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-As Long as She Falls-

Anael arrived at his house with a gloomy countenance. In other circumstances, such news wouldn't have bothered him that much, for he got accostumed to them, since it was part of a Blue Moon Knight's job. The emerald-eyed Guatemalan opened the front door of his house looking for his sister.

Altagracia?” He asked “Where are you? Come here, please!” He spotted his sister on the stairs, rushing to meet him.

You left too early today!” She mumbled with her cheeks full of air “Where have you been? The breakfast was delicious, by the way” She said, referring to the pancakes Anael made before leaving the house. “Why are you looking so sad?”

I've just received some bad news, sis” He answered gloomy “That's why I look like that. We need to talk to the others...”

Anael snapped his right hand's fingers in order to conjure his communicator and instructed his sister to do the same. Then, the typed the Drive Two Code, which allowed him to talk to Thalas only.

Hermano, are you there?” Asked Elite Dragon with seriousness in his voice.

You seem calmer than before” Answered Thalas in a happy, yet discrete tone “I had already talked to the others. I think it is wise if we meet in your place. The twins are already with me and Melchior and Maya are being told the news by Altagracia.”

You have just caught my thoughts, as always.” Said Anael with a grin smile.

We will be at your house in a matter of minutes” Said Thalas in his habitual tone of voice.

The emerald-eyed Guatemalan sat on a couch nearby with his hand on his head and his elbows on his tights with a worried expression. Though we believed in Mr. Zelaya's prediction, he wanted it to be proven wrong; he knew that their lives were in constant risk, but the feeling of loosing a friend in a battlefield was the worst for him.

He was so distracted on his thoughts that he didn't even notice Altagracia's soft and tiny hands on his shoulders. The child had to hug his brother in order to be noticed.

Is everything okay, hermano mayor?” She asked with a worried countenance.

I don't know...” Elite Dragon answered with the same gloomy countenance. “I am no longer sure...”


Thalas and the other Knights had arrived right after Anael's answer to Altagracia's inquiry. Elite Dragon asked his sister to get them the appetizers he made before. When she arrived, they sad on the floor forming a circle.

Well, Altagracia said you had pretty bad news to us...” Melchior started breaking the ice “What is the matter?”

Thalas said you seemed very disturbed on the communicator” Added Maya with pity in her countenance.

Anael took a deep breath before starting. His countenance was still very gloomy.

I have to tell you from the very beginning” Said the emerald-eyed Guatemalan “I think that Melchior is not the only one gifted with foreseeing skills... Before my birthday, the previous week to be precise, I started to feel something bad in my dreams. There were... I don't know, they looked like a bit like us and were three...”

The Knights continued to pay attention to Anael's words, getting a bit annoyed with Elte Dragon's nightmares.

They are pursuing me. Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped into a device of some sort, like ropes or cages, I'm not sure... Usually my dreams take me to dark places, with hostile landscapes and then I start to feel suffocated, and the three entities start to appear, but they never take any form.” Anael took a cup of coffee, drank a bit and then continued “However, on the day before my birthday, the dreams disappeared, and I slept peacefully, so as I did yesterday, without dreaming at all. Nevertheless, those horrifying dreams had not disappeared from my mind, and I went to school to solve them...”

Oh! Are you talking about Mr. Zelaya?” Asked Thalas surprised “Has he said something about that?”

Who's that guy and what's his connection to the topic thread?” Asked Melchior confused.

Mr. Zelaya is our History teacher. He used to be a fortune-teller before coming to Guatemala City. I think he came from Quetzaltenango...Or was he from Belize?” The French Guatemalan become a bit thoughful “Anyways, rumors tell that he hasn't abandoned his past profession, and still reads peoples' future. Some say his accuracy is close to a 100%! This guy is a natural!”

Freak...” Mocked Kaiser with a mischievous smile “Anyways, go on, Anael”

As Thalas already figured it out, I went to talk to Mr. Zelaya and see what he would think about this. Yet I haven't told him about the Blue Moon Knights, I gave him an idea of what was happening to me lately... Well... It was not good at all.”

Meaning?” Kimi asked with seriousness, eating a chocolate and banana cookie

He read the future.” Anael started gloomy “He said things will get tougher, and I believe it is going to be the greatest peril we have ever faced; he also believes that at least one of us may lose his or her life on this adventure, which will be extremely dangerous... And... I do not know whether there is any hope or not.”

Silence took place on that room. All the Knights became worried; considering everything that has happened to them, it was almost impossible not to believe in Anael's words. Altagracia became gloomy as well, for she was worried about everything.

I think I may know what your teacher has seen...” Said Melchior in an unusual threatening, hissing tone “Are all of you aware of what happened yesterday in Quetzaltenango?”

What happened there?” Kaiser asked curious.

The city was almost completely destroyed by a trio of 'humanoid dragonlike' entities who came out of earth as if they had found a way to the surface from Hell itself!I think...I think, Anael, and there is almost no doubt in my mind that these three are the ones who threaten your dreams and pursuit you openly.”

Well, their intentions are more than clear” Said Anael with a decided countenance, hissing discretely.

However, how are we going to fight against them?” Asked Maya “Like, they do not seem to be attacking right now and they have just appeared once!”

Darkness...” Anael hissed slowly with his eyes wide open “Mr. Zelaya said those entities attack at night!...On our nightmares to be more precise...”

Oh no...” Said Altagracia slightly scared, holding his brother stronger.

It will be hard to fight this time...” Reflected Thalas “Like, all of our enemies acted openly either at daylight or night... Even Eclipse, who could use this kind of strategy, didn't do so...”

As weird and dangerous this may sound... The best we can do is to wait them make their move” Said Anael in an unpleasant tone “Since we cannot predict when or where they are going to attack, and we have no idea of how they look like, the best option is to sit and wait... And I do not agree with my thoughts...”

What other options do we have, Leader?” Kimi asked in a rhetorical way “I see none.”

Neither I do” Answered Anael bittered “It is decided then. You guys are going to sleep here tonight. I'll just call my mother and tell her that you will do so...”

The night arrived fast in Guatemala. It seemed too sinister to be a regular night; Altagracia went to her bedroom with Maya, and the boys went to Anael's room. Elite Dragon's mother had prepared the Guatemalan's bedroom in order to keep everyone comfortable. It was approximately ten o'clock when they all decided to sleep.

Well, here is the plan” Anael started to say sitting in his hammock “We will sleep and hope to see at least one of them in our dreams. If this part happens, then we will figure out a way to gather strength to fight against them and get some answers... Understood?”

The others nodded affirmatively and went to sleep. At first, Anael couldn't sleep because of his anxiety. He wanted to understand why these things were happening; it hasn't been much since they had stopped Zoe, and now they had to face another hazardous situation. He felt his eyes closing slowly, and he almost fell asleep.

His mind was almost reaching his own dream realm when he felt that something was wrong, and it was on the air. A purple line of dust was coming inside his bedroom and following the path to another bedroom: Altagracia's.

What the...?!” Thought a sleepy Anael, slowly walking towards the following room, where the strange powder went down the door. He opened the door slowly in order to make the least sound he could. Maya was sleeping in a mattress near his sister's bed.

Altagracia?” He slowly asked while approaching her bed, just to find out that it was empty; Altagracia was gone! His eyes widened and his face became pale as his countenance became desperate. Then, the room became too dark and Maya disappeared. He heard the door closing abruptly.

Time to face your fears, Elite Dragon!” A hole opened down Anael's feet, and he was dragged down to the darkness, and he had no idea of what was coming next...

To Be Continued...


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