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-All Nightmare Long-

The tunnel seemed endless, for Anael has been falling there for a long time, faster and faster than the beginning. Then, before he could do anything to stop his fall, he hit the ground, cracking it. The Guatemalan almost lost his consciousness due to the impact. However, his Shaman-Stone did the trick, keeping him safe from the danger for that time.

Anael stood on his knees, searching for something familiar; the scenario was a creepy wasteland, full of spiky trees and branches; he could hear the sound of bats soaring upwards. There was almost no sign of life in there. The ground was too rocky for a plant to develop; the trees were all dead and blackened. The air smelled rotten, and Anael heard a sound too familiar and scary for him.

I hear the growl of a Jaguar” He said to himself while holding his Shaman-Stone really hard, ready to become Elite Dragon “Is this a bad omen, like Mr. Zelaya told?” He stood up on his feet.

Ha,ha,ha! It is more than a merely omen, Dragon! It is an invitation to Hell – to join the lost ones in Xibalba!” Anael heard cracks coming from the southeast; it was the time to become Elite Dragon.

No! You are the one who will stay on this unholy wasteland!” Screamed Elite Dragon, making his Shaman-Stone float on his right hand, and letting its turquoise rays of light involve him and transform Anael into Elite Dragon. Almost immediately, Anael summoned the Sapphire Sword and looked in all directions in order to find the one who was talking to him.

Suddenly, Elite Dragon heard something coming from the sky: it was human, and it had a scythe on its hands, charged with what it seemed to be light powers. Rapidly Anael turned to face his enemy, avoiding to get killed on the first round. The impact was so strong that they opened a hole on the rocky ground.

Die, weak dragon!” Shouted the foe, trying to rip Anael's head off.

Never!” Hissed the Guatemalan “You have captured my sister and I know it! I am neither leaving nor dying without finding her!”

Whatever! You are all going to be part of the Nightmare Realm!” Hissed Anael's foe back “Your souls will be restless, and you shall never find peace of mind again!”

The creature was a male humanoid with dragon-like eyes, which were turquoise with a sinister bright, and white wings. Although he was wearing a long white overcoat, Anael could see he was as copper-skinned as he was; his hair was short, curly and dark-brown. He was wearing light turquoise Arabic pants as well and dark green boots.

I am Illumina Dragon, and I shall be the one who will sent you to the underworld!” Illumina Dragon lifted his golden scythe, rapidly charging it with light, ready to strike and pierce Anael's heart. The Guatemalan didn't think twice, and charged his hands with a strong energy beam, throwing his foe away.

Elite Dragon felt a bit dizzy, for Illumina's attacks were quite stronger than he previously thought. He tried his best to stay on his feet. Then, he held the Sword stronger. He looked around to see if he could find Illumina Dragon, but his efforts were in vain; he seemed not to be there anymore.

Where is my sister?!” Shouted Elite Dragon to the air, searching for his foe.

Then, he saw a sparkling violet area northwest from his position. With his sword in his fist, he proceeded with caution towards the shining path. When he saw what was there, his eyes seemed to lose the life within.

Mi rayo de Sol...

It was still dark in Guatemala; the rest of the Knights were sleeping... Except Elemental Alchemist. The Salvadorian couldn't sleep well, and he was sitting on the mattress in which he was supposed to be sleeping. As Anael did previously, he also noticed the strange fog on their room, which led to Altagracia's. Instead of doing exactly like Anael, Melchior had no intentions of going alone, for he knew it wouldn't be very clever.

He looked to his left, and Kaiser has having a rough night; he seemed to be having some pretty nasty nightmares; therefore the night would be lost to him.

Kai... wake up...” Whispered Melchior as he lightly shook DarkStalker's left shoulder, which was not covered by the blanket.

M-Melchior?!” Kaiser said slightly scared, for he had a nightmare before. “What?”

Look” Elemental Alchemist whispered pointing at the strange violet fog “They have found us and I think Anael went first to look for them...”

If he did so...” Whispered DarkStalker “It might have not been a great idea... He said they were three, right? Better we hurry...”

You've read my mind...” The Salvadorian replied using his Shaman-Stone to become Elemental Alchemist.

Let's follow the track and see what comes out” Replied Kaiser using his Shaman-Stone to become DarkStalker.

The two Blue Moon Knights followed the strange track which led to Altagracia's room, just like it did to Anael. When Melchior was about to open the door, Kaiser intervened holding his wrist.

Better I open a vortex” He said to Elemental Alchemist “If Anael followed the same track, they may know we will come in his aid and might stop us. Surprise is the word of valor.”

Agreed” Nodded Melchior affirmatively “Do what you have to and let's save our friend”

Kaiser used his Shaman-Stone to open a vortex in front of Altagracia's room, and the two Knights entered on it. As Anael, they had arrived in Xibalba; however, the Illumina Dragon did not come after them, for he had already caused the amount of damage he wanted.

When Melchior and Kaiser saw what was beyond the violet fog, they were horrified; Altagracia was trapped in what seemed to be webs of some sort, and Anael was laying on the ground with his arms tied by the strange web. His armor was slightly shattered, and his Shaman-Stone had weak glow, and his body was being dragged to the same strange web which trapped his beloved sister.

Kaiser, give me a helping hand!” Shouted Elemental Alchemist as he run towards Anael, using some weak energy beans to tear the web down.

It is stronger than it looks!” DarkStalker replied trying to cut the webs which trapped Altagracia. “The webs seem to be draining their lifeforce!” Finally, he manages to cut the little Guatemalan out of the deadly trap “Quickly!”

Melchior, get Altagracia and leave! I can take care of this issue!” DarkStalker shouted as he tried to defend himself from his foe's attack.

I'll be back!” Said Elemental Alchemist entering into the vortex.

Kaiser looked at the vortex to see if it has closed; when he did it, a strong fire-based attack hit him hard, causing him to fall on the rocky ground and cut his face and shoulders with the little pieces of hardened soil. Because of inner wounds, DarkStalker spitted a bit of blood and had difficulties to breathe.

Where do you think you were going?” Said DarkStalker's foe. A tall, muscular white male with light turquoise eyes, darkened by his wicked soul. He was wearing red leather pants with metal shoes and bracelets which had blaze patterns. His chest had a maple drawn on it. Because of that and his accent, Kaiser deduced his foe was Canadian.

It is none of your business!” Replied Kaiser with his sword at hand ,running towards the mean Canadian, trying to inflict a wound in his flesh.

The Canadian replied punching, and Kaiser responded rapidly with kicks, and so they went in that fighting dance – Kaiser used void beans to withstand the fire beans. However, the Finnish started to feel dizzy and tired, for he didn't sleep much. His foe's plan seemed to be working, and he could do nothing when the Canadian, trapped him in a fire circle.

I have to confess my rudeness” Said the Canadian politely “Let me introduce myself: I am Starfire Dragon, nice to meet you. I assume you are friends with the one who calls himself 'Elite Dragon'...” He went slowly towards the fire, which seemed to cause him no harm “We are here to send a message: if he keeps claiming to be a 'dragon', dishonoring the title as he does, none will be spared...” He stopped near Kaiser, who was on his knees. Starfire Dragon knelt before DarkStalker. “If you insist on stopping us, your life will be at stake, too. Stay the hell away.” He said the last sentence slowly and creepy, opening a fiery vortex in which he threw Kaiser.

Sweet dreams, Blondie...” Said Starfire Dragon with an ironic tone, madly laughing right after.

To be Continued...


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