbed it, he could feel a surprising amount of energy flowing through it. Then, he realized some cosmic dust under his feed.

“This is the Quetzal Spirit Sword” Iracema explained as her body became more and more translucent “It carries Kukulkan and Tupan's Blessings. With this sword, you can kick Illumina Dragon's ass hundred times more easily.”

“Thanks, Iracema...” He said “I'll never forget you. I promise.”

“I know you won't” She was almost transparent “But you no longer love me, do you? I have been watching you, Anael... I don't have even to say how jealous I am, have I?”

Anael didn't answer with words, for actions said enough for themselves; he pulled Iracema by her left arm and kissed her. In that same moment, she became transparent and slowly disappeared in a column of cosmic dust, dragging Anael back to Guatemala. When the dust cloud came out, he was on his place with the Sword on his hand.

“A new toy, huh?” Thalas said to his friend. “Iracema certainly is full of surprises, even after joining the world of the dead...”


On the following day, Anael's friends were on the same mahogany, except for Maya and Kaiser.

“Rough night...” Melchior commented “I guess I've screwed up once more, you guys...”

“It was not your fault” Anael pointed “You were too weak to fight and I didn't realize that...”

“What about you, Kimi?” Thalas asked “Why couldn't you fight?”

“I have no idea...” The Finn replied “Maybe trying to heal Melchior – which is not my expertise – has affected me more than I thought it would...”

The Knights kept talking about the recent events. In the meanwhile, Thalas' head went elsewhere: where would Maya be?


On the meantime, Kaiser was talking to some of his classmates. He seemed worried and desperate.

“Have you guys seen Lancelot?” He asked “He is about my height, with silverish hair and turquoise eyes?”

His classmates said no, and this answer made Kaiser's heart to feel struggled. He then started to run on the corridors to see if he could find the Canadian by himself. Then, when he reached the school's rooftop, he saw Lancelot smiling at him.

“Kai!” The Canadian said “How did you know I was here?”

DarkStalker's heart was beating faster than it has ever beaten. His faces had a slight tone of red, which made Lancelot smile for an instance. The Finn slowly approached Lancelot, taking step by step.

“A-are you alright?” Kaiser asked timidly “I...t-tried to c-call you last night, b-but you didn’t answer...” Kaiser tried to fool Lancelot in order to avoid being discovered as a Knight.

“Oh, I see...” Lancelot said “Kaiser, yesterday had been the worst day of my life...” The Canadian asked the Finn to sit on the floor near him “I...I was...I was kidnapped...” Kaiser looked at him with a scared countenance “Yes, some weird thugs approached me while I was coming home and I...”He put his left hand on his forehead in a sign of fear “These were the worst hours of my life...Your call, Kai...It saved my life...Awkwardly, the defilers fled right after the phone rang. Luckily, the police arrived and...I was able to go home...”

Kaiser looked at Lancelot with relief. However, his relief rapidly disappeared as his consciousness was fading away. Lancelot then held Kaiser on his arms, putting the Finn's head on his chest.

“Oh, I see...” Lancelot's countenance and voice became sinister “Love is your weakening feeling, isn't it, sweet Kaiser?”


Thalas and Maya started to discuss intensively at the ending of breaktime. Anael had to intervene and separate them at least three times.

“What is the problem concerning Lorcan?!” Maya asked “He is such a nice guy...You are not being yourself lately, Thalas! Since we came back from Brazil, you've been acting strangely!”

“I...” Thalas was about to scream, but he decided to remain in silent “Well, Maya, do whatever you want. I simply don't care. Anael, don't wait for me; I'll be going home with my uncle. I'll call him later.”

Thalas fled from the scene, leaving a bad environment and an angry Maya behind. On San Marino School's rooftop, lied Kaiser on Lancelot's arms. The two Templars were more than satisfied, for their plan seemed to be working. Disunion was becoming a new word on the Blue Moon Knight's dictionary...

To Be Continued...


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