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The day was almost beginning in Guatemala City. There was almost no sound on the streets... Except the sound of a trio arriving there.

So, what is the plan” Said one of them.

Well, I think our message has been clear” Said the one in the center “If Elite Dragon does not surrender by good, then we will have to do some evil...” He smiled mischievously “To him and to his beloved ones.”

The three boys started laughing madly as they came closer to Anael's school. The one who spoke first was around 1.70m height; he was white-skinned with short, straight dark-blue hair, dark blue eyes and blue triangular patterns in his face. He was wearing the school's sleeveless shirt with cargo pants and black sneakers.

The one in the right, who haven't said a word, was around 1.80m and white-skinned; his hair was silverish and slightly wavy. His eyes were light turquoise and he was wearing the school's t-shirt with navy blue shorts and golden shoes.

The one in the centre, who spoke at last, was around 1.75m with short, curly dark-brown hair and turquoise eyes. He was copper-skinned and slightly muscular as his friends. He was wearing a long-sleeved school shirt with black pants and gray sneakers. They were all smiling, and seemed not to be friendly at all.

Anael's class was now featuring Science classes. Normally, he would be the very first one to either ask questions or to state his knowledge about the subject; however, he was sleepy and in pain, for he had had too many injuries the previous night.

His chest had some burning and cuts, which went down to his abdomen, making either sitting or breathing too annoying. Also, his legs were also presenting some cuts due to the webs and Illumina Dragon's attacks. Because of the lack of sleep, he couldn't pay attention on his teacher’s lessons, and Consuelo, who was sitting on the left chair in relation to Anael, noticed that.

Hey” She whispered “Are you okay?”

Huh?” Anael replied as if he had just been waken up “Oh, yes. Yes! I'm fine, do not worry!” Anael answered politely trying to stay awake. Then, he saw his teacher's wooden ruler hit his student desk with strength.

Is there anything you can share with our class?” The teacher asked furious.

I am deeply sorry, maestra” Answered a sleepy Anael “I had no intentions of disrespect...”

The teacher didn't want to hear the Guatemalan excuses and kicked him out of class, demanding that he went to see the principal. While he was leaving to obey the teacher, he could hear his classmates whispering: “What? Anael, out of the class? Has the teacher gone mad?”, “Is he okay? He is not like that?” and “That is not possible... He behaves so well!”. Anael sighed sadly as he was near Mr. Hernandez’s room. He knocked twice on the door.

Pasa” Said the principal gently as always “Anael?!” He looked surprised to see the emerald-eyed Guatemalan with such bad dark circles above his eyes as if he hadn't slept well “What happened?”

I swear I didn't do on purpose, Principal!” Said Anael clearly disturbed “I... I haven't slept well yesterday... I know it is not an excuse, but...” He yawned “I couldn't avoid that...”

I understand...” Said Mr. Hernandez slightly sad “Sit down, please. I'll have to notify your mother; these are the rules...”

Okay...” Said Anael sadly.

What happened to your sister?” Asked the gentle old man as he waited until Anael's mother answered the phone.

She got sick...” Answered Anael “She didn't sleep nicely and it is getting a bit colder...One thing led to another...”

I see...” Replied Mr. Hernandez “Hello, United Kingdom Embassy? I'd like to speak with María Moon'Seeker, please...Okay, I'll wait.” He looked at Anael's sad eyes “Hello, María? Yes, it is Otto Hernandez, Escuela Marina's principal... Well, I am giving you this call to talk about Anael... Your son has been caught sleeping in class, and you understand we are severe in our punishments towards this behavior... However, your son is no black sheep, please be aware of that. Even so, he has to be punished as any other student who crosses the line. So, I am communicating my decision to suspend him for 2 days... Thank you... I'll let him know... Have a nice day. Hasta luego, gracias.”

So?” Anael asked a bit fearful.

Well, she is not happy at all...” Replied the principal with seriousness “You'll have a rough time at home, that's for sure... Listen, I know you are a good person and I wouldn't punish you if it only depended of me... However, this school has rules and I stand for them as the principal. Take this time to rest...” He slightly tapped Anael's left shoulder and made a sign for the Guatemalan to leave.

Anael left the room sadder than ever. “I had never been kicked out of class...” He thought sadly “First, the nightmares... Them, the attack... Now, kicked out of class! What's happening to me?!” He was walking so distracted that he didn't even notice a person coming towards him, and he bumped violently against him.

Perdonadme!” Asked the Guatemalan “I haven't...”

When Anael looked up, he saw a copper-skinned, dark-brown curly-haired Guatemalan boy looking at him with slightly fury. That kind of gaze bothered Anael, and he felt a bit angry too.

Are you Anael Moon'Seeker?” He asked “If the answer is yes -and I assume it is- I am Consuelo Cárdenas' brother, Tristán.”

Nice to meet you...” Answered Anael.

I just want you to know” Started Tristán “My sister is the most precious thing I have. If you ever hurt her feelings...”

I won't do that.” Anael rapidly answer “You can breathe calm and easily. Now, if you excuse me...” The emerald-eyed Guatemalan left rapidly and Tristán followed him with his gaze.

Hah...” Said Tristán with disdain “I am breathing calm... It's you that won't be able to do that... Elite Dragon...”
Meanwhile, in Escuela San Marino's basketball courtyard, Melchior and Thalas had already gotten problems to solve – a newcomer started to cause havoc I the place by threatening and disdaining at all students there.

Hey, you!” Thalas intervened in his little fight “Stop that!”

The newcomer was a white-skinned, dark-blue short-haired boy with blue triangular patterns in his face. He was looking at Thalas with disdain.

Why on Earth would I obey you?” Asked the boy “Hah... Thalas-Juán Dharalion, right? The Frenchman thinks he can give me orders...”

That statement really angered Thalas, especially for the disdain expressed by the boy.

I am Lorcan Odense” Said the dark-blue haired boy “Remember my name – it won't be the last time we see each other...” He left laughing mischievously.

What an arrogant brat...” Hissed Thalas with anger.

Kaiser was sitting on his class' window, talking to a newcomer on high school; he was white-skinned with short, straight silverish hair and turquoise eyes. Assuming for his accent, Kaiser concluded he was Canadian for sure.

So, Lancelot...Right?” Kaiser began a bit shy “From which city you came?”

I came from Vancouver” Answered the newcomer “I decided to come to Guatemala to know Central America, for I have always been living in a 'golden cage', so to speak...”

I see...” Replied Kaiser “Wait a second...Lancelot O'Higgins! That name is too familiar to be true!” Kaiser said surprised with his general knowledge “You are world's Snowboard champion! Man, you are awesome!”

Oh, thanks” Lancelot replied shy “I've been snowboarding for a long time... I have participated on 2010's Winter Olympics in my homeland because of all effort I made...”

Kaiser looked at his new friend with a happy and admired countenance. Thalas looked at Melchior with an angered countenance, which was shared by the red-haired Salvadorian. Anael, on the other hand, was coming home to take care of Altagracia's health; he was holding his cellphone on his hand, for he was typing a phone number.

Then, he put the cellphone near his left ear and waited.

Hola” Said the voice on the phone.

Consuelo?” Anael asked “Do you have plans for this night?”

To Be Continued...


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