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Hello Everyone!

I'd like to thank you all for following the Blue Moon Knights, fore reading and sharing the story worldwide... I've been always planning to do their story... I have to confess that I've created them around this month on 2008, and they have been part of my life ever since.

The Fourth Season is still running, and I'll do my best to keep posting. I wish you all the best in your life, for you guys have been giving me happiness. Once again, thank you very much.

Happy New Year!

Sakura Hayes

Hello Everyone!

It is Christmas! As I promised on the beginning of this month, I'll be giving you guys some special images related to this Eve. Because Xmas has fallen on Tuesday, the Chapters programmed for this week and the following (which features the New Year Eve) will be delayed for the Knights to rest. They are humans after all x3

So, here you are:


Merry Christmas to all of you!

Stay tuned for more!

Sakura Hayes

-Cold Crypt,Cold Heart-

Iracema became a Macaw Spirit and involved Anael, teleporting him elsewhere. Altagracia held Thalas' waist with fear and anxiety on her eyes. Maya was passing her fingers over her face in order to clean the tears, and the French Guatemalan kept observing the moonlight with a curious countenance.

“What an interesting phenomenon...” He said “Don't worry, Altagracia...Your brother will be back...”

Anael was bewildered; Iracema took him to the sky. His body was floating and he thought he'd rapidly die for the lack of oxygen. However, he was breathing normally as if he were on the ground level. He looked at the amount of glowing stars with a smile in his face.

“In ancient Guarani* stories, Anael...” Iracema started, catching Anael's attention “People believed that, once one of them died, their spirit became a star, which duty was to protect the rest of the tribe against enemies. Also, if the person was someone loyal and spiritually noble, his or her soul could be granted with the opportunity of joining their Gods in their mission of maintaining this world and his or her tribe...”

“Iracema, I...” The Guatemalan started with a sad countenance “I had never had the opportunity to thank you for saving my life... You don't know how much it pains me to know that you had so much to live... And, because of me...You won't be able to live it.”

“My death was not your fault, though you were my murderer” Iracema replied serene “Eclipse caused it. She commanded Maya, Jasmine and I against you. Now, I am here to fix things...Can you lend me your Shaman-Stone?”

Anael removed his Heart of Guatemala as a sign of trust, giving it to Iracema. Then, it started to glow intensively on Iracema's hand.

“Corazon!” She said “Release the broken Sword! The Elven's pride piece is needed for the times coming at hand!”

The Shaman-Stone released the broken Sapphire Sword; then, Iracema casted a white beam between her hands.

“Now it is my turn” She said “Tupan**, hear my war cry! Bless this weapon, and may it shatter its Master's enemies with no mercy!”

The Sapphire Sword’s sprite changed. The petroleum-blue grip received colorful feathers in its tip, including a pair of quetzal's; the blade's shape was slightly changed, but kept its traditional blue colour. The Sword automatically came to Anael's hand; when the Guatemalan grabbed it, he could feel a surprising amount of energy flowing through it. Then, he realized some cosmic dust under his feed.

“This is the Quetzal Spirit Sword” Iracema explained as her body became more and more translucent “It carries Kukulkan and Tupan's Blessings. With this sword, you can kick Illumina Dragon's ass hundred times more easily.”

“Thanks, Iracema...” He said “I'll never forget you. I promise.”

“I know you won't” She was almost transparent “But you no longer love me, do you? I have been watching you, Anael... I don't have even to say how jealous I am, have I?”

Anael didn't answer with words, for actions said enough for themselves; he pulled Iracema by her left arm and kissed her. In that same moment, she became transparent and slowly disappeared in a column of cosmic dust, dragging Anael back to Guatemala. When the dust cloud came out, he was on his place with the Sword on his hand.

“A new toy, huh?” Thalas said to his friend. “Iracema certainly is full of surprises, even after joining the world of the dead...”


On the following day, Anael's friends were on the same mahogany, except for Maya and Kaiser.

“Rough night...” Melchior commented “I guess I've screwed up once more, you guys...”

“It was not your fault” Anael pointed “You were too weak to fight and I didn't realize that...”

“What about you, Kimi?” Thalas asked “Why couldn't you fight?”

“I have no idea...” The Finn replied “Maybe trying to heal Melchior – which is not my expertise – has affected me more than I thought it would...”

The Knights kept talking about the recent events. In the meanwhile, Thalas' head went elsewhere: where would Maya be?


On the meantime, Kaiser was talking to some of his classmates. He seemed worried and desperate.

“Have you guys seen Lancelot?” He asked “He is about my height, with silverish hair and turquoise eyes?”

His classmates said no, and this answer made Kaiser's heart to feel struggled. He then started to run on the corridors to see if he could find the Canadian by himself. Then, when he reached the school's rooftop, he saw Lancelot smiling at him.

“Kai!” The Canadian said “How did you know I was here?”

DarkStalker's heart was beating faster than it has ever beaten. His faces had a slight tone of red, which made Lancelot smile for an instance. The Finn slowly approached Lancelot, taking step by step.

“A-are you alright?” Kaiser asked timidly “I...t-tried to c-call you last night, b-but you didn’t answer...” Kaiser tried to fool Lancelot in order to avoid being discovered as a Knight.

“Oh, I see...” Lancelot said “Kaiser, yesterday had been the worst day of my life...” The Canadian asked the Finn to sit on the floor near him “I...I was...I was kidnapped...” Kaiser looked at him with a scared countenance “Yes, some weird thugs approached me while I was coming home and I...”He put his left hand on his forehead in a sign of fear “These were the worst hours of my life...Your call, Kai...It saved my life...Awkwardly, the defilers fled right after the phone rang. Luckily, the police arrived and...I was able to go home...”

Kaiser looked at Lancelot with relief. However, his relief rapidly disappeared as his consciousness was fading away. Lancelot then held Kaiser on his arms, putting the Finn's head on his chest.

“Oh, I see...” Lancelot's countenance and voice became sinister “Love is your weakening feeling, isn't it, sweet Kaiser?”


Thalas and Maya started to discuss intensively at the ending of breaktime. Anael had to intervene and separate them at least three times.

“What is the problem concerning Lorcan?!” Maya asked “He is such a nice guy...You are not being yourself lately, Thalas! Since we came back from Brazil, you've been acting strangely!”

“I...” Thalas was about to scream, but he decided to remain in silent “Well, Maya, do whatever you want. I simply don't care. Anael, don't wait for me; I'll be going home with my uncle. I'll call him later.”

Thalas fled from the scene, leaving a bad environment and an angry Maya behind. On San Marino School's rooftop, lied Kaiser on Lancelot's arms. The two Templars were more than satisfied, for their plan seemed to be working. Disunion was becoming a new word on the Blue Moon Knight's dictionary...

To Be Continued...

Hello Everyone!

Well, as you can see, the Fourth Season has already reached more than half of its Chapters. While this Season is still going, I am preparing some features to you:

  1. More Languages to Download the Seasons --- Yes! I am going to translate the previous Seasons to the according Languages on the menu (just click in  Download the Seasons and check them out.)
  2. Manga Version! --- Fiinally, I will work on the Manga project. I think it will be better for you guys to see how the events occur and it may ease the story telling. It will be available in the same languages as the written version. Moreover, they'll be released after the written version of a Season takes place!
  3. Coloured Manga Version -- This will be available in English ONLY (I may change this if people request more Languages). For those who love Graphic Novels and its colouring, this version is certainly what you are looking for. This is the last version to be released, but it certainly worths the waiting.
  4. Videos --- I know, I know; I've been promising that since July. This time, however, I'll be free for months (for my college vacations go until April), so it will be easier to accomplish this task.
This is the first part of my To-Do List! I hope that I can accomplish it!

Regarding to #2, I have already started working on the previous Seasons, and I may end it before releasing a new Season on the Blog! As always, stay tuned for more news and stuff!

Happy Holidays!

Sakura Hayes

- Surrender to the Stars -

Kaiser used his sword to release his brother; then, he proceeded to fight against Starfire, who was still surprised about the recent events.

“Let’s see how strong you are, DarkStalker…” The Canadian thought.


Meanwhile, Thalas and Maya joined forces to fight against Pythius Dragon. Melchior fell easily for he as too injured from the past battle against wicked Thalas. Thought they were in a slightly larger number, Pythius still was too hard for them to fight, and both archer and necromancer were reaching the limit of their powers.

“Do you honestly think you can beat me?!” The Dragon asked with disdain “You’ll perish right here and right…”

Leave them alone!” Anael used the Corazon to create a strong electrical beam which hit Pythius Dragon really, really hard.

Then, Elite Dragon held Illumina Dragon’s scythe with his hands in order to avoid losing his head. Yet Anael proved to be very strong, so was Illumina Dragon, who was forcing the blade to touch Anael’s forehead.

“Argh…Damn…” Said Elite Dragon.

“Surrender!” Growled Illumina Dragon “Why don’t you surrender?!”

“Because…” Anael’s strength started to overcome Illumina’s “Because our friends… Our Country and its people… and all Central America… Are too dear to all of us!”

 Elite Dragon overcharged Illumina’s scythe and the amount of energy made a small explosion between them, throwing Illumina Dragon away from Anael, who could stand up and conjure his sword. His foe’s chin was bleeding, and his plate was chipped. Anael smiled at him and ran with his sword on his hand.

Illumina Dragon equipped his scythe and responded, striking Anael’s sword, they began a blade fight, in which either one of them backed up while the other advanced.

“Give up, Elite Dragon!” Illumina hissed “You are no match for me!” He charged his scythe with light-based energy and struck Anael’s blade, which shattered in half.

“That’s impossible!” Screamed Anael “The Elven Sword was not supposed to shatter!”

“Maybe it is too old…” Illumina stated with disdain “Too old for it to handle our power!”

Illumina Dragon tried to use the opportunity given to him to end up with Elite Dragon's life. However, the Guatemalan had different plans.

Corazon de Guatemala!” The Guatemalan dragon screamed when conjuring his new Shaman-Stone, using its power to paralyze Illumina Dragon. Without his sword, he'd have to fight bare-handed. He smile and hissed; Anael used his stone to absorb the remains of Sapphire Sword, stocking it inside the Heart of Guatemala. “Quetzal Spirit!” He ordered his Shaman-Stone to protect Melchior and teleport him back to Elite Dragon's place in Guatemala City.

Then, he saw Illumina Dragon getting rid of his spell, slowly recovering his moves. The Guatemalan dragon smiled and hissed. Altagracia casted a crystal wall to avoid the Templar's attacks and protect her brother.

“Hey, Illumina?” He said in a mocking tone “Up for a second round? I can make things easier for you, if you prefer...”


Starfire started to lose terrain against Kaiser. The Blue Moon Knight conjured an enormous amount of void beams against the Templar Dragon, who was becoming tired of only defending himself.

“It has worked better than I thought” The Canadian thought while parrying Kaiser's sword “However, I need to figure out which feeling does the opposite way in order to stay alive...” A beam hit his head with strength, causing his mask to fall. In order to avoid his face to be seen, Lancelot put his left hand in front of it. Then, using his left hand, he held his Nightmare Necklace “Nightmare Webs!” He hit the soil with the wicked necklace, conjuring the webs, which came from the soil to Kaiser, holding his arms, legs and the rest of his body, paralyzing him. Thanks to Lancelot's thoughts, one of the webs covered Kaiser's eyes.

“Phew!” Lancelot sighed “I am safe...” Then he looked at Kaiser, who was screaming at him.

“Coward!” DarkStalker said “Release me and fight!”

Lancelot's eyesight turned to Kaiser's brother, Kimi: Ice Guardian was very pale and weak, lying on the ground. It seemed that his best thoughts of the day were taken away. Then, the Templar looked at Tristan, who was being beaten by the Moon'Seeker siblings. Thalas and Maya seemed too busy fighting for their lives as Pythius struck again that they were not paying any attention to Starfire.

“Why?” Lancelot asked.

“Why what?” Kaiser said with a calmer tone of voice; the webs were draining his energy.

“Why have you gotten so angry?” Lancelot asked “Is this person so dear to you?”

“He...” Kaiser was feeling weaker and weaker “ of...the few friends...I have...”His breath became rapid and short, as if he was having a lung collapse “ under...understands...his loneliness...”

Lancelot's countenance became very sad; he came closer to the Blue Moon Knight, who was almost fainting. The Canadian came closer to one point that his face was near Kaiser's. Then, he whispered on DarkStalker's right ear.

“You can calm down now...He is fine.” Starfire Dragon said. Then, he came closer to Kaiser's face, touching his lips against the Knight's. The Templar wore the webs out of Kaiser and created a vortex in which he put Kaiser, transporting him back to Guatemala City.

Lancelot's countenance became very sad; he came closer to the Blue Moon Knight, who was almost fainting. The Canadian came closer to one point that his face was near Kaiser's. Then, he whispered on DarkStalker's right ear.

The Canadian's eyes were looking the ground above his feet and his left hand's fingers were touching his lips.

“What the hell have I just done?...” He wondered. Then, he put his mask, caught a strange vase with back and looked at Illumina Dragon, screaming at him “I have gotten the amount of energy we need! You can stop playing around!”

Tristan's torso, arms and legs were severely wounded. When he heard Lancelot's good news, he rapidly flew away from the Moon'Seeker siblings, who came straight to Kimi in order to aid him. Pythius Dragon also flew away, following his teammates.


The Central America Heroes came back wounded, tired and taking care of three of them who were knocked out: Melchior, Kimi and Kaiser. The Salvadorian mage was less paler than before, but his health state was also critical. Kimi seemed to be dead, for his breath was almost imperceptible. Kaiser, on the other hand, was on a worse state than his twin: he was showing signs of poisoning; the Knights had just few minutes to save their friends or they would perish in Anael's.

“What are going to do?!” Altagracia asked almost crying.

“I don't know...” Thalas said “They are too weak and...”

“I'll try to heal them!” Anael said decided “Corazon de Guatemala.” Anael's Shaman-Stone started to glow gently as it flew over Kimi, Kaiser and Melchior's heads. His sister decided to use her own healing powers to aid as well, and Maya joined the siblings in their healing mission.

Then, something happened; Anael's Shaman-Stone released a bird spirit, which was no Quetzal, but a Macaw; Anael's eyes widened and his countenance became frightened. The other Knights felt the same way and stopped their process. The bird spirit then became something else: a girl.

She was about Maya's height, but slightly thinner and with slightly larger breasts than her. Her skin was white; her hair was stright, short and dark-brown. She had a long bang which covered her left eye. Her right eye was dark-brown as well. She was wearing a white turtleneck collant with two dark-brown belts crossed on her waist, long-sleeved white gloves with orange details and white boots.

Maya started to cry and Anael watched his tears slowly roll through his face. Thalas and Altagracia looked at the girl with a surprised countenance.

“Iracema?!” They said at the same time.

“Hello, handsome” The ghastly appearance was talking to Elite Dragon “Long time no see, huh?”

“Iracema...” Anael's eyes were full of tears “How?...”

“The Sanctified Knight Necklace” She said “Remeber what I have said to you in your Death Realm?It can bring the dead to the world of the living...For a short period of time.”

“Why...Why are you here?” The Guatemalan Dragon said.

“You need to understand the powers inside your Shaman-Stone...” She said. Then, she looked at Thalas, Maya and Altagracia “Guys, my time is short. Can I borrow your leader for a short while?” She looked at her Honduran friend and hugged her “Oh, Mayacita, I'll sure come again for us to chat... Right now, however, I have to help our handsome dragon-like hero..."

To Be Continued...

-Run Silent, Run Deep-

Later on that same day, Kaiser gave Lancelot a call, chatting with him for a long time. Lancelot, or Starfire Dragon, was the first one to arrive at the Templars’ headquarters. They talked about lots of things, from favorite school subjects to favorite bands, dreams and aspirations. Lancelot told Kaiser about his whole career as a professional snowboarder and his dreams for the future. Kaiser, on the other hand, showed uncertainty regarding his future.

In that conversation, Lancelot discovered Kaiser naïveté, for he realized that, even though Kaiser had the body of a 16-year-old, his mind and emotions were closer to those of an infant; he had no idea of what were the feelings of a teenager; he had no idea of what was love and attraction, nor what was something erotic or not. Kaiser was completely innocent.

When Lancelot hung up, he felt different; he thought he could simply manipulate Kaiser on his behalf but things have changed. Instead of conquering Kaiser’s trust and feelings, Kaiser was doing that without much effort, just by being himself.

“Oh, boy…” Sighed Lancelot with a smile “What do I do to you, sweet, innocent Kaiser of mine?” Lancelot stood up and walked towards his desk; his Nightmare Necklace was there. “He manipulates Void and he is an elf…Legends have been told about his kind: depending on what they are feeling, their power may decrease or increase. I wonder which feeling makes Kaiser’s power diminish so much that he will become useless…”

Then, Lancelot heard the front door opening. His bedroom door was almost completely closed. He went closer to see who was arriving – Tristan and Lorcan.

“Oh, hello guys.” Lancelot said.

“Have you got anything to us?” Tristan asked serious.

“Well, earning Kaiser’s trust is being easier than I thought. I just came with that ‘lonely foreigner’ story to him and he bought it!”

“Has he revealed something about the Knights?” Lorcan asked.

“Well, not much. He just confirmed what we witnessed on Xibalba: Electro Archer and Elemental Alchemist simply don’t get along: they seem to hate each other. Apparently, Elite Dragon is the one who holds the entire group together.”

“So, what’s your next move?” Tristan asked.

“Unfortunately, I am afraid I won’t be able to tell you that.” Lancelot answered with a smile “The only thing I can say is that I’ll definitely take advantage of DarkStalker’s naïveté. My main goal is to find his weakness: the Elven kind is known for their relation towards their own feelings; depending on the elf, a certain feeling can boost up their power or diminish it.”

“By discovering the ‘bad’ feeling” Lorcan deduced “You can be able to manipulate his powers by forcing him to feel on a certain way. Brilliant!”

“Well, let’s start to test your hypothesis, Starfire” Tristan said “Today is the day we were waiting for: the Dragon Moon Day.”

“It has already arrived?!” Lancelot said surprised “According to your math, it was supposed to be in a week from now!”

“It seems that I’ve messed up the counts” Illumina answered “Nevertheless, it is irrelevant now; we have to head to Ancient Guatemala and unleash the undead…”

“However, we don’t have the sacrifices!” Lorcan objected. “How are we going to…?”

“The Knights, you fool!” Roared Tristan “They are going to be the sacrifice! Hurry, we have to prepare everything.”

The Templars used their necklaces to assume their dragon-like appearances and fled by the window. Together, the trio flew to Ancient Guatemala.

Ancient Guatemala was the first Spanish settlement in the Americas and the first European settlement; it was built around 1534 by Spanish Conquistadores after obtaining the control of the eastern part of what nowadays is called Guatemala.

The city used to be Guatemala’s General Captaincy’s capital in the colonial times, but it is not inhabited anymore, for its function was replaced by Guatemala City. Ancient Guatemala became a cultural and historical patrimony of UNESCO, and is visited by people from various countries all the year long. A large lotus-like fountain, an ancient Spanish church and some houses can be found in the area.

Illumina, Pythius and Starfire Dragon used their necklaces to open a vortex which would take them to Ancient Guatemala and save some time. However, they had to drag the Knights there, and they would have to do so until midnight or their plans would fail once more.

Once they arrived there, they pointed the necklaces to the buildings, unleashing its evil power over them, creating the Nightmare webs, which were going to set the terrain for their wicked ritual. Then, the leader of the Templars, Illumina, used his Nightmare necklace to cast a grimoire.

“Are you ready?” Illumina Dragon asked.

“Yes!” The other two answered in a sinister tone of voice.

“Then we will do it…” Illumina Dragon hissed opening his grimoire.

The Templar started to intone a spell; each sentence did a certain effect on the land near them: the first made the webs glow sinisterly; the second shattered the land, which started to spit fire and unholy spirits to the surface; the third casted evil giant bats, who flew out of there towards Guatemala City. The fourth generated an effect that was not related to Ancient Guatemala itself, but would certainly help the Templars to achieve their goal…


It was only seven of the evening, and Anael seemed dreamy; his elbows were on his desk and his face was on his hands. He was looking to the starry night with a moony gaze. Prior to that moment, he had talked with Consuelo, who accepted his invitation to come over his place.

“Is it really happening?” He thought “Like, does she… feel something for me?” His face became slightly reddish “Maybe she does… I hope she does!” Then, he heard a noise coming from the living room, which made his heart beat faster than before. He walked out of his room and went to the stairs. Then, he saw his mother María talking to Consuelo.

“He is upstairs” She said “You can come in and look for him.”

Gracias” Said the chubby pre-teen “I’ll…”

She looked up and saw Anael, who stood on the stairs completely paralyzed and with a blushing face. Completely embarrassed, he hid his eyes and smile at Consuelo, who laughed as embarrassed as the Guatemalan capoeirist.

“Mon, we will be back in one hour and a half” Anael said “I’ll be with my phone all times and I’ll call you if I need anything.”

“Alright” His mother answered “Please take care both of you. I’ll be waiting for a call or a message of yours. Please don’t be late.”

Anael nodded affirmatively and left the house with Consuelo. His mother watched the young couple until they left her eyesight.

“Oh, my baby is getting bigger…” She sighed and closed the door.


Anael took Consuelo to a nice café on the block ahead, which was slightly crowded. It had a nice, modern, cozy decoration which made things better and easier for Anael, who was feeling less shy than before. He took a table for both of them and asked for something for them to eat.

“I am really happy about you accepting my invitation tonight” Anael said to Consuelo with a discrete smile.

“So am I” She replied “I needed to get out of my brother’s place for a bit…”

“Your brother?” Anael asked “Tristan?”

“Unfortunately, yes…” She said slightly unhappy “He was with his friends again…They seemed to be talking about some crazy stuff…Things I don’t like. At least, the Canadian is bearable, but Lorcan is someone who lives to get at me!”

“Well, considering what I saw on the other day…” Anael agreed “I completely agree with you”

They started laughing as they talked more about all the things they disliked and liked. Then, they started to hear noise coming from outside. On the following, they saw people running for their lives.

“What’s happening?” Consuelo asked with fear.

Anael got serious and his eyes changed to the reptilian form. In order to avoid Consuelo’s gaze and reveal his identity as Elite Dragon, he kept looking at the terrified mob out there.

“Stay here” He said “I am going to take care of this…” He left some quetzals on the table and rushed to the door.

People were under the attack of giant bats, which were either sucking their blood or taking them to the sky in order to throw them on the ground and kill them. He went to the middle of the street and held as many bats as he could with his left hand and used the Corazon of Guatemala to heal them and release the chiropterans in the darkness once more.

“Damn, they are too many for me to handle…” Anael thought.

“Anael, help me!”

The Guatemalan turned his face in the direction of the sound: Consuelo was under attack. He did not think twice and jumped on the bats, separating them of the Guatemalan girl. Then, he had no choice other than protect the girl.

“Damn bats!” He said while holding Consuelo between his arms, with her face on his chest “Corazon de Guatemala!

The Quetzal spirit came out and Anael Moon’Seeker became Elite Dragon. Also, the same spirit vanquished the evil bats, healing and teleporting them elsewhere. Then, the Guatemalan hero put his hands on Consuelo’s shoulders; the girl looked at him with surprise in her eyes.

“You…You are…Elite Dragon?!” She said “You’ve hid the truth this whole time?!”

“I did not want you to get harmed because of me!” He explained “If you got injured because of me, I’d never forgive myself…”

Then, he heard the noise of a flock of bats coming in his direction. Before Consuelo could say anything else, Anael casted a spherical shield which involved Consuelo and took her out of the scene. Though he saved his crush, the bats hit him hard and took Elite Dragon with them.

The Guatemalan saw his friends being taken by the same bats, all of them already on their outfits; if the Templars wanted war, then war they were certainly going to have…


“Welcome to our party, Knights!” Illumina Dragon screamed “I know you are going to enjoy it as much as we are!”

The Templars attacked the Knights; Altagracia and Anael were fighting Illumina Dragon. Pythius was being fought by Thalas, Maya and Melchior, who was knocked unconscious; Starfire was fighting against the Finn twins Kaiser and Kimi; Ice Guardian was taken down by the Canadian dragon, who trapped him in the Nightmare Webs. Now, he had only DarkStalker to fight.

“Let’s see what are you made of…Kaiser.” Starfire thought.

Then, the Finn used his sword to cast a Void beam against his foe, who struck back with fire beams, which threw Kaiser against the sticky webs. His back, arms and legs were glued, and Starfire took advantage of that by slowly approaching Kaiser. “Since he does not know I am Lancelot…” The Dragon thought “Let’s see how he responds to my provocation…”

“Screw you!” Screamed Kaiser, who was trying to get out of the webs “Coward! Free me and fight!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t wish for that if I were you…” Replied Starfire “Especially if I am the one who holds a friend of yours as a hostage…”

“A friend?” Kaiser’s countenance became worried “You mean…Lancelot?!”

“Yes…” Starfire replied “This very Canadian. I can bring him here to prove I am right… Also, if you dare to attack me, I’ll use him as my human shield…”

“No…” Kaiser said in a sad tone, closing his eyes. Then, that feeling took over the control “Let me out, you sick bastard!”

Starfire’s eyes widened, for Kaiser’s power seemed to be growing larger. “Oh…I see…Sadness is the boosting feeling… Well, half of my plan is complete” he thought. Then, he was struck by Kaiser, who managed to get out of the webs.

“Come and fight!” Growled DarkStalker.

To Be Continued…

-Toronto’s Star-

Back in Guatemala City, precisely on the most dangerous neighborhood of the entire city, in a dark apartment, a trio of young men was having a meeting. These men were none but the Templar Dragons in their civilian forms.

“Again, we have failed!” Illumina Dragon roared “Lorcan, if you had gotten rid of those two Knights on the first place, we would have succeeded!” He said to the short-haired young teenager near him.

“And if you had brainwashed correctly that Frenchman, we would have succeeded! It was your idea to bring him to Xibalba on the first place!”

“I am the Leader; I gave you orders and you didn’t follow them!”

“Hah, it is not my fault your plans are as bad as your undercover, Tristan…” Lorcan pointed with irony.

“What have you said, Pythius?!” Tristan grabbed Lorcan by his shirt, ready to hit him hard.

“You’ve heard me! It is your damn fault, Illumina! You’ve dragged the other two to Xibalba, remember?”

“Shut up!” Roared Tristan ready to hit Lorcan’s face.

“Guys, stop this!” The third Dragon said “It’s everyone’s fault, mine as well.” The two Dragons stopped to stare at him “It is more than obvious that out strategy won’t work. When we try to separate them by these means, they always find a way to stick together. They are too united to leave one behind.”

“What’s your freaking suggestion, Lancelot?” Tristan said “I see you pointing, but not having any ideas.”

“Oh, you Latins…” Lancelot discretely laughed “You are too hot-headed and immediatist. To break a group’s union takes time…And intrigue.” Tristan and Lorcan looked at each other clearly confused and Lancelot continued “Yes, my friends: manipulation. It may seem weird, but a different kind of ox in the cattle can cause a split up in it. Meaning: if I can turn one Knight against the other, I can end their union and make them weaker.”

“Then, we will be able to destroy Elite Dragon…” Tristan concluded with a sinister smile “Well figured, Lance! But how are you going to do that?”

“As far as we know, they have absolutely no idea of who we are…” Lancelot said with a mischievous smile “And this is an enormous advantage. By approaching as a civilian, I may get close enough for them to invite me to hang out. Of course they are not going to tell all truth to me, for they are no stupid. However, if at least one of them gets too comfortable with me… That will be more than enough to achieve an opportunity to strike them once and for all!”

“I liked that!” Lorcan applauded “Who are you going to pick as your prey?”

“Well, I was talking to him just these days…And we are already friends” Lancelot smiled sinisterly as he showed them one picture of DarkStalker “He is the one called ‘DarkStalker’… The only Knight able to cast vortexes and manipulate Void, which is an element close to the essence of Nightmare webs… Gentlemen, he is the one who brings the other to our domain and back to Guatemala. Without him, they will forever trapped in Xibalba!”

“Awesome.” Lorcan said “But…Who’s that girl with him? His girlfriend?”

“Nope.” Lancelot answered “She is Maya Altahuela, the Black Witch. Apparently, she is close to DarkStalker, but much closer to Electro Archer…She seems to have a crush on him.”

“A crush on Electro Archer, huh?...” Lorcan started to have sinister thoughts “I think I’ll embrace your strategy, Lance. Maya is mine to be taken, understood?”

“I’ve never wanted her in the first place!” Lancelot said with a smile “And you, Tristan?”

“I won’t” Tristan replied “There’s no chance it will work with me. See, Elite Dragon is involved with my sister and…Wait a second…I know what to do!” His countenance became grin and sinister “I am going to take advantage of this romance…”

“This is dark, even for you” Lorcan said with a sinister smile.

“So, we all agree to take this new line of action!” Tristan announced “Tomorrow is a brand-new day for the Templar Dragons!”


The Knights were back to San Marino school. Maya managed to fix Anael’s house before his mother arrived, and the Knights who were in Xibalba arrived few minutes before Anael’s mother. Elite Dragon was amazed by his new source of power, the Corazon of Guatemala. However, Thalas and Melchior were not talking to each other and the others had no idea of what to do.

When their break time arrived, they met on the courtyard over a mahogany’s shadow.

“You’ve arrived here in a very bad state” Said Maya “What the hell happened there?”

“Tell me, please!” Thalas asked “I don’t remember a single thing…”

“Wait, you don’t remember anything?” Melchior didn’t believe in Electro Archer “Like, anything at all?!”

“Well…The only thing I remember was being trapped on those weird webs, fainting and…Then…Some blurry images, as if I were trapped on my own nightmares…And a Quetzal image involving me. When I woke up, I was at my home and my uncle was screaming as hell in my ears, asking where the hell I had gone, etc.”

“Then you don’t recall…?!” Melchior was about to tell him all that has happened, but he gave up. He was feeling angrier and angrier.

“I don’t recall what, Melchior?” Thalas asked.

“Nothing, except the fact you had become a turncoat for a few moments and nearly killed me and Kimi?!” Melchior answered angrily

“Have I?!” Thalas was totally shocked. “I…I am sorry…”

“Well, being ‘sorry’ won’t change the fact you have endangered us!” Melchior was still angry at Thalas’ hatred towards him.

“What could I have done to avoid it?! I was caught by surprise; I didn’t even have the chance to fight back!”

“Oh, a discussion…” Kaiser whispered “If you guys are going to keep fighting, I’ll be out for a moment…”

“Kaiser, wait!” Anael called “Oh, boy…”

At that point, Thalas and Melchior were shouting one against the other, calling themselves ugly names. Maya and Kimi tried to separate them, hoping that the disagreement would come to an end. On another mahogany, about twenty meters of the Blue Moon Knights, the Templars were watching their disunion. Lancelot smiled as he saw Kaiser walking away. Nodding to his companions, he left the mahogany, jumping of the branch and discretely following the short-haired Finn.


“…Hellrider/ roars through the night/ Hellrider…” Kaiser was singing Judas Priest’s song called ‘Hellrider’, which was being played by his Ipod. He was so entertained by it that he haven’t even noticed Lancelot’s arrival.

“Hello, Kaiser? Kaiser!” Lancelot screamed on Kaiser’s ear, causing the Finn to rapidly lower the song and remove one of his earphones.

“Oh, sorry Lancelot!” Kaiser apologized slightly embarrassed “I haven’t heard you…Guess the song was too loud…”

“What are you listening to?” Lancelot asked.

“Oh, it’s a song called Hellrider… It was composed by Judas Priest, an awesome heavy metal band. Have you ever listened to them?”

“Well, only Breaking the Law…” Lancelot answered with a smile “Sorry for not knowing them well…”

“It’s never too late for that” Kaiser answered with a smile “Here, take this earphone and listen with me.”

“Really? Like, no problem?” Lancelot asked surprised.

“I’d be pretty upset if you refused…” Kaiser’s face got slightly reddish.

“Well, I won’t refuse” Lancelot replied “Can you put it from the beginning?”

“Absolutely” Kaiser replied. “Here you go…” Kaiser stopped the song and restarted it. Lancelot smiled mischievously, for his plan was coming nicely.

Here they come
These gods of steel
Devouring what's concealed

Speed of death
Crossfired they stare
Final breath
From vaporizing glares

Raised to man oppressed
Sign of persecution

Roars on through the night
Raised for the fight

“I’ve noticed you left your friends…” Lancelot started “Why did you do so?”

All incensed to overthrow
Strong defence
With armaments they grow
By this quest
Their fates renowned
Put to rest
Abominations crown

Time to ram it down
Judgement for the tyrant

Roars through the night
Raised for the fight

Fight undying and eternal
Wheels bring death and
Pain infernal
Honour bound in strength repleated
To no end they're undefeated

“Huh? Oh…They were arguing by something really, really silly…” Kaiser had to invent something plausible for Lancelot to believe, for he couldn’t tell him about his identity as a Blue Moon Knight.

“Can you tell me what?” Lancelot asked. ‘Of course, I want to hear how good your excuses are, my friend’ Lancelot thought.

“Well… Thalas and Melchior, the black-haired and red-haired guys, they do not get along that well… They were talking about some school issues and Melchior disagreed of Thalas’ point of view…”

“I see…” Lancelot said “That happens all the time with Tristan and Lorcan…”

Hellrider, hellrider
You fought their battle for them

Hellrider, hellrider
You bought them through their despair

Hellrider, hellrider
Your tempered steel relinquished

Hellrider, hellrider
You slaught them all extinguished

Wrath of doom
In killing fields
They consume
For valiants never yield

Triumph to the gods
Vanquished of enslavers

Breaking their will
In for the kill

Hellrider, hellrider
You fought their battle for them
Hellrider, hellrider
You brought them through it all

“I feel better knowing that someone understands me…” Kaiser said.

“Uhm, listen, Kaiser…” Lancelot’s face became reddish “Since I left Canada, I’m feeling a bit stranded…” Kaiser turned his face on Lancelot’s direction, and the Canadian kept talking “Yes, I have my friends, but it’s not the same thing. Like, they are always fighting… You are not like them…You are more similar to me, and that’s why I enjoy your company…I was thinking if we could hang out one of those days.”

“Sure!” Kaiser said “I really need some peace…Those days have been pretty tough for me, you know?”
“I understand you feelings, Kaiser…” Lancelot said.

“You can call me Kai, if you prefer” Kaiser said with a smile.

“And you can call me Lance” Lancelot smiled at Kaiser. “Could you give me your cellphone?”

“Sure” Kaiser replied, taking Lancelot’s cellphone and typing his number while Lancelot did the same on Kaiser’s phone. Then, the Canadian gave it back to the Finn.

“Call me whenever you want to go out or… at least, talk.” Lancelot gave Kaiser’s earphone back and stood up. “I know how it feels to be the outcast of the group, Kai…Well, I have to go… The bell is going to ring any time.”

“Indeed” Kaiser said “Thanks for the company.”

“Anytime” Lancelot replied “See you, Kai.”

Kaiser watched Lancelot going away until he entered on the main facility of the school. Was that the beginning of a friendship?

To Be Continued…

- Corazón de Guatemala -

Ice Guardian and Elite Dragon were dragged into the depths of Xibalba once more. There were some webs on the floor, but they were not stepping on them. Since his last visit to that haunted place, Anael became more careful and instructed Kimi to act the same.

“I don’t like the looks of this…” Hissed Elite Dragon “Guardian, where do you think your brother and Melchior can be?”

“I have no idea” Answered Ice Guardian “However, I agree with you: I don’t like the looks of this either…”

Then, the Finn spotted a strange glow beyond the fog, which was in front of them, and pointed at it so that Anael could see. Elite Dragon made a sign for the blonde to follow him through the strange fog, hoping that they could find the other three Knights.

Beyond the fog they could see some craters covered by those lilac webs. Anael already conjured his sword, and Kimi took the opportunity to conjure his halberd. Step by step, they proceeded to the craters.

“Something is very, very wrong here…” Kimi said “These webs… What are they made out of?”

“I don’t know” Answered Anael “But they are similar to those which trapped my sister and me… Do you think that Melchior and Kaiser are aware of it?”

Then, they heard the sound of an explosion coming northwest of them, up a hilltop.

“Help!” Someone shouted “Auta minua!”

“It’s finnish!” Cried Kimi with a surprised and worried countenance. “Considering the voice, it is not my brother…It’s Melchior who screams! We must aid him!”

Anael nodded affirmatively and soared to the area in which they heard the explosion. It was another hostile landscape; a wasteland covered by lilac webs, dead trees and haunted spirits, which were spinning and dancing on the grayish sky. They also could see Melchior downstairs, laying on the ground. His arms were bleeding and he had some bad injuries on his legs. He seemed to be suffering, for he could stand up.

“Melchior!” The two Knights shouted “We are coming to help!”

Then, an energy arrow struck near their feet, forcing Ice Guardian and Elite Dragon to jump and rush to aid Melchior. The Alchemist was breathing painfully, and Kimi decided to cure the red-haired, sacrificing, however, his ability of casting shields, leaving their defense on Anael’s shoulders.

More arrows came, and Anael used his sword, charged with his electricity, to vanquish them. Elite Dragon started to become angrier at that game.

“Who are you?!” He shouted.

“T…Tha…las…” Melchior answered and Anael looked at him without believing “He…he did this… to me…”

“That cannot be!” Anael objected “He is our friend! My best friend! He cannot…”

Then, Anael looked to the north, where he spotted a shadow carrying what seemed to be a bow. Then, the fog disappeared, and Elite Dragon recognized Thalas’ face. His eyes widened, for he couldn’t believe on such betrayal.

Electro Archer’s outfit was changed. Instead of his regular heroic outfit, he was wearing a grayish feathered headdress, plumed anklets, black tribal tattoo on his left shoulder, Arabic beige pants and a Nightmare Necklace. His eyes were purple and his countenance seemed wicked.

Bonsoir, Elite Dragon.” Electro Archer said in a wicked tone of voice “I am surprised you have arrived here. I thought I was going to get rid of Melchior before you could witness the damage I’ve made…” He started to laugh madly.

“Why?!” Anael hissed with anger “Why did you do that, Thalas? For what reason?!”

“Hatred…” The French Guatemalan answered preparing to shoot “Pure and simple hate. That’s all. Now, you… You will die in behalf of my new masters!”

Thalas started to shoot multiple arrows at Anael, who did his best to keep them away from Melchior and Kimi.  The fallen Knight smiled in a sinister way and decided to approach a few steps while shooting.  The Dragon was avoiding his own lightning powers, for he didn’t want to harm Thalas. Though he was wicked and brainwashed, still he was Anael’s best friend; a person Elite Dragon wouldn’t sacrifice.

“Stop it, Thalas!” Anael shouted while using his sword “You are no evil being! You are not this way! Please, realize that you’ve been brainwashed! Come back to us!”

The leader of the Knights decided to approach as well, either cutting the arrows or draining its energy and converting in his own source of power. He did not notice, however, the overcharge in his Shaman-Stone. That lack of care would cost more than Anael would imagine.

“Hah, reckless as always!” Thalas said with disdain while shooting arrows “If you were as cautious as you and Kimi were before arriving, you would have notice I have company!”

“What?!”  Anael asked confused.

He heard a loud noise behind him; when he turned his head, it was the sound of something being thrown against a wall. Thalas was accompanied by two of the Templars: Illumina and Starfire, which were attacking Kimi and injured Melchior. Kimi made his specialty: a defensive spell, a frozen wall, which was keeping them safe. However, Kimi’s Stone was also overcharging and draining the Finnish’s life, weakening him and his wall. Anael was not certain of how much time he had to save them before Kimi’s life was lost. Moreover, if Kimi perished, so would Melchior.

Anael cut Thalas’ arrows and decided to aid Kimi; he fled from his fight to get into another.

“Coward!” Screamed the French Guatemalan “Illumina, he’s coming after you!”

Illumina Dragon spotted Anael and ceased his attacks to make a new target of Elite Dragon.

“He is mine!” He said “Starfire, take care of these two…”

“As you wish…” The white-haired Templar answered throwing fire beams against Kimi’s wall.

“Melchior…Melchior, wake up!” Kimi screamed while maintaining the wall “I… I am not sure if I am going to take this any longer…”

The Salvadorian mage stood on his knees; most of his injuries were already scarred, but the amount of blood lost made him weaker, unable to cast any spells.

“You don’t have to save my life…” Melchior said with weak, low voice “It is me that Thalas wants; me and Anael.  You…you can leave…”

“Are you insane?!” Kimi replied with anger “I will never leave you guys! My brother has been taken, and I promised myself I’d be back to Guatemala with you, Anael, my brother and Thalas as well!” the blonde felt weaker and knelt; when he did that, Starfire was able to break part of the wall.

“Damn…” Melchior said almost fainting “There must be something I can do…”


Anael was being beaten by Illumina, for his overcharged Shaman-Stone seemed not to be answering to any of Anael’s command. The only thing that was keeping Anael’s form as Elite Dragon was Iracema’s Sanctified Knight Necklace. Still, it wouldn’t be enough for the Dragon to face Illumina.

“Give up, weakling!” Illumina Dragon hit Anael’s belly with his scythe’s grip, and Anael responded cutting his armor with his sword.

“You won’t stop me!” The Guatemalan started to attack, but he lowered his guard.

“You fool!” Illumina said “Now I’ve got the opportunity to shatter your power source!”

Illumina shot against Anael’s Shaman-Stone, causing it to completely overcharge and break before Anael, who was thrown against the rocky ground, creating a massive crater and generation a dense dust cloud.

“Anael!” Kimi and Melchior shouted worried.

Anael returned to his civilian outfit, and his Stone was shattered in multiple pieces. His sword was losing its glow and his face looked paler than ever; he was knocked unconscious, and Illumina Dragon was laughing madly at his achievement.

Thalas went to the crater slowly and triumphantly. When he arrived near Anael’s body, he aimed the arrow to strike Anael’s heart.

“Game over, ‘friend’” The French Guatemalan smiled devilishly.

Melchior, who was witnessing it all, held his Shaman-Stone with strength, closed his eyes and a tear came out.

“Don’t do this, Thalas…” He whispered “Wake up, Elite Dragon! TAKE MY POWERS IF YOU NEED!” Melchior shouted with all strength he had left, and his Starfire Shaman-Stone heard his prays, and so did Icicle Stone, who made Kimi’s wall thicker and stronger.

“What the hell?!” Asked Starfire Dragon “Illumina! Check this out!”

Melchior and Kimi’s Stones started to glow intensively and flew away from its owners, becoming rays of light which were about to hit Anael.


Far from that place, inside one of the craters Kimi and Anael found before, lied Kaiser. The Finn was held in the webs unable to move his legs and feet, and his head was about to be completely covered. However, his Voidstar Stone started to glow and its own power released its owner and teleported him to the fighting scenario; then, the Shaman-Stone joined the others in order to aid Elite Dragon.

“Kaiser!” Kimi screamed when he saw his brother “Thanks Heaven you are alright!”


“What the…” Thalas’ Stone started to glow and fight the power of the Nightmare Necklace; the turquoise light threw Thalas away and the French Guatemalan hit Illumina Dragon, knocking him down; Starfire Dragon was the only Templar remaining there, and he attracted the Nightmare Necklace to his hands, waiting for the strange event to end.

The Shaman-Stones got united, and the pieces of Anael’s original Stone merged with the other Stones and the Sanctified Knight Necklace. Anael’s new Shaman-Stone was liquid, trapped in a crystalline, oval-shaped glass with a thick, silver-ish half-moon contour in it. The light gained a Quetzal shape, involving Anael and giving him his Elite Dragon form back.

Thalas was still in his wicked version when Anael’s power upgrade was complete. His friend was holding the Sapphire Sword with a smile on his face. He looked to the place where Melchior and Kimi were standing and saw Kaiser handling the whole situation. Anael jumped out of the hole and landed strongly on the ground, cracking it; his intention was to intimidate his enemies: Thalas and Illumina Dragon.

“A power up…” Anael said with a provocateur smile “Just what I needed. Electro Archer! Illumina Dragon! Are you still up to a fight?!”

Thalas growled at Anael, and so did Illumina Dragon. Electro Archer started to throw arrows against Anael, who simply shattered them with his bare hands; Illumina Dragon decided to come close to Anael and fight him hand-to-hand, but Elite Dragon hit the ground with his left fist and created a strong shock wave, which hit the Templar and Thalas, who knelt and seemed to have fainted.

Illumina Dragon was on his knees with anger in his eyes, for his body started to tremble and not to respond to his command. He kept screaming horrifyingly.

“You can hurt me” Anael hissed “You can shatter my source of power… You can kidnap and brainwash a friend of mine… You can also drag me to this unholy place which resembles Hell, but you’ll never be able to defeat me!” He lifted his new Shaman-Stone with his left hand “Not if I am with Kukulkan’s blessings!”

He used his Shaman-Stone’s power to drag Illumina Dragon elsewhere, far in Xibalba, in the depths of it. Somewhere he would take too long to find the Knights. Then, he looked at Thalas. His wicked countenance showed signs of fright, for he seemed paralyzed.

Thalas was starting to fight his wicked side, screaming as if someone was burning him from inside; he put his hands on his head as if he were having intense headaches. He was still on his knees.

“I won’t harm you, my friend” Anael was looking at Thalas with a sweet countenance, smiling as he normally did “The Quetzal spirit…Lives in this Shaman-Stone… Guatemala’s heart…Is my heart. And I am going to use it to save your life…Corazon de Guatemala!

Elite Dragon’s revamped Stone evoked a Quetzal spirit which evolved and healed Thalas, taking the evil out of him; Electro Archer returned to his standard outfit and fainted. Then, Anael’s Stone reabsorbed the spirit and returned to Anael’s hand. On the following, Anael put Thalas’ left arm around his shoulder and held his friend by his waist and walked towards Kaiser, who was holding his brother and Melchior.

“Let’s head back home, DarkStalker” Anael said “Could you please cast us a vortex?”

To Be Continued…

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-Salamander's Tears-

Maya and Kimi were still paralyzed. The wicked vortex disappeared as fast as it appeared. The wind was calm and smoother now and Thalas was gone.

He's gone...” Maya said horrified, letting herself fall on her knees near where the vortex appeared. “I cannot believe he is actually...Gone” Tears started to roll through Maya's face, and she covered her mouth to smother a bit of her suffering. Kimi approached and put his arms around her shoulders.

Calm down, Maya...” Said Kimi in a sweet tone of voice “Melchior and Kaiser are coming for him... Now, we've got to aid the Moon'Seeker siblings before their mother arrives!

Do you think she knows about...?” Maya asked while walking towards Anael.

I do not know...” Kimi replied with Anael in his arms “Though I know Anael for a short time, I bet he told her... However, let's not count on it. Go upstairs and wake Altagracia up. Tell her what happened and try to make her better...”

Okay...” Maya said while going to the stairs.

Oh, one more thing!” Kimi suddenly said while following Maya upwards “Try to think less about Thalas... Do not worry, our friends are doing their best, I know they are!”

Maya looked at Kimi and nodded affirmatively, compromising herself to follow Kimi's advice. However, she couldn't keep the French Guatemalan away from her, for she owed him the new life he gave her, including his beloved friendship. She bit her lip and came to Altagracia's room as sad as she had ever been. Could she trust Elemental Alchemist and DarkStalker would bring Electro Archer back safe and sound?


Melchior and Kaiser were stepping on a slimy, fluid, lilac floor. It seemed to be organized as a spider web, but a living one, for it was trying to suffocate and paralyze them. The scenario in which the deadly trap was set was an enormous crater in the middle of Xibalba.

God damn it!” Screamed Melchior while burning the living webs “They led us to a trap!”

Where is Thalas?!” Screamed DarkStalker as he kept cutting the webs “We have to find a way to get out of here, Alchemist!”

Ha,ha,ha!” Laughed a shadow not far from the treacherous pit “This place shall be your grave! Here, the Mayan Underworld!”

Who are you?!” Asked Melchior angrily “Who are you and what have you done to Electro Archer?!”

Oh, your Frenchman-looking friend?” Asked the shadow with disdain “He is right here...”

Melchior and Kaiser looked up; they saw some webs holding a body as if it was crucified. The body was none but the unconscious Thalas, who was being held on his arms, legs and waist. His skin was becoming paler and paler. The speaking shadow came forward, approaching Thalas. He had straight, short dark-blue hair and was wearing a violet and red mask. Also, he was wearing a torn, dark-brown overcoat and torn, dark-brown pants with dark shoes. His eyes were dark blue and his skin was white. Moreover, he was carrying a strange sword, which seemed haunted.

My name is Pythius Dragon” Said the revealed shadow “And I am here to end your miserable lives as the ones who protect the one who so call himself a 'dragon'...”

You mean Elite Dragon?!” Asked Kaiser with fury in his eyes and voice “You are the ones who are play hide-and-seek as if you were who you really claim to be!”

A light beam came towards DarkStalker, who used his sword to shatter it. Then, Pythius aimed on Melchior, who rapidly casted a shield to protect both of them.

What are we going to do?” Melchior asked while the shield was still there.

I don't know...” Kaiser said while helping Melchior by using his own Shaman-Stone “If there was a way to figure out what's their source of power...”

There is nothing you can do!” Screamed Pythius Dragon while using his haunted blade to throw more beams at them “You are on our domain, the Nightmare Realm! You can say goodbye to your lives!”

If only Anael were here to help us...” Reflected Kaiser feeling weaker due to his Shaman-Stone's usage.

Then, Kaiser looked at Pythius Dragon and noticed something: a golden necklace with a purple gems, which glowed in the same colour of the webs. From time to time, the necklace either glowed or became opaque. The Finn widened his eyes. He had solved the mystery!

The necklace!” He screamed to Melchior “Alchemist, try to aim a magical beam towards his neck!”

You want me to do what?!” Asked Melchior confused.

Trust me!” Replied Kaiser “It's the only idea that I had!”

Better it works... For all of us...” Alchemist replied, converting his shield and the last of Pythius' beams into an enormous energy beam, which struck their foe very hard, causing him to flee for a moment. Then, the webs which held Thalas disappeared, and the two Blue Moon Knights rushed to get their friend.

Thalas!Thalas!” Melchior screamed on his ear while shaking his left shoulder “Wake up, dude! We have to get out of here!”

It is not working!” Kaiser said “His eyes seem to be glued with some kind of...”

Webs...” Said Melchior “What the hell...” His eyes widened and his countenance became angry “It is a trap! Pythius is going to bring the rest of them! We have to flee!”

No, you don't” The one who spoke was Thalas. His eyes were wide open, but they were light purple, not blue as they normally used to. Also, his countenance was wicked, as of he suddenly became mischievous.

What the hell?!” Kaiser said.

Thalas suddenly disappeared,leaving Melchior and Kaiser confused, angry and alert at the same time. Then, the French Guatemalan reappeared, casting webs at them. Kaiser tried to cut them, but he got caught and knocked down. Melchior was left alone to fight with the Knight who he didn't like the most.

Well, feel the irony” Said wicked Electro Archer “Now we are on opposite sides...”

They way it has always been supposed to” Melchior replied with seriousness “You never liked me, did you?”

Never.” Replied Thalas “Not for a second.” Then, he showed Elemental Alchemist his necklace: exactly the same carried by Pythius Dragon “Nightmare Necklases” Said the Frenchman “The greatest source of power of Xibalba...It is fed by people's worst nightmares and the anger of lost souls... It seems that you and Kaiser are going to serve those purposes nicely...”


Back to Guatemala City, Anael, Kimi, Maya and sick Altagracia were standing on Anael's living room, thinking on a plan to get their friends back and to vanquish the Templars.

How much time passed since they had been kidnapped?” Elite Dragon asked.

I guess one or two hours...” Replied Kimi “Maybe one hour and a half...”

I will go there. Alone” Elite Dragon said very decided.

Are you crazy?!” Maya replied “You almost died in there when you tried to help your sister!”

Hermano, don't go...” Altagracia hugged his brother's waist “Don't leave me...”

Maya, stay here....” Kimi said “Stay and take care of Altagracia. I am going with Anael. We will be back as soon as we can...”

Then, another whirlwind began, and Anael and Kimi were sucked into a black vortex which opened right in front of them. The second round was about to begin...

To Be Continued...

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