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-Oooh... <points at the pictures on Sankari> I had no idea things were this way!
- There are lots of thing you don't even have a clue about our people, Kai. <turns the page> Well, keep going. There is still a lot for you to discover...

<Turns pages>

Our Mighty Origins - Part Three

The remaining elven tribes established themselves in nowadays' Europe and Oceania. The ones who established in Oceania make a particular and exotic crowd, for they really differ from the standard elves.

In this tribe, the light eyes were replaced by dark and light brown tones, and their skin became copper or brown as ebony. They were medium to short height (around 1.60-1.40m) and lived as tribal societies nowadays: we call them 'Evergreeners', for they respected their environment more than anything, and their powers were all related to that eternal balance between their lives and the local fauna's as well.

Shamans had high prestige in this society, and lots of Temples were build in what is nowadays called Indonesia. Evergreeners used to be very,very religious; therefore, most of their activities were related to their sacred spots, dances and rituals.

In this society, status could be revealed according to the drawings on your skin and the colour of the ink. Most Shamans had their bodies almost completely painted, and fancy masks were only worn by them in order to worship their gods.

None knows how this race vanished from Earth; some allege that it happened due to an earthquake or volcano activity which led this less advanced race nothing but death. Others claim a tropical disease which weakened and killed the survivors. The reason is still unknown, since we Elves have been banished from surface by humans... And thus we cannot investigate anymore.


Our tribe survived - the Northern Elves or 'Vainamooni'; we came to Europe by the time the Finnish people were already there, and we became one of them. In our society, we value Astrologers and Soldiers - also known as Guardians, and we used to hep the Finn people in times of need...

However, they started to see us as enemies when they had broken free from Sweden's and Danmark's influence, thinking that the race which once has been their greatest ally has betrayed them and would join the other two countries in order to take control of Finland.

We never thought this way - we only wanted a place to live, and we thought the Finnish accepted us; they never did.

They banished us to the depths of the world in order to silence us; they told our stories and wrote books about us claiming to be mere myths, mere fairy-tales. They had erased us from the map in all aspects, and our hatred as only grown bigger... And made us stronger than before.

We live in Valoria/Vastoria, also known as Elven Fortress, which was sculpted from the rocks found downwards. We developed technology and made our people's lives better. We built schools, hospitals, universities, houses, a castle and found a way to develop agriculture. Of course magic helped - and our lives were easier.

Instead of Astrologers, our society now values Musicians and Soldiers (Guardians), and Luthiery schools are  advanced and well-equipped. Some of us, however, still go upstairs to meet humans and register themselves claiming to be 'Finnish'. These young elves may try to do what we have been denying for centuries: bring the elves back to the surface, showing that the Finn still need us...


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